Virginia: 43 Muslims indicted in $30M cigarette trafficking, bank fraud, and money laundering op

Source: 43 people charged in $30 million cigarette trafficking operation in Henrico | WSET

HENRICO Co., Va. (WSET) — 43 people were indicted on Friday on 743 separate charges resulting from a year-long investigation into illegal cigarette trafficking, according to police.

19 of the 43 are in custody.

Henrico County Police said it began investigating cigarette trafficking in Henrico County back in 2015 because of a series of violent crimes that were associated with it.

According to police, a number of robberies, shootings, and burglaries happened in direct relation to the illegal trafficking of cigarettes and an investigation eventually developed into a larger regional and multi-state operation.

The investigation incorporated more than 20 agencies including local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as corporate businesses including the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, IRS, and Virginia and Maryland State Police.

Police said the suspects utilized fraudulent papers to create 29 phony businesses in the Richmond area.

Those businesses were used to purchase a large amount of tax-exempt cigarettes and then they would be transported out of state and resold for a profit.

The investigation encompassed over 600,000 cartons of cigarettes with an estimated value of more than $30 million.

More via Police: 43 people indicted on 743 charges related to cigarette trafficking, fraud in Va.

Police indicted

Sidi Mohamed Abdou, who was arrested,

Mohammed Abeidy

Dunaya Al Lami (arrested)

Hussein Al Ogali (arrested)

Fares Alomeri

Hussein Al-Shuwaili (arrested)

Baleegh Aly

Mahfoudh Alyine

El Mamy Beijary

Mohamed Bouke (arrested)

Adyl Bourzgui (arrested)

Mohamed Dehaye (arrested)

Soueidatt El Haimer

Ahmed El Moustapha

Mohammed Elbijiri (arrested)

Othmane Elbijiri

Ahmed Emmen

Yacoub Elalem

Ahmed Ghaly

Ahmed Haliqa (arrested)

Cheikh Jiddou

Mohammed Joumany (arrested)

Mohammed Kah (arrested)

Cheikh Kamara

Chikaly Kleibe

Mohamedou Louleid (arrested)

Zein Mahboubi

Icheibou Meine

Mohammed Mineya (arrested)

Moctar Mkhaitratt

Mahmoud Mohamed El Moctar

Baba Mohamed Labeid

Basem Noffal (arrested)

Haiba Ould Abdel Kader (arrested)

Cheikna Ould Maham

Dahi Ould

Mohamed Ouldsaleck (arrested)

Mohamed Saleck (arrested)

Mohamed Sidaty Amar (arrested)

Mohamed Sidi Ahmed (arrested)

Abdellahi Sidi Ali

Sid Tfeil, and

Al Swaiedi Hasan (arrested).

Investigators say the majority of the people are from north Africa and many are not U.S. citizens.

Police say initially 12 to 14 people were allegedly involved in a form of bank fraud called “check kiting,” the process of intentionally writing checks from bank accounts without available money. According to police, the individuals committed fraud at nine Fairfax County banks leading to a loss of $620,000.

The individuals were also allegedly establishing credit via numerous deposits and withdrawals. According to police, they rented cars from rental car companies with debit cards, but withdrew money from bank accounts once the purchase was completed, preventing the companies from collecting the payment.

Authorities later discovered that more than 80 people were linked to the banking fraud. It was also determined that most of them were part of a cigarette tax fraud and smuggling operation conducted from a home in Falls Church, Virginia home.

Police say an investigation into the illegal activity began in Jan. 2015.

Falls Church, Viriginia – aka THE WAHHABI CORRIDOR – is home to a notorious terror-mosque, 9/11 hijackers got their ID’s there, Muslims in Falls Church cheered the 9/11 attacks there, bin Laden’s nephew lived there and it is basically ground zero for Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. 

14 thoughts on “Virginia: 43 Muslims indicted in $30M cigarette trafficking, bank fraud, and money laundering op

    • #kellie. Hey, hey, you’re really harsh, Kellie! “Slap their hands”????? Wow, I say we jail all of the investigators who “trumped” up all of these “false” charges against these “upstanding, magnanimous, exemplary” “role models” of decency and wondrousness and make them (the investigators) work in the “laundry” where all that money goes to get “laundered”! Better yet, why don’t we just invite all of these “poor, persecuted, maligned, in-NO-cents” to the White House and DECLARE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY in each of their names! Hey, that would give everybody 43 more free days off from having to go to work and school! Yeah, now we’re talkin’!!! Hey, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you actually want to FIX the problem here in the “good ole USA”! BTW, I’LL BET YOU’RE ONE-O-THEM “DEPLORABLES” WHO VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP, HUH????? P.S. I hate to say it, Kellie, but it scares me to think that your “suggestions to fix the problem” might actually be EXACTLY the way these SCUMBAGS are ACTUALLY handled! You’re not too far off from the truth, Kellie, not too far at all!!!!!

      • Trust! True, wellborn!! Makes me ill they ARE treated this way…at least that’s what the libs are fighting for! They want the criminal and protected freak who murdered Kate Stienle (who was walking with her dad in Frisco) to be refuged in their safe and pleasant sanctuary city. “Hands off!” I guess it’ll have to be the mayor’s kid who gets hurt for it to stop! See what happens when his 85 year old Maw gets mauled by an illegal. Will he still protect the precious perp? Probably! You know those libs!

  1. What I expect is all of them will end up in prison once they are caught and once they have finished their
    sentences they will be deported to whatever crap hole country they came from. Hopefully they will take all of their families with them, if they have any here, that way the taxpayers won’t have to support them for life.

  2. The immigration laws are shot so full of loopholes inserted by bleeding hearts that all these people need is a good lawyer and some crying women in court and we will never be rid of them.

    • #brane pilot. I couldn’t agree more! Our Court system is so loaded with crap that it wouldn’t surprise me if any of these mf’ers ever get deported! On the other hand, wouldn’t it just be “special” if Barbara G’s prediction came true!!!!! Yeah, now you’re talkin’!!!

  3. The none citizens should spend 5 years in prison at hard labor then unceremoniously deported. The citizens among them who were naturalized should suffer the same fate after having their citizenship revoked. Those born here should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If after investigation it is discovered that they were funneling money to terrorist organizations more severe judgement should be rendered

  4. There is no birth-right for any person to immigrate, and no commitment by any state to accept immigrants. Immigration extracts the most enterprising, the people most capable of helping their own kind by staying where they are.

    Tell our government to just say no to immigration and void the Refugee Act of 1980.

  5. This is ridiculous. Confiscate everything they own, load them and ther families onto military transport planes and send them back to Africa. Never allow them access to the U.S. again.

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