Canada: Parents protest Islamic prayer in public school (video)

Source: Parents protest Islamic prayer in public school – The Rebel

The Peel District School Board (PDSB) says the debate over Muslim prayers in publicly funded schools is over. But parents from many different faiths are speaking out against public officials giving preferential treatment to one religion.

The PDSB has a charter that says they are committed to “gender equity”, yet these mini-mosques are gender segregated with boys at the front and girls at the back. Girls on their menstrual cycle are forced to sit in hall!

I tried to ask school board officials about their decision, but the cowards were all too scared to defend it.

Watch me speak with the patriots who came out to defend secular education, many of whom were freedom loving immigrants that are proud to stand up for Canadian values.   

I also found some counter-protesters who supported the PDSB’s decision, but all they had to offer were baseless claims of “Islamophobia”.

4 thoughts on “Canada: Parents protest Islamic prayer in public school (video)

  1. Canada, allowing Muslims in is one item but allowing Islamic sharia law to over ride your Constitutional laws is another, than you will have some serious issues as seen in this article. Everything about the school allowing prayer comes straight from the Koran and sharia law.
    The Islam virus does not assimilate, this virus builds walls around its self and grows all the while not allowing anything in.

  2. These parents and teachers are the blind leading the blind! This issue is not about “gender equality” it is about the oppressive, tyrannical doctrines of sharia which are destroying our Western values! When you allow MUZZLUMZ to recite their diabolical teachings in a public school–then you are a dhimmi in their eyes, and the school has become a mosque!!! There is no greater an insidious, satanic “religion” than the doctrines of islam! Islam is corrupt and rotten to the core and cannot be tolerated in any Western society! It destroys freedom wherever it is allowed to fester and grow!!!

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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