Somali Muslim thief fleeing US assaults border guard in Canada, claims he’s not violent

Why was he even allowed in the U.S. and why wasn’t he deported a long time ago? Source: Asylum seeker charged with assault says he’s not violent – Manitoba – CBC News  h/t Blazing

Ahmed Aden Ali, a Somali asylum seeker who crossed the border on foot a month ago, is pleading his case to stay in Canada after being charged with assaulting a border guard in Emerson, Man.

A Somali asylum seeker charged with assaulting a border guard in Emerson, Man., is pleading his case to stay in Canada.

“I hope they give me a chance to prove myself that I’ve changed,” 37-year-old Ahmed Aden Ali said Tuesday from his lawyer’s office in Winnipeg.

Ali, along with members of his family, had been living in Minneapolis as government-sponsored UNHCR convention refugees since 1999. Most of his family members are still in the U.S.

He had landed immigrant status but didn’t become a U.S. citizen — so he lost his status after being convicted of grand theft auto and other misdemeanours in 2010 and 2013.

Ali served his time but was then sent to immigration detention. He was eventually released on a deportation order.

After Donald Trump was elected president, and amidst a wave of immigration raids, Ali paid a driver $200 US for a ride to the border. He walked into Canada on April 8 and was picked up by RCMP.

“I was fearing getting deported. I was thinking, coming over here, I could start over,” Ali said.

However, Canada Border Services Agency officers determined Ali was not eligible to remain in Canada because of his criminal record.

They detained him and said he was going to be deported.

Ali admits he got mad at that point. He swore at the officers and deliberately set off the sprinkler system in the detention room, but insists he didn’t threaten or assault anyone.

“I cussed them out. I said some bad stuff to her but I did not threaten,” he said.

“How can I assault somebody? They had the door locked. I’m inside the cell, she’s outside. So you tell me, is there any way I can assault her?”

After the incident, the CBSA said an officer was assaulted by a traveller resisting arrest.

“The officer sustained minor injury but did not require further medication attention. Our officers have the training and tools to respond to these situations,” said a statement provided to CBC News.

Ali was charged with two counts of uttering threats, mischief over $5,000 and assaulting a peace officer.

He spent two weeks in Headingley Correctional Centre and the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

Now out bail, on conditions including a curfew, he’s pleading for understanding.

He’s on social assistance, living in a downtown Winnipeg shelter while he waits to apply for a work permit. He volunteers his time translating for other refugee claimants.

“I’m not what everybody said I am. They think that I’m violent. I’m not violent. I’m just trying to change my life to come here and be successful in life,” Ali said.

Ali’s criminal charges are winding through the justice system.

He has an admissibility hearing in June, which will determine if he’s eligible to make a refugee claim.

If he’s ordered deported, his lawyer says he’ll try to keep him here by proving it’s too dangerous to send him back to Somalia, or arguing he should be allowed to stay on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

“I don’t believe the United States is a country he’s going to be able to be returned to,” David H. Davis said.

Let’s hope not, but the ACLU and leftists everywhere will do their best to bring him back.

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6 thoughts on “Somali Muslim thief fleeing US assaults border guard in Canada, claims he’s not violent

  1. Mischief over $5000? I wonder how much Ali and his “family” have robbed the American taxpayer in welfare? At$12,000 per member per year and the family of 5 would equal over the 20 illegal years in excess of $1,200,000.00
    God bless President Trump

  2. Committed ” Peacefully Violent acts “. That will be the new catch phrase. Like ” Workplace Violence ” instead of the Deadly Islamic Jihad that it was.

  3. Canada deserves him. He should be allowed to add diversity to their collection of transgender snowflakes and lesbian dance instructors.


  5. Should have went thrown out in2010!! Better yet should have never been allowed in the USA! Bullet s are cheap and we need to start adding to our supplies!

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