Halal Food Racket Surging in Canada

When the halal food market racket is surging in your country, you know your nation is in the early phases of a death spiral. Nothing good can come of it for non-Muslims and even most Muslims, particularly women and girls.  

Source: Halal food market surging in Canada

“It’s a huge business. It’s an $80-billion business around the world. In Canada, it’s about $1 billion and it’s growing … by 10 to 15 per cent a year, which is quite significant. It’s much more than other categories,” says Sylvain Charlebois, a professor in food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Halal means permissible in Arabic and refers to foods that have been prepared according to Islamic law. Animals must not suffer when they’re slaughtered and must not see another animal be killed. Pork and its byproducts and alcohol are among forbidden items not allowed in the making of halal foods.

While Canadians are increasingly seeing more halal products stocked by the big supermarket chains, the complexity of the supply chain has led to concerns about mislabelled food or fraud.

Contamination and traceability were motivating factors for the formation of the Halal Monitoring Authority of Canada, says chief operating officer Imam Omar Subedar.

Meanwhile, big fast-food chains like Pizza Pizza, KFC, Popeyes and Nandos have added halal options to their menus, while The Halal Guys, a fast-casual franchise that started as a food cart in Manhattan with huge lineups, is opening a Toronto location on May 5.

“If there is more food offered to consumers they will buy more essentially,” says Charlebois of the rise in halal offerings.

What does it all really mean? Check out the article and videos below.

Crowdfunding Terrorism Through Islamic Halal Food Certifications

Video explaining halal food racket



11 thoughts on “Halal Food Racket Surging in Canada

  1. Halal Food Certification is a way to force people to give Muslims jobs in the food industry to keep Muslims employed since the 1980’s and to force Sharia upon others.

  2. That is bs about the animal not suffering. You think having your throat slit and bleeding to death would not be painful?? And not seeing another animal being killed, more bs. There are videos of them lining up animals and going down the line slitting their throats. The ideology of satan loves pain and suffering.

  3. When you buy halal, you finance Jihad. Halal certification agencies charge fees and royalties. Those royalties increase the cost of poducts. World wide, they mount into the millions of dollars. 2.5% of those royalties must be paid to Zakat and 1/8 of Zakat goes to fund Jihad.

  4. The suffering of animals in a non-halal slaughter house is greatly alleviated with the merciful stunning of the animal …… a procedure deemed non-islamic and counterproductive to supplying that precious Sacrificial-Meat…..
    If you feel no remorse for undue animal suffering then consider how you spend your money to finance Islamic coffers with the Imam sacrificial blessing fees and halal certification fees and the wages of muslim-only employees of those little shops of horrors ……taking over the Canadian meat processing industry ….. Islamization one halal cold-cut at a time…….

  5. Ugh there’s even halal gummies , yogurt, crackers, and little bean snacks that people might pick up without realizing.
    Especially in small grocery stores or in my observed case, Filipino ones.

  6. Ok, Which is it??? I have read halal slaughter and better tasting meat by halal slaughter is directly do to its slow painful death. In this article it states halal slaughter is not to allow the animal to suffer. Which is it???

    • If you watch the video above, I’ll guarantee you’ll never buy another product that has the “halal” certification! Of course, if you’re a muzzlum then this video probably doesn’t affect you in the least, right?????

  7. Where is PETA????

    Hope False, self serving prophet mohammed burns hotter and suffers in hell for each creature’s suffering done in his name. BURN BURN BURN!

  8. It is increasingly difficult now to be able to boycott Halal. We do try to do that but am finding very little that is not Halal, this has become very invasive without anyone knowing or realizing it. I can’t buy peanut butter anymore, everything on the shelf is Halal. I will not buy appliances with the Danby brand since the manufacturer in Quebec only hires refugee/migrants (he thinks he is doing everyone a favour except for Canadian workers). And this is where we are at in 2017. Doesn’t help to call Loblaws, we are told it is just a business decision and they don’t know anything about where the funds end up. We are hooped I am afraid. Maybe if there were no muslims in Canada there would be no need for Halal.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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