South Dakota Muslim Brandishing Guns, Ammo at Christian Conference: “Be F***ing Terrified”

Screen shot of Ehab Jabber video warning to “be scared”

via WATCH: South Dakota Muslim Brandishes Guns & Assault Weapons in Threatening Video From Christian Conference, “Be f**king terrified.”


The video is quickly disappearing from Youtube as was the original.

His name is Ehab Jabber, and he was not arrested.

via Muslim Not Arrested For Showing 3 Pistols & 2 Assault Weapons in Threatening Video From Parking Lot of A Worldview Weekend

On Sunday night, April 9, 2017, we held our Worldview Weekend rally in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This was the first of five cities in five nights. I founded Worldview Weekend in 1993 and have hosted over 300 such conferences in hundreds of cities throughout America. This evening, however, and the next five conferences would be like nothing I have ever experienced.

Apparently an Islamic group in Sioux Falls held an event about 10 days before we arrived. The local paper reported that:

Taneeza Islam, a local immigration lawyer and organizer for the local Muslim community, mentioned the upcoming talk during a panel on hate crimes Thursday at the downtown library in Sioux Falls. She cited speakers like Howse and Hadian as part of a prejudicial undercurrent that inspires fear among ethnic minorities nationwide.

We were informed by the Sioux Falls Police Department that the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls South Dakota had filed for a permit to protest outside our Worldview Weekend rally. Joining me would be my friend, Shahram Hadian. Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran and his website is

Shahram’s father was a high ranking military official in the Iranian military. He had the foresight, as a moderate Muslim, to see that Iran was about to go from being a secular government to being an Islamic government with the fall of the Shah and the revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Six weeks before the fall of the Shah, the Hadian family fled Iran.

Today Shahram is a Christian pastor. The ministry I founded now produces and distributes the television program of Shahram Hadian, along with the television program of former Egyptian, Usama Dakdok.

We are one of the few broadcast outlets that has had the courage and commitment to produce the television programs of these two men that are trying to warn America about the threat of Islam and Sharia that will fundamentally transform America and bring persecution to Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims, atheists, homosexuals, and anyone that does not submit to their ideology. If you doubt me, then look at what is happening in Europe. What is occurring in Europe now will be common place in America in less than ten years.

Shahram’s talk in Sioux Falls was titled, “Sabotaging America: Islam’s March Toward Supremacy.” My talk was titled,“The Growing Global Persecution of Christians…”

Shahram spoke first and then a few minutes into my talk a self-described Muslim man stood at the back of the auditorium and filmed his Koran for about 45 seconds before panning the crowd. We later found out he was live streaming on Facebook.

Upon the completion of my keynote presentation, I approached one of the officers and asked if everything was O.K. He said that something had occurred and he would brief me at the end of the evening. As I walked down the hall, I ran into another officer and I asked him for details of what had occurred. The off duty officer informed me that a Muslim man had come into our conference and then went out into the parking lot and filmed some very disturbing videos that were on his Facebook page and that I should watch them. Please remember that our conference still had at least another 90 minutes to go before we would conclude and depart from the facility.

I was shocked the Muslim man was not arrested for making what appears to me, and the many lawyers and law enforcement officials from across the country that have watched the videos, to be a threat for the purpose of fear. Remember in his videos made in the parking lot he tells us to “be afraid” and “be terrified” as he flashes his weapons and ammunition to the camera that was live streaming on Facebook.

On Monday morning I called an FBI agent that is a friend of mine. He told me he would send a link to the videos on to the appropriate FBI division. Based on a video made by the Muslim man that he posted on Facebook, we learned he received a visit from two FBI agents within hours.

After the police officials in the next city saw the Muslim man’s videos, they not only allowed us to hire two officers to be in the building of our conference, but they also placed several officers in squad cars around the conference center we were renting. We did not ask for that. They apparently thought the Muslim man’s videos warranted such action. This same thing occurred in Madison, Wisconsin.

After arriving in Green Bay for our third conference in five nights, I was approached by a Green Bay police officer in the conference center we had rented. The officer showed me a bulletin that he said the FBI had sent to the various Homeland Security Fusion Centers in or near the cities we were speaking in over the next remaining evenings. This is why the police departments were showing up without us even contacting them.

Why is it that the off duty Sioux Falls officers we hired, the FBI, the Onalaska Police Department, the Green Bay Police Department, and the Madison Police Department were all taking these videos and the security of our conferences so seriously? How then is it that this man has yet to be arrested or charged? How can his videos be seen as anything but a threat for the purpose of invoking fear or terror? South Dakota law seems to make it very clear this is a criminal act as the law reads:

22-8-13. Terrorist threat–Felony. Any person who threatens to commit a crime of violence, as defined by subdivision 22-1-2(9), (includes use of a gun) or an act dangerous to human life involving any use of chemical, biological, or radioactive material, or any explosive or destructive device, with the intent to: (1) Intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (2) Influence the policy or conduct of any government or nation; (3) Affect the conduct of any government or nation; or (4) Substantially impair or interrupt public communications, public transportation, common carriers, public utilities, or other public services; is guilty of making a terrorist threat. A violation of this section is a Class 5 felony. Source: SL 2005, ch 120, § 189.

When I called the Sioux Falls Police Department to file a formal complaint and obtain a case number, I was discouraged from doing so. The officer informed me that the local prosecutor or state prosector was not going to charge this Muslim man with anything and he was not going to go over their head and file my complaint. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I believe my civil right was being denied so as not to upset the political chain of command? It took over 24 hours before I was allowed to file a formal complaint that was taken by a higher ranking officer.

At the end of the conference in Sioux Falls, a state representative by the name of Steven Haugaard gave me his business card. He informed me he was also an attorney. I am thankful he was there that evening. I called Steve on Monday and informed him of more details. Steve began to make phone calls to the local prosecutor and state attorney on behalf of our ministry. Steve is still working with us and will be with me as a guest on my national radio program this week.

Steve is one of the few brave elected officials in America, and apparently in Sioux Falls, that is not intimidated by the Muslims and their useful idiots in the media. The enemies of our Constitutional Republic are using political correctness to slander the good name and reputation of Americans that raise legal and moral concerns over the immigration crisis and radical Islamic centers that pose a national security threat to America and her citizens.

Sadly, the events in Sioux Falls are only affirming the warning that Shahram and I were giving that is evident by the titles of the keynote presentations.

Read it all for more details. There’s a little more of his video on Twitter:

If this happened at a Muslim conference it would be worldwide news with arrests and weeks of endless media coverage.

8 thoughts on “South Dakota Muslim Brandishing Guns, Ammo at Christian Conference: “Be F***ing Terrified”

  1. Another unbelievable story… What do the brain dead liberals running stuff think?

    Shared to my public FB with my added comment:


  2. Reading this just tells me that the muzzie numbers are great enough in America to start pulling their bullshit. Better watch your back, some POS muzzie on the street just may put a knife in your back.

  3. Christians are weak and stupid, whites are weak and stupid, Jews are weak and stupid. Blacks are weak and stupid. Law enforcement are filled with cowards and punks with bully complex’s who will never confront them because it’s easier to arrest the rest of us and usually those people are white trash too who just pasted a government test and don’t have enough intelligence to put a stop to anything. It will come to all of our door steps and that’s when the mass violence will happen. You will either be committing it against them or become a victim to they’re violence, murder and rape. Blood always will be shed in every generation because people are ignorant godless, soulless apes who have the illusion of civility which is merely a very thin veil to chaos and war. And wars are meant to be started to have a short peace but a new crop of bad grass grows with every new season. The question is how many of us are strong enough and brave enough to up root it all.

  4. It all boils down to the whole name and purpose of this website–“CREEPING SHARIA”! There is no such thing as a “peaceful muslim”–just non-compliant ones! Every practicing muslim is taught from birth that sharia is the highest law of God, (EXCEPT THAT allah is NOT God) and that jihad is the only way to “paradise”. Truth be told, however, everything muslims are taught to believe comes from the demented, delusional mind of mohammed. Islam is, in fact, the “religion” of satan, straight from the pits of HELL!!!! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!

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