Virginia: DOJ shakes down Culpeper County, forces mosque on rural town

Muslims celebrate the DOJ-led conquest of another American town

The zoning jihad means there are separate laws and regulations for Muslim settlers in America.

Source: Muslim group reaches agreement to build Culpeper mosque – The Washington Post

A Muslim group can move forward with plans to build a mosque in Culpeper after reaching an agreement in a religious discrimination lawsuit it filed against officials who had denied it a zoning permit.

The agreement closes a chapter on a case that the group framed as a fight for religious freedom but county officials cast as a routine zoning skirmish over a sewage permit.

“We can finally move ahead and start building our mosque so we can fully meet the needs of our religious community,” Mohammad Nawabe, director of the Islamic Center of Culpeper, said in a statement. “Our members have lived in Culpeper County for decades, and all we have ever asked for is to be treated the same as everyone else.”

[Actually, they want to be treated DIFFERENTLY than everyone else and not abide by the same regulations as everyone else in the county.]

The settlement was announced Friday by Muslim Advocates, a California-based group that represented the center in the case.

[Muslim Advocates is an Islamic supremacist group that wants to enforce sharia laws like blasphemy on Americans.]

The dispute began last year when the county denied the Islamic Center a permit to pump and haul away sewage on the rural site it purchased outside the town of Culpeper. The Justice Department filed a civil rights lawsuit, and the center followed with a lawsuit of its own this year.

The settlement agreement requires the county to pay the center $10,000 for its expenses. As part of the settlement, Culpeper County officials did not acknowledge any wrongdoing.

The county’s Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 3 Tuesday to approve the agreement.

Bill Chase, a board member who voted against the agreement and proposed a motion to deny the permit last April, said this week that he maintains that his decisions were based on the fact that the group did not meet the county’s requirements. Such permits are designed for situations where no other option exists.

“It had nothing to do with religion, it had nothing to do with faith, it had nothing to do with people — it was a piece of land without a building on it,” he said.

“We’ve never approved one like that,” he added.

“Our policy was that pump-and-haul was to be used for emergencies only when a building was there, and there was a failing draining field — it was approved for a pump-and-haul for a temporary basis.”

The center has noted that when the permit was denied in a 4-to-3 vote last year, the move was celebrated by the crowd in attendance as well as on anti-Muslim websites. Three of the board members who voted for the permit said they were barraged with calls and emails expressing concerns over Islamist terrorism.

The county continues to defend itself against the Justice Department lawsuit.

Federal officials said in December that by denying the permit, county officials violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. In an April 12 response to that lawsuit, the county said it “did not illegally discriminate against the ICC based on religion or any other prohibited basis.”

In the Justice Department case, the county said a Culpeper official met with an Islamic Center representative who said that another sewage system had been identified at the site. The representative said the system would cost between $20,000 and $25,000 and that the price was too high. Members of the Islamic Center currently worship in an empty building with no heat next to a car dealership owned by Nawabe.

Muslims lie to the American people. They partner with terror-linked Muslim groups. Get funding from terror-linked groups and sources. They have endless resources to wage legal jihad. Then the DOJ does their dirty work.

This mosque is no different and Muslims ‘Deception Employed’ to Build New Culpeper Mosque

The original application from the Islamic Center of Culpeper stated the proposed use for the site would be “for praying and meeting once a week.”

However, the gofundme page of the Islamic Center of Culpeper, VA, or ICC, details much bigger plans for the site.

The page says: “The ICC Board of Directors has planned to purchase its own property to build a proper Islamic Center in the Town of Culpeper. We plan to have a full-fledged Masjid (mosque), Weekend Islamic School and Youth Center, insha’Allah.”

So, there appears to be a rather large discrepancy between the applicants’ claims and the claims on the Islamic Center’s website over the size of the facility and its use.

A “full-fledged mosque” certainly appears to be something exceeding the needs of a 15 members gathering for a weekly prayer session.

And a mosque, Weekend Islamic School and Youth Center would certainly seem to provide more than just a place to pray.

The applicants also appeared to mislead the board over just how big the facility might become, as the Islamic Center website calls itself “a small but rapidly growing community.”

There’s another apparent discrepancy in the deed and a question about just how ownership of the property changed hands.

Five days after the haul-and-pump permit application was denied, on April 19, 2016, the sale of the property was initially recorded in the Culpeper Times for $15,000 to Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo Viene INC.

Judging by state records and its Facebook page, Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo Viene appears to be a Spanish-language Pentecostal church in Culpeper.

A Deed of Correction was submitted on June 22, 2016, “correcting” the name of the owner and changing it to the Islamic Center of Culpeper.

However, the Virginia law for correcting deeds states: “Correction deeds can help to clarify the manner in which title to the property is held by the same, initially named grantee, but they cannot be used to change the grantee or to add or omit a grantee.”

It appears the Deed of Correction was used precisely to change the name on the deed, an apparent violation of the law.

Concerned residents of Culpeper told WND they suspect the name was changed after the sale was announced to hide the true identity of the owner, the Islamic Center.

All issues Islamic lead back to immigration. If the borders are not shut to Muslims, and tens of thousands of Muslim refugees are not sent home, America will be conquered.  Future generations will be forced to live under Islamic law in the future (as is already happening in the public school systems across America).

Addendum: The only post on the Culpeper mosque blog features the notorious Sheikh Khalid Yasin:

Yasin’s public pronouncements — at speaking engagements and on DVDs he has produced — include the following:

Expect Yasin and other Islamic-supremacist hate-mongers in Culpeper in the future.

12 thoughts on “Virginia: DOJ shakes down Culpeper County, forces mosque on rural town

  1. Oh geesh…. The lyin’ muzzpigs camouflaged their Deed to look like they were a Spanish Pentecostal church. I say we hold their feet to the fire! They want “Pentecostal” so Pentecostal they should get–and those Spanish churches really know how to SHOUT “GLORIA DIOS”!!!!

  2. So sad. A little islam here, and a little islam there, and pretty soon, they all must convert or die.
    This town in Virginia has no idea what is coming to them. I hope I hear in the next week or so, that this “law” got shut down, and they’ll be no mosque now.

    • Three guesses and the first two don’t count ;-(

      As other commenters have noted, they flat out lied on the application – that in and of itself should be more than adequate grounds for disallowing the permit.

  3. These godless people–are Islamic terrorists. And they have no right to build and operate any mosque–which is used to promote Islamic terrorism.

  4. We need to get all the Obama hold overs out of the DOJ,they are the Moslem Lovers they need to be out an then we will get a better out come,Trump needs to make a stand on all the Mosques being built in places were they should not be there,Islam is filth.

  5. I live in Culpeper Va and our leaders don’t give a damn what we want and look down on us when we complain about things. My own County Supervisor voted for the permit and called her own constituents names when we complained about her vote. We have no say in the issues anymore in Culpeper Va.

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