New York: Muslim Token Booth Worker Arrested, Sexually Assaulted Jewish Woman in Subway Station

Source: MTA employee cuffed for sexually assaulting woman inside Brooklyn subway station

Cops arrested an MTA employee they say sexually abused a 19-year-old woman twice while working at a Brooklyn subway station, officials said Friday.

Cops said on Wednesday 63-year-old Mohammad Talukder groped the woman, who is an Orthodox Jew, at the 18th Ave. F train stop in Borough Park.

His victim claimed that every time she passed through the station on her way home from work, Talukder would harass her — offering her gifts, cigarettes and money to go on a date with him.

After being repeatedly rebuffed, Talukder allegedly grabbed the woman when she exited the train about 7:30 p.m. April 18 and forced her to a section of the platform under construction. Once he had her alone, he lifted up her shirt and molested her, according to cops.

The woman later told cops she didn’t use the station for a week after that but returned on Wednesday. Once again Talukder grabbed her, this time groping her and kissing her neck, according to police.

The woman ran home and told her boyfriend, who called police.

Responding officers found Talukder still in the station and arrested him for sex abuse.

His arraignment was pending Friday.

The MTA did not immediately return a request for comment Friday.

More via On-duty MTA Token Booth Worker Accused of Sex Assault in Subway Station | NBC New York

A 63-year-old MTA token booth clerk has been arrested for allegedly groping a young woman twice on separate occasions at the station where he works.

Police say Mohammad Talukder was arrested Thursday while he was on duty at the 18th Avenue F train stop in Borough Park. He was charged with sex assault.

Authorities say he allegedly attacked the same 19-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman in the station on two different days this month.

One thought on “New York: Muslim Token Booth Worker Arrested, Sexually Assaulted Jewish Woman in Subway Station

  1. Act 2. And now the tax-payer supported defense attorneys enter the stage…. Oops–it was all just a BIG misunderstanding! The guy was soooo maligned and falsely accused by this unscrupulous, islamophobic woman. Of course, we all know how she fabricated the whole thing JUST TO GET ATTENTION!!!! Hmmmm….. ISLAM–THE RELIGION OF PEACE, PIETY AND MORAL PURENESS….. Ahemm!!!! OMG, I just threw up all over my keyboard–OH PUKE!!!!!

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