Texas: Muslim Arrested, Lied to FBI About Supporting ISIS

He was on his way to Jordan. via:  Richardson Man Indicted For Making False Statement to the FBI – Dept of Justice

DALLAS — A federal grand jury in Dallas returned an indictment yesterday, charging a Richardson, Texas, man with six counts of making false statements to federal agents, announced John Parker, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and Eric Jackson, Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Field Office of the FBI.

The charges stem from alleged false statements that Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim made to federal law enforcement officers on March 5, 2017, during a terrorism investigation. The indictment alleges that, when interviewed, Rahim made a number false statements related to his support for ISIS and his prior statements relating to violence and terrorist activity.

Rahim, 40, was arrested earlier this month on a criminal complaint and is in custody pending trial. A trial date has not been set. The maximum statutory penalty for each count alleged in the indictment is eight years in federal prison, a period of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.

Rahim has family in Jordan according to the criminal complaint here.

More details via: Richardson Man Charged With Lying To FBI About Supporting ISIS « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

(CBSDFW.COM) – A Richardson man was indicted on charges of lying to the FBI about his support for ISIS.

Earlier this month, agents met up with Said Rahim inside terminal D at DFW International Airport. After he went through security and waited to board a flight to Jordan, agents say he agreed to answer questions. Investigators arrested him after he lied about his past statements about ISIS.

Rahim is accused of praising ISIS’ violent activities in chat rooms and encouraged people to engage in violent jihad.

Richard Roper is a former United States Attorney in Dallas. “I think this case is a classic example of how the FBI is trying to use any crime on the books to disrupt, in their mind, terrorist organizations.”

The FBI agent says Rahim glorified last year’s terror attacks at the Orlando night club and at the Bastile Day celebration in Nice, France. In the chat room, Rahim is accused of saying, “France will wake-up to a tragedy, a catastrophe (chuckle).. a great killing, implemented by… one of God’s lions.. against those infidel French.”

In a later post, Rahim is accused of telling someone it was ok to murder non-Muslims in England. “Kill them and do not show them mercy or compassion. If you have the ability to go and kill, poison them, throw a rock, push down a building… the important thing is that you kill.”

However, Roper says Rahim’s comments go beyond the realm of free speech. “His comments I would not characterize as mere political statements. He went way beyond that. He is abetting or encouraging members to kill non-believers. There’s no question about it.”

A judge ruled Rahim must stay in custody until trial because she believes he’s dangerous and would flee the country.

If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of nearly 50 years in prison.

Curiously, there was no mention of Mohamad Rahim’s immigration status nor a mugshot.

Richardson, Texas is a hotbed of Hamas and other hardcore Islamic activity. Archives here.

One thought on “Texas: Muslim Arrested, Lied to FBI About Supporting ISIS

  1. Muslims pronounce it is legal, even required, to murder any who insult the dead pedophile Mohammed. They pronounce it is legal and required of Muslims to kill non-Muslims. And all they are threatened with is imprisonment and fines? Muslims will never stop murdering non-Muslims until civilized governments ensure there are no more Muslims.

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