Michigan: After Muslims arrested for FGM, lawmaker proposes bill banning sharia law

Unsurprisingly, the first Arab Muslim elected to the Michigan state House is opposed to banning sharia law in Michigan. In other words, he supports sharia law.

Just like the first Somali Muslim lawmaker in Minnesota who voted against a bill that would prevent terrorists beneficiaries from receiving insurance payouts after terror attacks.

Source: Michigan lawmaker proposes bill banning Sharia Law | MLive.com

LANSING, MI — Michigan residents would be banned from using other countries’ laws in court under a bill proposed by Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, according to an email obtained by MLive.

In an email sent to state lawmakers seeking co-sponsors on Monday, Hoitenga said her bill doesn’t specifically mention Sharia Law, but wrote that it would include the religious law association with Islam.

Read the bill here.

“If you have not heard by now, a doctor in Detroit is being charged with operating an underground clinic that actively engaged in genital mutilation on young girls, essentially practicing a fundamentalist version of Sharia Law,” Hoitenga wrote in the email.

The doctor she references is Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, 44, who federal prosecutors accuse of having performed female genital mutilations at a Detroit-area clinic.

Hoitenga’s planned bill is already drawing opposition from Democrats, including Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, D-Dearborn. Hammoud said Sharia isn’t connected with female genital mutilation, as Hoitenga’s email claimed.

“As a Muslim, I can tell you that I’m not aware of a fundamentalist version or another version that encourages female genital mutilation. That’s just not a thing,” Hammoud said.

Lawmakers opposed to Hoitenga’s proposed legislation said it could be used to ban religious practices, referencing parts of Hoitenga’s email that called for a prohibition of “the practice of foreign laws.”

In a statement to MLive, Hoitenga clarified that the legislation referred to recognition in courts, and was not specific to Sharia law.

“This legislation does not target any specific group or religion, it simply clarifies that foreign laws that are inconsistent with American laws will not be recognized in our courts,” Hoitenga said in the statement.

“It’s important to affirm our state and federal constitutions and the freedoms they provide, as they are constantly under assault. A clear message must be sent that our state will not tolerate the application of any law that would result in inhumane actions against women and children, even if such are accepted in other countries.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, ten states — Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee — prohibit the use of foreign law in their courts. Another 15 states have pending legislation on it.

Hoitenga said in her email that her proposal would secure and reinforce existing protections already provided on the federal level.

Similar legislation was introduced in 2011 by then-Rep. Dave Agema, a Republican from Grandville. It never made it into law.

Hammoud said female genital mutilation is cultural and not religious.

According to the Female Genital Mutilation National Clinical Group, a UK-based charity, the practice is a cultural one and is not confined to any one religion.

Hammoud said from his viewpoint, the bill was founded on xenophobia and Islamophobia.

“These types of laws which have popped up in other states across the country do nothing more than just perpetuate an unjustified and dangerous Islamophobic and xenophobic rhetoric, and it reinforces really harmful stereotypes,” Hammoud said.

Is Hammoud intentionally Lying about Female Genital Mutilation in Islam, ignorant, or is he willing to dispute the Hadith?

Hammoud wasted no time inserting Islam into the state house and submitting all the non-Muslims to his Islamic supremacy – video here: Hammoud Invocation.

15 thoughts on “Michigan: After Muslims arrested for FGM, lawmaker proposes bill banning sharia law

    • That we allow the removal of flags and monuments of and commemorating the Confederate States of America because of their alleged reference to no longer extant slavery in America, while we allow the existence of Muslim mosques, which commemorate conquest by Islam, after 9/11/2001, demonstrates that condition even more vividly.

  1. Sharia Law needs to be banned in The ENTIRE United States as it directly contradicts our rights afforded to the people in The Constitution Of The United States of America.

    • Drawn out to the logical conclusion, considered all Muslims are required to comply with edicts of the Quran, including converting, taxing, enslaving, or murdering all non-Muslims, Islam in its entirety, including all Muslims, should be banned from being in and entering America.

    • Feminists are guilty of ignoring this horror b/c well we don’t want to make “cultural” enemies. Michigan, where this happens daily is chickenshiite as well. Too many muslims in Michigan. My God, these butcher docs were on staff at some of Michigan’s most well known hospitals.

      Little and backward Gambia has banned FGM and set
      penalties of up to life in prison for offenders of the new law. The
      country’s parliament passed a bill criminalizing FGM, which usually
      involves the removal of a young girl’s labia and clitoris, on Dec. 28th,
      a month after president Yahya Jammeh promised to end the practice,
      which causes lifelong health complications.The bill makes Gambia, a
      small West African country of about
      1.8 million people, the 27th sub-Saharan African country to legislate
      against FGM. As much as 80% of Gambian women had been cut as of 2010.
      MI Rep. Hammoud will say this is islamaphobic or some non-sense. I’m
      waiting for his stance. Brutality has no place in the USA.

  2. The Constitution of the United States of America is the touchstone of all American law. No one, regardless of race, color, creed, or culture, unwilling to support and defend the Constitution should ever make or enforce laws.We have had a law that prohibits Shari’s Law since September 17, 1787. It is the Constitution

    • Added to the Constitution there is the immigration laws as well, Americans need to stop the appeasement and wise up to the fact that Islam is like a virus that spreads and destroys everything in its path as long as that path is unheeded.


    • Not so fast, courts recognize foreign laws all the time. Couple (first cousins) married in middle east. Wife wants to enforce agreement in Alabama courts (sort of like alimony). Bama considers first cousin marriage illegal (rightly so). But court looks to foreign law to enforce valid marriage. Biz law same thing. Valid contract elsewhere may be used here. Also most contracts have choice of law and venue clauses.

  4. This is America not a foreign land, they want to live here its under americans laws, not sharia, this swearing in of muslims with the Quran better stop, we don’t hold that book as our binding word to the oath of the office, Michigan better pull there head out of there ass, we the people are fed up with you dumb asses!

  5. In USA a nation that does not provide proportionate representation in it’s electoral system as do countries such as Germany and New Zealand, elected Representatives from minority ethic and religious communities can only realistically become elected Representatives through the sponsorship and patronage of the major American political parties, ie the GOP or the Democratic Party. For the American Muslim community with less than 0.5% of the American population, the Democratic party is completely responsible for placing these two Representatives in their position. The liberals who support the Democratic Party of USA, in those electorates are responsible for these two Representatives in their legislatures…

  6. So how many of you have emailed Michele Hoitenga with info about the practice of FGM in Islam? Time to get to work folks! Send info and video links to the Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder and this Representative Hoitenga.

  7. I think this guy, Hammond, is intentionally lying, and notice how quickly he brings in the term “Islamophobia” and accuses people of xenophobic rhetoric and harmful stereotypes just because we do not want foreign laws applied in American courts. WHY would anyone think that is ok? That right there conveys to me that he knows EXACTLY what he is doing and is willing to allow girls and women to be subjected to this harmful practice.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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