Egyptian Priest: ‘ISIS is not outside Islam, or something invented, they are applying Islam’

Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir

Has any religious leader in the U.S. the courage to state such truths?

Source: Father Samir: Egypt’s Palm Sunday Terror Reflects a Sickness Within Islam |

The Egyptian priest, who is an authority on Islam, discusses the factors driving the murderous attacks on Christians and what he hopes the Pope will say when he visits Egypt this month.

VATICAN CITY — Oil money, Wahhabi extremism and an Islam unwilling to reform itself are the principal reasons for the terrorist attacks on two Egyptian churches on Palm Sunday and the rise of Islamism over the past 100 years.

This is according to Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir, professor of Islamic studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, who says it is false when people say such attacks have nothing to do with Islam. “ISIS is not doing anything which is neither in the Quran nor in the Mohammedan tradition,” he says.

In this April 10 interview with the Register, Father Samir — who is Egyptian himself — discusses the main motivations behind Islamic violence, why it’s important to say exactly how things are within Islam and help reform it, and his hopes for Pope Francis’ April 28-29 visit to Egypt.

What are the primary causes of these attacks? What’s behind them? Is it primarily to do with Islam, politics or something else?

For a year or more, the Muslim Brotherhood were attacking regularly during the presidency of Mohamed Morsi (2012-2013); they were attacking Christians, for any reason. For instance, they alleged a Christian who was building a house for his two children was in fact not building a house, but a church, so they are trying to make problems for the Christians. This happens regularly, but it became much more intense.

Now this time, what we hear from Egypt is that ISIS is saying they are behind these attacks, but there’s also support from the Muslim Brotherhood because they were ejected from the political system. The feeling is that the attacks against Christians in Egypt are becoming more frequent and violent. This has never happened before, that they attack so many churches and precisely on such a great Christian feast. The last ones took place before Christmas, and now these two attacks during Holy Week. The intent is probably to attack the president indirectly, through the Christians, to say he’s not able to govern or control the situation. In north Sinai, they attacked Christians and so the government moved them. Now they’ve come back under the protection of the army. In the past month, we’ve had three big attacks, and four months ago we had the attack near the Coptic cathedral.

Is attacking Christians, therefore, really about attracting negative attention against the government more than it is against Christians per se?

It’s both because they attack Christians without reason, in different situations — this year, last year and so on. Christians and Jews are their enemies, but there are no more Jews in Egypt. Christians are 10% of the population, 9 million people. So this Islamic movement, for six years now, has simply wanted to create a new caliphate, by all means possible, because there’s a great crisis within the Islamic world, and the crisis is turning into violence.

What is precipitating this crisis?

In Islam they are not prepared nor able to renew themselves, as [Egypt’s] President [Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil] el-Sisi said in December 2014 when he took power. He spoke to Al-Azhar University and gave a beautiful speech, in which he said we need to make a revolution in Islam, to rethink the whole system. The scholars all applauded, said, “Yes, Yes,” but they haven’t changed anything in the teaching. Many intellectuals on Egyptian television came and developed this argument and said Al-Azhar is unable to make the reform we need. Nothing has changed.

Are you of the view that Islamism is the true Islam?

ISIS is the application of what is taught. It’s not outside Islam, or something invented. No, they are applying Islam. When we hear it has nothing to do with Islam — that it means salaam; that it means peace — this is all false. It’s not true. ISIS is not doing anything which is neither in the Quran nor in the Mohammedan tradition. Everything is taken after a decision taken by an imam. A mufti and imam will say this is or is not allowed.

This isn’t just a problem in Egypt, but Egypt represents the greatest and strongest country, and also where you have the most important school of Islamic learning — just as we have Rome for the Catholic Church, Islam has Al-Azhar University.

And as Raymond Ibrahim concludes in Why Christians Are Being Slaughtered in Egypt:

until such time comes that the Egyptian government removes the “radical” sheikhs and their teachings from the mosques, schools, television stations and all other positions of influence, Muslims will continue to be radicalized, churches will continue to be bombed, and Christians will continue to be killed.

9 thoughts on “Egyptian Priest: ‘ISIS is not outside Islam, or something invented, they are applying Islam’

  1. Islam will not be reformed. Unlike the reformation in Christianity that brought the church back to the teachings of the New Testament as per Jesus, any reformation of Islam would be away from Mohammad’s teachings of hatred of Christians and especially Jews as per the Quran.

    • You either did not know or forgot to mention that Islam states to kill anyone who dares revise Islam or deletes any words from the book. This is the sole reason why it will not be altered to remove any and all violence, if that should be done than the Koran would only have a few pages not worth printing at all.

    • They have to change the life of Mohamed after he migrated to Medina in order to reform Islam. He has to die before he ordered the mass beheading of the Quraiesch and allowed the females as sex slaves (captives).
      The key is Mohamed’s life.

  2. The priest is correct, the groups out there like ISIS are only acting as the Koran tells them to. the sooner people understand that than they will be equipped with the knowledge that all of Islam is a political movement and not of any religious nature.

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  5. It is a medieval ideology that should have never been allowed in the U.S. or Europe, Europe is gone it never recover, If the Muslim refugees are allowed to continue to be brought to the U.S. we will follow Europe in the years to come.

  6. “The gnostics wrote about Toxoplesmosis, a NEUROTOXIC INFECTION creating ‘eldopa’ (dopamine) in the victim. The gnostics knew, that the Archontic infection is an off-planet virus. The infection is both genetic and ideological. It is a supernatural element to which the white people are immune. The virus comes from Yahweh, who has an archontic mind, a cyborg. Yahweh bribed Abraham, who would be given the rule over Earth with his ‘chosen people’ in turn for BLOOD SACRIFICE. Who do not consume pork, because pig is supposed to contain human genes? Jews and Muslims. They have an anti-human, anti-goy engagement on this planet propelled by ENVY. They have no agenda, no direction, just destruction. True human being has no envy. Envy is infection.” [Ad verbatim from an interview by John Lash in 2014 “White Genocide And The Archontic Infection” with Henrik Palmgren of RedIceRadio. John Lash is researcher of Nag Hammadi. Capitals by me.] Abraham was not a jew, he was a Sumerian and Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church in order to get control over the Arab war lords.

    • Nicely said Indira. I’m sure many wouldn’t have a clue what your going on about as John’s work is deep and very profound. I do though and would say if you haven’t read it yet then read ‘Not In His Image’ by JLL as it is probably the best book I have ever read with regards to the Archontic Infection and the whole dark agenda on our planet right now.

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