Obama’s Muslim DHS Official Praises Allah for ISIS Killing Coptic Christians

Source: Former Obama Official Shrugs At ISIS Slaughtering Christians | The Daily Caller

A former Obama administration official at the Department of Homeland Security said Sunday that when it comes to the Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians, “what goes around, comes around.”

In a tweet posted Sunday, Mohamed Elibiary, who formerly served as senior member of the DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council, stated, “Reading ISIS’s latest mag ‘otherizing’ Egypt’s Copts. Subhanallah how what goes around comes around. Coptic ldrs did same to MB Egyptians.”

“Subhanallah” is Arabic for “Glory to Allah,” and so in this tweet, Elibiary is expressing praise to Allah for the fact that ISIS is killing Egyptian Christians as apparent retribution for Coptic leaders doing the same to members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In a followup tweet, Elibiary tries to deflect using semantics.

So it doesn’t literally mean praise allah, but according to Islamic sources it is usually translated as ‘glory be to allah’ and means that allah is ‘perfect in an absolute sense without any defects or imperfections of any kind.’ 

Elibiary went silent when called out, yet again, on his Muslim Brotherhood.

It also suggests that Elibiary truly believes that ISIS is doing what Allah wills.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Muslim DHS Official Praises Allah for ISIS Killing Coptic Christians

  1. Islamic warriors are truly mentally ill and spiritually bankrupt.To burn the body of a man is one thing;to burn his soul is a completely different matter;much much worse.Allow us to demonstrate.Good bye to Isis.We have prepared a place for you.It is much like the surface of Mars.You will love your new home!

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