Delaware: State Trooper’s Killer a “budding jihadist”, Quoted Koran During Standoff

via Devout Muslims who SHOT STATE TROOPER TO DEATH quoted Quran during killing –

Here again is another important news story getting no coverage from the enemedia. A Delaware state trooper was fatally gunned down outside of a convenience store by devout Muslims reciting quotes from the Quran, later prompting a standoff with one of two suspects, who fired at cops, police said.

A reporter for the DelawareOnline tweeted, “Scene indicates the trooper was shot multiple times. There’s a lot of blood on ground, multiple casing markers. Still huge police presence.”

Police said that one of the suspects was taken into custody at the scene and the other one fled into a residence in the Brick Mill Farm section in Middletown and is firing at police, said McQueen.

“The suspect has refused to surrender and is firing rounds at officers,” McQueen said, adding “this is a sad day for our state.”

Meanwhile, area schools were placed on lockdown.

The Appoquinimink School District posted on Facebook, “We have been notified by police that an armed individual is in the Dove Run Shopping Center. The police have set up a perimeter. As a precaution, ALL area schools have gone on lockdown.” (NYP)

Any reports of this cold-blooded killing have all references to Islam, Quran, and motive scrubbed from the reportage.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: State Rep. claims DSP trooper’s killer was a “budding jihadist” Muslim | The Latest from Delaware 105.9 |

Was Burgon Sealy Jr., the man who shot and killed Delaware State Police trooper Cpl. Stephen Ballard, radicalized?

Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk claimed in an interview with Delaware 105.9’s Rob Petree that Sealy was a practicing Muslim, and that he did in fact yell verses from the Quran during the standoff.

“What I can tell you is that there are people that will immediately assume that the war cry of, the Muslim war cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ may have been said, and I don’t know that to be true. I do know that he was a ‘budding jihadist’ and that being said, how long was he a practicing Muslim, I’m not aware of,” said Rep. Smyk. “We do know that, at the scene, during this standoff he was heard citing quotes from the Quran, what those quotes were I don’t know.”

9 thoughts on “Delaware: State Trooper’s Killer a “budding jihadist”, Quoted Koran During Standoff

  1. I will never understand how any black person including Burgon Sealy Jr., would turn to Islam. The followers of Islam in the east still have slaves and think of blacks as abed which is less than human. People really need to learn about Islam’s history before flocking to it since Islam was the reason we had slaves in the US. Do some damn research people.

        • Yip Yap. Understood. Beyond logic when it comes for folks like this. Even people born into the horrors of Islam leave when they realize how bad it is. The smart ones. The others just want to import the 3rd world 7th Century Lifestyle everywhere.

  2. • Islam and Sharia do not belong in ANY non-Muslim culture.

    • How many times do they have to prove it?

    This is NOT a matter of religious freedom, but a matter for our survival.

    Congress peeps are counting on us to say nothing and do nothing.

    • If you are happy with this, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

    • If you are not happy…what are you doing?

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  3. islam, American-style, i.e., Black muslims, gained a real foothold during the 50’s and 60’s under the “astute” (Ahhemm!) “leadership” of the one and only FALSE prophet, Elijah Mohammed! Of course we all remember how brilliant that guy was–yeah, he’s the one who said that he would “NEVER DIE” but if he did, he was gonna resurrect again–YEAH, JUS’ LIKE JESUS DID!!!! AHEMMM!!!! Now that oughta give a little bit of a clue as to how “astute” and “brilliant” all of his followers were, I mean are!!!! Oh, ahh, and may we never forget also, that old E.M. had one of his most devout followers and proteges (Malcomb X) blown away in cold blood–CAUSE HE HAD THE ALL-FIRED IMPUDENT AUDACITY TO SUGGEST THAT Middle Eastern muzzlumz WERE PREDOMINANTLY WHITE (which, of course, THEY ARE)!!!!! P.S. Do all muzzlumz take stupid pills, or are they just born that way?????

  4. Had the feeling a this guy was influenced by ISLAM but was hard to find any one willing to publish it…love your work creeping— haven’t commented much here but I do retweet your tweets..

  5. I think our jihadist friend Mr. Sealy should be subjected to Sharia Law. The first Friday after his conviction of murder, he should be taken out in front of his local mosque and have his head cut off. Simple.

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