Editor at Portland State Univ Fired for Reporting Muslim’s View on Killing Apostates

An update on this post just days ago. “Interfaith” panels with Muslims are a one-way street.

Source: Free Speech & Islam: I Was Fired from My Student Newspaper for Reporting the Truth | National Review

by Andy Ngo

11 thoughts on “Editor at Portland State Univ Fired for Reporting Muslim’s View on Killing Apostates

  1. Most of Oregon is lost to the liberal mental disease called muzzies. It is a fear of telling the truth about the majority of these Vernon and cannot see what a problem they cause sucking up to the group of animals.

  2. Islam and Hitler have a relationship and it’s still ongoing, the job is to silence those that speak out the truth of Islam, Andy Ngo simply repeated the Muslim’s own words and he was punished for doing so, liberals look the other way and disregard Islam as a violent political movement. Be aware people Islam is growing with Liberal people pushing its agenda against conservative people of society much like Hitler did in his time: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF IF GIVEN THE OPEN DOOR TO PROCEEDED UNCHALLENGED.Do not remain silent, silence is what gives liberals and Islam a chance to become dominate.

  3. Another disturbing account of truth being labeled “hate speech”, which is then used to ruin someone’s life, all in the cause of bringing sharia compliance to the West. Mr. Ngo now joins the rest of us who have been ostracized from social media, academia, friends and family – just for telling the truth. Sad times for free speech and truth tellers.

  4. I am sorry this man was canned for his journalism, but very very happy this happened. The more college students hear the truth about Islam, the better. Our best defense to becoming USistan, is naaional knowledge of Islam! So many Liberals are brainwashed by media.

  5. The Vanguard is run by Useful Idiots who are greasing the skids of our rapid descent into a fight for our lfe and liberty. Remember this idiots, your patrons will turn on hou first.

  6. This liberal attitude of political correctness and acquiescing to Islamic sharia law is why America will soon become a literal battleground between the forces of the pagan moon god (little g) allah and believers in Jehovah, God of the Holy Bible. Strange how liberals side with islamists when Islam is vehemently against everything liberals profess to believe In, such as homosexuality, equal rights for women (feminism), and so on. This teaming up is only because both sides hate a Capitalist society, yet Islam takes it so much further. Islam will, in the end, violently subjugate political Leftists who will be unable to defend themselves against it. Ironically, it will be those of us on the Right who will ultimately save this country from creeping sharia, if at all.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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