California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates

Democratic pipeline

Source: Training Hopes to Build ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates After Trump Election – NBC News

Karen Hinks had spent approximately a year training women of color to run for office in Orange County, California, when President Donald Trump was elected.

During her training sessions, she saw that Muslims were especially underrepresented in area politics. Now her organization is preparing to launch training sessions to provide the county’s Muslims the tools to run for local political office.

“There are no Muslim women who have ever been elected to office [in Orange County],” Hinks told NBC News. “That then led us to approach the leadership of the mosques in Orange County to say, ‘We want to do a training with Muslim Americans — what do you think the interest is going to be?’ And they were all for the idea.”

Starting April 15, Hinks’ organization, “WELead OC” and Rima Nashashibi, former vice chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, are scheduled to hold a five-week Muslim candidate training program to teach aspiring politicians — both women and men — about fundraising, field operations, social media, messaging, communications, and volunteer recruitment.

The goal, said Hinks, is to create a “pipeline” for Muslims to enter politics ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections at a time when political engagement in the Orange County Muslim community is on the rise.

“The more Muslims we see in elected office, the more it boosts our community’s confidence, and it’s a great way to undermine those who are spreading hate and a racist agenda,” Rashad al-Dabbagh, founder and executive director of the Orange County-based Arab American Civic Council, told NBC News.”We love our allies and our partners in other communities, but if Muslims want to prosper and be seen as equals, they have to step up and make a difference themselves.”

Jabbar, the school district board member and sole Muslim elected official in Orange County, said that Muslims have increasingly become interested in running for office in recent years, but that Trump’s victory was “an extra kick.”

“With Trump getting elected, I see that even more,” he said. “Because as a community—Latinos and Muslims—we’ve been put down by this president and we want to show that we are here, working in our communities.”

But al-Dabbagh said that Islamophobia remains a big hurdle.

“We witnessed sometimes Muslim campaigns get targeted just because of their religion or ethnicity, and that they get accused of the nastiest things,” he said. “Some people don’t feel comfortable running because of how viciously they can be attacked by their opponents. Not a lot of people are willing to go through it.”

Jabbar said that religion never came up during his 2014 campaign, but Farrah Khan, a community organizer and interfaith leader who ran for Irvine City Council last year, told NBC News that she was attacked by anti-Muslim rhetoric, which may have contributed to her loss.

“There were lawn signs, street signs, out saying that I was anti-Israel,” she said. “Coming from the interfaith community, that was really appalling.”

Khan, who went through one of WELead OC’s training programs for women last year, said that she was also the subject of a negative mailer that portrayed her as an extremist.

“In a city where we have 110,000 voters, and this mailer went out to everybody and you can’t counter it, a lot of people who don’t know me might believe it,” she said.

Hinks said the upcoming Muslim candidate training program will address the issue of Islamophobia by focusing heavily on field operations and how to engage with voters one-on-one, which she said is the best way to break down the fears and stereotypes.

But Muslim political advancement will also require the help of others, said Khan.

“What I don’t see happening is those who are already elected bringing Muslims into roles such as commissioner, or onto committees, so they can gain the experience so that they’re able to run when the time comes,” she said. “We start from scratch often times, and that needs to change.”

Al-Dabbagh noted that some of these changes are happening. Muslims in Orange County have also become more involved inside party leadership recently, he said, winning several delegate seats in the California Democratic Party in January.

While Khan said she expects to see several new Muslim candidates in the coming years, she knows that change requires patience.

“We have to tell people that you can’t expect to win the first time—you have to keep trying,” she said, noting that she plans to run again in 2018. “That’s what I intend to do.”

According to her Linkedin bio, Hinks is a social justice warrior and progressive Democrat who worked for Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Sanchez once stated, Up to 20% of Muslims want caliphate. Hinks seems ready to help that process along.

14 thoughts on “California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates

  1. Muslim practicing their FAITH is not the real the issue. The US Constitution’s first Amendment provides for the freedom to worship to all faiths. The issue is Islamic law (sharia) being totally incompatible with US Constitutional laws and political structure, regardless of what some people purport. For an illustrative example, under sharia “free speech”, as understood and practiced in America, is not allowed except for speech which glorifies Islam, Islamic cultural practices, and Muhammed. So much for “free speech” as sharia adherent/supporting Muslims claim.

    • But there is NO seperation in Islam between the so called faith and the government they must live under in order to be considered Muslims. So you are wrong Muslims practicing their “faith” IS the issue

  2. There is also quite a large Coptic population in Orange Country. These are almost all Egyptian immigrant families that have been there since the 80’s. Why hasn’t anyone approached them to get them involved in the political system? Because Copts tend to shy away from publicity and are very insular. They will probably not be happy about this given what their people are suffering in Egypt right now at the hands of Muslim fanatics California Dumocrats need to stop trying to be so “helpful”. CAIR and their affiliates will be more than happy to school Muslims on running for office. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Nashashabi is getting a secret boost from Brotherhood pals through CAIR. I remember when Orange Country was strictly conservative

  3. Muslims practicing they’re faith is precisely the problem and a farce because it is not a religion it is a militant constitutional social order which seems be a religion to those who do not participate it. Mind you I said “participate” not believe. The very distraction of faith is in it self completely subjective and based on a blind assumption based on a fairy tale or folklore also known as a half truth which in modern times is called propaganda with an expectation of a sexual orgy reward in a heaven that doesn’t exist. The koran is a constitutional fabricated fairytale pushing a propaganda from an illiterate dead pedophile and self appointed butcher run by present day criminals who found the road of theft not so profitable and became imams. This is what comes from utter ignorance married to rage, hatred, judgment and enslavement. These leftist Ignore and failed communist whom the communists would execute would hand they’re children over to be rapped and molded into weapons as they’re being beheaded happily and placed in a boiling pot of water or hot plates to cook and fed to street dogs or being stuck on pikes on the road side or having they’re heads tossed into large bloody baskets and used as soccer balls. Or even better yet having your children torn apart by men using dull sabers. Don’t like what I’m saying? Well tough and it’s even worse. Here’s another. How would you like to be held down by a mob and run over while being stoned till your not only dead but torn into pieces and have mob members take parts of body home as souvenirs. If want to commit suicide join them, help them but I prefer another more continuous confrontational road against Islam and the Muslims. Even if it takes more then a hundred years to do it. These lunatics think they’re in the eleventh century against and they all read the same book and it actually says to do all of these horrific murderous things. Anyone who rationalizes this trash and treats it like a truth is a confused ignorant overgrown mislead children whom education or electrical shocks treatments can not cure it’s a possession of voluntary evil. They only understand the delivery of death and cannot be negotiated or conversed with. As for me I will do nothing but stand firm. If humanity is intent on hanging themselves so be it. Good luck to all of you who are able to fight the good fight.

    P.S. Mosques (islamic Cultural Centers / muslim Church’s) are stations or precincts of poison and venom stop them from opening.

    • All the dead jihadis are now screaming out to JESUS from the terrors of HELL!! Yeah…no joke!!! ….BUT IT’S TOO LATE!!!!! And as for this FOOL, Karen Hinks, who thinks that muzzlumz are a persecuted minority —well, need I say more?????

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  5. How many of these ppl know &understand Sharia=Islam=eliminate nonbelievers &punish disobedient per Sharia laws dismemberment-beheading-crucifixion-stoning-death ?

    • Winston Churchill ~ ” An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last “. Perfectly describes the Liberals and Islam if they were even smart enough to realize the followers of Islam are going to kill them.

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