MacronLeaks Reveal Secret Islamization Plan for France (video)

It’s too late now. With the election of the pro-Islam,  socialist “ex”-banker, France est finie. Source: MacronLeaks Reveal Secret Islamization Plans – The Rebel

Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of documents were released about the establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron.

I went through the documents and found Macron’s secret plan to Islamize France.

Watch to find out what’s inside Macron’s plans for joining Islam with France.


5 thoughts on “MacronLeaks Reveal Secret Islamization Plan for France (video)

  1. What if globalists put Macron into the Presidency?

    What if, all along, there has been a secret plan or even two secret plans to create and help ISIS grow in order to create havoc as an excuse to send millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ into the EU and the US?

    What if each plan happens to coincide with one another’s objectives, but NOT for the same reason?

    What if globalists like Merkel, Macron, Obama, Hillary, Hollande, Soros, New World Order, the Democrat and Republican establishments, the oligarchies and the EU are part of it?

    What if Islam’s primary sponsors of terrorism, Saudi Arabia and it’s opponent, Iran, are part of the other plan?

    Yes…It’s so unbelievable, it’s unbelievable…

    …exactly what they count on…

    BTW: Less than A THIRD of Muslim nations signed up to coalition against ISIS.

    Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim nations are funding ISIS and al-Qaeda.

    SEE: Coudenhove Kalergi plan


    FACT: And then there is Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by immigration….immigrate and take over by population expansion.

    FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they try to appear that they have integrated . . . until it is time to conquer.’

  2. Obama stole the American presidency because the truth about him was covered up. So it’s beyond all reason to believe that the French election wasn’t successfully rigged because the people received full exposure on Macron BEFORE they went to the polls.

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