Texas: Muslim candidate plays victim, on verge of being first elected in Pearland County

Source: Muslim city council candidate feels targeted online | khou.com

PEARLAND, Texas — A woman running for city council in Pearland believes she is being targeted online because she’s a Muslim.

That woman is Dalia Kasseb, who went block by block Tuesday afternoon to try and pick up last minute supporters.

“We’re a very diverse community, and that diversity needs to show up in our community,” Kasseb said.

For example, an article from The Atlantic titled “How American Muslims Are Trying to Take Back Their Government” was shared on Facebook by Pealand ISD trustee Rusty Deborde days ago.

Deborde also posted the comment, “Please spread the word. This is happening this election cycle right here in Pearland.”

Deborde declined KHOU 11’s repeated requests for comment.

Ex-city councilman Kevin Cole shared the same article, echoing similar thoughts to Deborde. Cole tells KHOU 11 News it’s not an issue of “religion, race or gender with anyone that decides to run for political office in Pearland or anywhere else.”

He says his concern is with the Islamic Society of North America, who he believes is targeting this and other political races around Texas.

Kasseb in the meantime is pushing forward.

“Muslims are a huge part of the community,” she said. “We are your doctors, we are your healthcare professionals, we are the engineers and the business owners and we are here because we love America and we love our community.

Kasseb decided to run a few months back for the position. She says it’s being created because of the expansion of the west side of town.

More via May 6 election results

The most contested race of the election cycle is Pearland City Council position No. 7, which had six contestants running for the newly created council position. Because no contestant secured at least 50 percent of the vote, a run-off election will be held in June.

Shadow Creek Ranch resident Dalia Kasseb secured 40.78 percent percent of the vote. Kasseb will run against Woody Owens who received 21.05 percent of the vote.

“We’re going to keep at it keep sending our positive messages, keep talking to people and hearing their voices. We’re going to keep talking about the real issues and keep everything positive. That’s the main thing I want my campaign to be,” Kasseb said. “People in Pearland want diversity; they see that change coming in the future, and I’m going to keep fighting to make sure the voices of Pearland are going to be represented in council.”

If elected in a run-off, Kasseb would be the first Muslim elected to public office in Pearland and Brazoria County.

Wiltz and Jones were Project LIFT candidates. Dalia Kasseb was not, but as that second story notes she received support from the Brazoria County Democratic Party and had done a lot of campaigning in tandem with Wiltz. My guess is there was at least one other Democrat in that race, and I won’t be surprised if she gets a TDP nod for the runoff.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the Muslim invasion and infiltration. Texas is a leading destination for Muslim refugees, legal invaders and illegals.

A twitter user added:

  • Early voting: May 30th – June 6
  • Election Day is Saturday, June 10

Muslims are taking over government positions across the country, bringing their sharia tendencies and Islamization to elected office. See recent posts in California, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota here and here, California again and Arizona to cite a few recent examples.

Update: Kasseb’s Facebook page doesn’t mention the outcome of the runoff but the Pearland City Council page indicates her opponent won:  https://www.pearlandtx.gov/government/city-council

Don’t rest Pearland, it’s just the beginning.

42 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim candidate plays victim, on verge of being first elected in Pearland County

  1. Oh wow,“Muslims are a huge part of the community,” she said. “We are your doctors, we are your healthcare professionals, we are the engineers and the business owners and we are here because we love America and we love our community.
    What a great example of taquiyya. And I personally would refuse treatment from a muslim Dr. When it is the basic credo of islam to convert or kill all who are not a muslim I don’t think any muslim should be allowed in a governmental position of power. A muslim CANNOT love America. They must conquer America by any deceitful means.

  2. Muslims in western politics and government manipulations.

    Ya they want to positively influence the fundation of constitutional separation of religion and politics Aka. Church vs state laws.

    They want to hijack civil liberties and inject Islamic laws into our sectarian laws from local neighborhoods to cities into states until they vote legally incorporated they’re subverting western laws to accommodate Muslim submission to sharia laws.

    Muslim political candidates for official key Government positions has increased 10 fold over last decade with a relentless tactic of playing into victimized people and refugees who need western compassion and support.

    They use this victimization card to play on western emotions as being victims of bullying and islamaphobia everywhere. This tactic is being used to overcome resistance and to get the best intentions of law obiding citizens to pass more laws that protect Islamic Communities who have insisted to be flair for Muslims in America as an example of superior morality and Devine belief system that is a political dictatorship of theocracy that will eradicate individual free will and lifestyles.

    Islamic jihad has multiple aspects to its belief system that mandates conquest by all means. All the dirty tricks conceived in history are permitted and blessed by Allah to stealthy and treacherous methods to infiltrate civil societies and usurp the non Muslim citizens. Muslims believe sincerely that their god commands and permits violence against non-believers. This includes lying and deceiving non believers into corrupting their laws to implement their Islamic laws (sharia laws). This is why they outrightly deceive average citizens to give them votes because by showing their contribution to charitable institutions for community development and free education.

    Beware these non-profit institutions are Trojan horses to indoctrination of our schools and children which sums out to a gradual infiltration of Islam for long term conquest of all western civilizations

    So, Consumers beware of Muslims bearing opulent gifts. All charity donations are filtered to support global Jihadists in all its forms in every country. Funding for schools and mosques in all our states are donated as investments by rich Arab countries and oil trade. Global jihad is well funded and superbly organized to the religious, political, social, and economical systems to declare their unconditional and unrelenting faith in Muhammad the prophet of Allah.

    Y’all Ben warned. Stop insurrections into our free society. Amen !

  3. Since putting human law above sharia law is heretical in Islam, I don’t see how any practicing Muslim can honestly take the oath of office, which requires them to “defend the Constitution”.

  4. There is NO place for Islam in America. There never has been and there never should be. Islam is a bloodlusting, evil, viral society that preys upon all others until they have completely overtaken them. Our forefathers protected us from these barbarians and it is our obligation to continue to protect our country and citizens from the deadly ravages of Islam.

    • We got a long fight in front of us, then. When there’s enough of them anywhere, they will push their way of life on us. No other religion or culture does this! Their like fire ants, the more there are, the more they will sting! This country is close to being taken over, we cannot allow this!

  5. They have to be stopped now or it will be a blood bath when they do take over because people with wake up when its to that point almost too late,it would better if they woke up now but they want.

  6. If Texans vote this bitch in then Texans have a real issue at hand. Don’t fall for Islamic lies and deceit. Once in office she will push her evil agenda upon all Texans and get Sharia law put in place. She is a Trojan horse varying Islamic 7th century values that she wants as laws in our country. No Muslim should hold ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE IN AMERICA. Unless they are third generation naturally born in the United States. IT TAKES ABOUT three generations to assimilate foreign citizens in our culture.

    • #Superfly. No offense, but just one thing…. Islam has had 1400 years (that’s over 70 generations of approx 20 yrs each) and still they’re the most blood-thirsty, anti-freedom, deceitful force of evil on planet Earth! Don’t count on any of the grandchildren of muslim immigrants to cast aside their EVIL ways! Muzzlumz are muzzlumz are muzzlumz! Don’t forget–you CAN’T PUT LIPSTICK ON A PIG!!!!! When it comes to MUZZLUMZ, all bets are off!!! They DO NOT follow any kind of a demographic analysis whatsoever–and you can take that to the BANK!!!!!

      • P.S. #Superfly. Pertaining to everything else you said about this filthy muzzloid b’tch…. YES!!!! DITTO!!!!!

    • Everyone needs to watch this SHORT video, and if they care about America, they will have chill bumps, or cry over this: Please spread it around:

      The vicious snake:

      • Thanks Joan. I love this video clip b/c it speaks truth! Donald Trump was so brilliant in using it. I posted it to my “public” FB page! Thanks again!

        • Of course, trump is continuing and exceeding obunghole’s
          invasion of the US by muslims, brought in during the night
          on UPS flights and sent to targeted communities to seed
          this religion. Where it now wasn’t a problem, it soon will be.
          The people driving this? Try ivanka, the new democrat
          president, jewish friend of chelsee klinton.

  7. Sharia law is against the laws of the constitution of the United States of America. Let us us the rule of law to stop them in there tracks.

  8. I have made arguments from the time I was 25 that the people of America deserve all that they receive. This is simply due to the fact that as in the past city of Pearland election less than 10% of registered voters actually cared enough to vote (2 weeks of early voting also),
    Fewer than 50% of registered voters have involved themselves in voting in leaders. Although I won’t be around in 20 years, you folks will get the leadership that you deserve.
    If you don’t vote, don’t bitch!

  9. NO WAY!
    If you love your sharia law and your religion, go where it is welcome, because it isn’t welcome here! I dare her to remove her cover- her husband will beat her senseless- Hmmmm!

  10. Sure , being muslim is a real good reason to target someone because. Being non muslim is a muslims reason.to KILL them!

  11. This couldn’t happen if we Americans used a little common sense instead of falling for the fallacious stupidity of the Left. COME ON GUYS! Americans should NEVER elect anyone wearing a hijab! These are simply NOT good people. How many times to they have to prove it?

  12. Pingback: Texas: Parents find 6th grade daughter reading about Koran…for homework on Islam |

  13. The Quran scholars say the writings of Moses and the sayings of Jesus shall not be superseded by anything in the Quran.

  14. Funny how people scream about Muslims in Govt. but have had no problem with duel citizenship zionist pigs running their country into the ground and charging them gold for worthless paper..totally unbelievable.

      • Thanks wellborn, I wanted to say something to that “person”, but I had to stop before I said something…cruel. I wasn’t about to stoop till their level…

  15. We are your doctor’s, your teachers…? You were given the privilege to work in the best environment in the world with salaries and a quality of life you could only dream of instead of the oppressive poverty stricken Islamic homelands you originate from and now you claim to be doing Americans a favour? What ingrates… And ditto to all recent immigrants who think the same, Muslim or non-Muslim… America’s never needed to import immigrants… They wanted to show how compassionate Christians they were… A dog that bite the hand that feeds it is deplorable.

  16. We are your doctor’s, your teachers…? You were given the privilege to work in the best environment in the world with salaries and a quality of life you could only dream of instead of the oppressive poverty stricken Islamic homelands you originate from and now you claim to be doing Americans a favour? What ingrates… And ditto to all recent immigrants who think the same, Muslim or non-Muslim… America’s never needed to import immigrants… A dog that bite the hand that feeds it is deplorable.

  17. How did the ancient holy war between muslims and jews become a problem in the USA? Why flee Europe to have religous freedom, fight for economic freedom against your former countrymen, fight the indigenous people of the new land you fled to, fight a civil war again for economic freedom, create the first 3rd party (anti-freemasonic) to try to uproot the clandstine takeover of the democratic process and nepotism in both the publc and private sector that keeps renewing the central bank charter, go to war again in 1812 for finally not renewing the central bank charter…which brings us to the age of the internet and the powers that be have to conjur up a quick new way to stop from being outed, import muslims and crack down on privacy by creating political website ridiculous rhetoric and outright lies to goad people into expressing their opinions and monitoring them by ISP/MAC address and categorizing them. If you think a new york billionaire isn’t a sworn member of the elite you are truly asleep. All wars are banker wars.

  18. Off! Way off!. Although I don’t know where Pearland is I dare you to come to Austin Texas where all and every elected and appointed official has pledged allegiance to a foreign country. Right! Democracy in action in Pearland, but sooner or later, every government employee in Texas most and will pledge allegiance to a foreign country to get his/her job. Just look at the Capitol. It’s full of strangers!.

  19. People are so shortsighted, just look at European countries that welcomed Muslims and refugees for years, they are experiencing their compassion and diversity firsthand through constant terrorist attacks and bloodshed. It only takes one bad seed to spread the bad culture and bloodshed. It only takes a few bad apples to slaughter hundreds and thousands of Americans. As if the gangbangers and drug cartels here in the USA murdering Americans isn’t enough, we gotta import potential future terrorists. Until Muslim countries can weed out their cultural deficiencies and extremist kamikaze murderers, I’ll have to pass. We can’t fix another country’s problems when we can’t even fix ours. How can you ever see eye to eye with someone who despises you and wants to kill you because you don’t submit to Islam and their backwards laws. Just like how you can’t rehabilitate serial killers, murderers, and rapists, terrorists are no different. But for some reason in the name of compassion and diversity, we need to risk our lives and way of life for these people who hate us, which I don’t agree with. If these hypocrites that “support” these Muslim refugees would allow them to live with them and take personal responsibility when they kill or rape Americans, I would support that. Let’s see their true colors. It’s funny how the same US government officials would support open borders and flooding the US with illegal immigrant criminals and Muslim terrorists when they are protected in their gated communities, high walls, and bodyguards unlike most Americans. We need hard working people that appreciate the opportunity and assimilate into our culture as opposed to inviting the exact opposite. Compassion does kill, but when it does, who is to blame and who is willing to take responsibility?

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