Texas: Parents find 6th grade daughter reading about Koran…for homework on Islam

Source: Groesbeck: Parent upset over homework assignment on Islam

GROESBECK, Texas (KWTX) The mother of a Groesbeck intermediate school student says she’s upset about homework assigned about Islam that her daughter was assigned.

Samantha Wilburn recently moved her daughter to Enge-Washington Intermediate School in Groesbeck from another school, and she says she was happy with the school until Wednesday night when her husband walked in as the couple’s daughter completed her sixth grade history homework assignment on Islam.

“It was on her laptop and she was reading about the Quran and my husband saw her and asked her what she was reading and we happened to look at the paper and that’s how we found it,” Wilburn said.

Wilburn says she takes issue with the second page of the two-page assignment, on which students were asked to list the five tenets of Islam required for salvation.

“It’s just they’ve taken God and other things out of the schools but yet they’re going to push this in there secretly to me and I don’t think it’s right.” Wilburn said.

Wilburn told her mother, Polly Macias, about the homework and Macias took to social media to share the concerns, and contacted KWTX.

Groesbeck School Superintendent Dr. Harold Ramm, who has been in education for nearly five decades, says the teacher was just following curriculum put out by the state,

“The textbook meets the Texas standards,” he said.

“It pushes the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for the state of Texas.”

Sixth graders are learning about Southwest Asia this week and the textbook chapter around which the lesson revolves includes information about other major religions, as well.

“The chapter being taught starts with Judaism, then Christianity and then to Islam and other religions,” he said.

“I don’t think this is a concern. This is again educating kids and giving them the opportunity to understand other religions and other cultures,” he said.

Wilburn, and her mother met Thursday afternoon with school officials who told them that if they had a complaint about the textbook and the lessons, they should direct their anger toward the State Board of Education.

“I think it’s something that everyone needs to know because we are dealing with stuff in our nation and its time that people need to know what their kids are being taught,” Wilburn said.

Retired Texas Education Commissioner Shirley Richardson, who now lives in Groesbeck, says she wishes the parents had gone to the school before turning to social media.

“Well I think it’s unfortunate that the situation has landed on the desk of the news media. First of all we have an outstanding chain of communications in Groesbeck ISD,” she said.

“It is a remarkable school district very community-based very community involved and so student-centered they have their priorities in order,” she said.

Groesbeck ISD contact info on the lower left sidebar here.

Texas State Board of Education members info here and Facebook page here.

As we noted last week, Texas is quickly becoming Islamized and the pace is only going to quicken as Muslims begin infiltrating elected offices.

17 thoughts on “Texas: Parents find 6th grade daughter reading about Koran…for homework on Islam

  1. There’s only ONE reason why Retired Texas Education Commissioner Shirley Richardson wishes this concerned parent “had gone to the school before turning to social media”, and that’s b/c they (the TX School Boards) are trying to sweep this thing UNDER THE RUG!!!! Texas legislators are well aware of their disgraceful leniency in permitting this kind of ANTI-AMERICAN curricula in their schools! They’re aware of it, b/c they voted for it–ALL IN THE NAME OF “PC” INSANITY!!!! IT’S HIGH TIME WE SHOUTED IT FROM THE HOUSETOPS–“ISLAM IS EVIL AND ANTI-AMERICAN” AND HAS NO PLACE IN OUR AMERICAN SCHOOLS OR GOVERNMENT!!!!! The impressionable minds of our American youth need to be protected from this onslaught of vitriolic HATE-SPEECH called islam!!!!! Teach the children about the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule! Teach them that “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”!!! Oh my, how could I forget, THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW…..Hmmmm!!!!

  2. Islam is a ” system” of Satan, the devil !!! Destroy all evil, kill all ragheads!!! Oh when , oh when will world population ‘ get it’ ????? Four distinct places in the crap book Koran, it states
    ” kill all Christians and Jews” . . . also stated,
    “Allah the great deceiver” ! Rid our world of

  3. Schools should be teaching patriotism, civics, and these ‘Six comparisons of our Constitution and Sharia Law’.

    1) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
    ~ US Constitution

    Allah’s word is the government…inplace of US Constitution and laws
    ~ Sharia Law

    2) The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
    ~ US Constitution

    Non-Muslims cannot possess weapons of any kind
    ~ Sharia Law

    3) No unreasonable searches and seizures
    ~ US Constitution

    Seize land, houses and wealth of non-Muslims
    ~ Sharia Law

    4) No cruel and unusual punishments
    ~ US Constitution

    Cut off the hands of thieves
    ~ Sharia Law

    5) Congress Shall allow Freedom of Speech
    ~ US Constitution

    You shall not insult Allah or his Prophet
    ~ Sharia Law

    6) Congress Shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
    ~ US Constitution

    Those who reject Islam must be killed
    ~ Sharia Law

    Sharia Law is treasonous and seditious under our Constitution and laws.

    • Wow, and I thought my long list of differences between mohummed and jesus was good! Good list!
      If anyone would like this list, on the differences between these two, I can post it here..

    • #Yip Yap… Yes, of course we should teach our Constitution and American patriotism to our kids, but consider this…. Before 1962 (the year when Prayer and Bible Reading were outlawed in our public schools) there was NEVER EVER the slightest hint of a school shooting or a college campus massacre and riot! To me, that unmistakably speaks volumes!!! I don’t believe it was an accident that the ‘wisest man in the world’ (King Solomon) wrote, “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom….” and what’s more, when Jefferson wrote his letter declaring the separation of church and state, he never intended for it to preclude the FREE EXERCISE of religious liberty, he simply made it known that our government was NOT a theocracy, nor were our officials at liberty to restrict the religious lives of our citizens! As things now stand, OUR COURTS HAVE ACTUALLY MADE IT A PUNISHABLE OFFENSE TO READ THE BIBLE OR PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS, IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL–THAT’S A TRAVESTY AND A SACRILEGE! It is the primary reason that we’re in the mess we’re in!!!!! Oh yes it is!!!!!

    • 1) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
      ~ US Constitution
      Can be found in Article 6 of the Constitution.

  4. When are people (especially Parents) going to wake up and stay active in their children’s school activities and studies? Islam is NOT a “religion of Peace” but a hater and exterminator of all non-believers, mostly Christians and Jews! First of all, parents’ permission needs to be approved in writing). Also, the Community needs to know that their taxes are paying for this program! At this time, teaching Islam should not be allowed in schools since they are trying to ‘mold’ their minds with subjugation to the Koran and Allah! When will people wake up and realize that Islamists are already infiltrating our way of life and changing our Laws, Politics and Courts which they don’t agree with while promoting ‘Sharia Law’ (look it up!) and discarding our Constitution as the ONLY Law of our Country!! We need to stop this movement NOW! We cannot afford to wait any longer! Speak up now and spread the true message !!

    • SO TRUE, ‘mariatwade’! It’s only a matter of time before the good ole USA will be waking up to the vile disgusting screeching howling sounds of minarets blasting the “CALL TO PREYERS”! Oh yes, I spelled that correct! Truth be told, the “prayers” of muzzlumz are in all reality, CURSES upon the heads of the alleged “infidels” AND THEY LEARN THOSE CURSES while still suckling their mothers’ breasts, who teach their children that the greatest thing in all the world is to KILL “infidels”, mostly Jews and Christians!!!!!

  5. I donr want ANYTHING ISLAMIC to be taught in schools.
    We can’t teach the bible, Lords prayer, OR anything religious, WHY ARE THEY TEACHING about a CULT of Religious Muslim Propaganda, in public (paid for by Taxpayers) schools ?????

    • Susan, you are absolutely right! However, it seems that we, the People, have no say anything about how we live or how we raise our children, our principles, or our religious preference!! It is true that “Evil is now in our Country”. Pray!

  6. Our Government pushes G-D & JESUS out of our schools & out of our children’s lives and then they ‘FORCE’ SATAN into the schools & into our children’s lives. Under islam (SATANS Religion) they will teach Americas children how to slit and kill their parents in SATANS name and get away with it. This is what ALL democrats, left wingers & RINO’s want for America.

    • But, but, but, may we NEVER suggest that muzzlumz are anything but “peaceful”–EVEN WHEN THEY’RE SLITTING OUR THROATS FROM EAR TO EAR!!!!!

  7. I would have been absolutely irate!! You can bit I would have been at that Principle’s office the next day.

  8. These illegal practices have been taking place nationwide starting in 2008. This is a direct violation of our Constitution’s Establishment Clause, Superintendents are aware, yet they defend and support the Department of Education’s biased in favor of Islam curriculum.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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