Toronto: Two arrested over terrorizing and harassing ‘prank’ videos

Mustafe Mohamed, 21, May 3, 2017. TORONTO POLICE SERVICES/Handout

Source: 2 arrested after ‘prank’ harassment videos posted online – 680 NEWS

Two Toronto men have been arrested after a series of videos were posted online of harassment throughout the city over the last year.

It’s alleged two men, who go by the name F–kry in the Six, have committed numerous criminal offences.

The videos were posted on social media starting in May 2016.

According to the group’s YouTube page, the point of the videos are to “do real pranks.” Some of the videos are titled “Screaming in Public,” “Catching A Child Predator” and “Stealing Store Owners Phone!! (Prank).”

It’s alleged two men terrorized and harassed people on the street, at restaurants and at various businesses across the city.

In some instances, the men would allegedly jump over counters and grab employees or steal food or other items.

The “pranks” were recorded and posted to social media.

On Tuesday, Liban Issa, 21, of Toronto was arrested. He faces multiple charges including mischief and criminal harassment.

On Wednesday afternoon, 21-year-old Mustafe Mohamed of Toronto surrendered to police. He has been charged with mischief, common nuisance, criminal harassment and assault.

Police are asking anyone who is captured on any of the videos, or who is aware of any of the locations, to contact police. At this point only three of the locations have been identified.

Youtube has already removed the evidence but some snippets are available in this news video report on the arrests.

3 thoughts on “Toronto: Two arrested over terrorizing and harassing ‘prank’ videos

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