Today in History: Muslim conquest of Spain begins (711)

Source: Today in History: Muslim conquest of Spain begins (711) – The Rebel

Islamists from Osama bin Laden to Hamas are still seething at the Christian reconquest of Spain completed in 1492.

So aren’t we allowed to be annoyed that Muslims attacked it starting on April 27, 711, not 80 years after the death of Muhammad some 7,000 kilometres away?

Don’t hold your breath Robson.

10 thoughts on “Today in History: Muslim conquest of Spain begins (711)

  1. Islam is a religion built .. founded on death & destruction.
    Since the beginning of Islam Muslims, following the mandates of the Quran & the example of Muhammed have murdered over 270-million to possibly even more than 700-million men, women & children.
    Islam is the religion of Satan, the Quran his (Satan’s), holy writ & Muhammed Satan’s demon possessed prophet – Muslims are the product of 1,400-years of demonic indoctrination.
    And for some unfathomable reason, the Liveral left, LGBTs, atheists & the liberal propaganda news media are supporting & promoting this perverted, diseminator of DEATH.

    • They promote islam and curse Jesus and Christianity! Little do they (the Liberals, LGBer’s and the atheists) seem to know that they would be the first victims of jihad, if they lived under islamic rule!!!!!

  2. why the Nation’s Leaders in the World allow muslims to do whatever they want!
    IT’S FEAR!! You can not disagree or reason with islam because they have the right to kill all who do not accept their ideas! muslims are willing to kill anyone for any reason they are told to! The Worlds Leaders can’t get control of the muslims so they just give in and pass Laws to appease in hopes to have peace. So the Worlds Leaders are FEARFUL of islam so we need to take on islam one person at a time!
    “OUT LAW islam”

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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