What The Silent Majority is Really Saying (About Immigrant Muslims)

Excerpts from: The Silent Majority: Here’s What They’re Really Saying | Zero Hedge

If you want to know what a man really thinks of his wife, make sure his wife isn’t with him when you ask him. And if you want to know what a woman really thinks of her husband, make sure her husband isn’t around when asking.

Because in dignified surroundings when people are watching, politically correct answers are “de rigueur”. Only when people no longer think anyone is watching (or are too inebriated to care) will the truth come out.

Why This Matters…

When political polls are taken, Joe Sixpack responds as if he’s a devout believer and the Vicar is listening.

But put him in a voting booth where nobody can see which box is getting checked and it’s as if Joe’s 10 beers down on a raucous night out with the boys at the local strip club – the truth comes out.

Society operates at a mass scale level. The German word zeitgeist explains it better than any other”:

“The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time.”

Identifying any problem is over 80% of the solution, which is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem.

Adding to this is the fact that today we have vested interests doing their best to obscure the facts. But as more people wake up to and identify the facts and thus the problem we get the sort of changes taking place that stun the status quo.

Brexit and Trump’s election were two such events, and today we’re going to walk through where we’re at. This can help us determine the probabilities of what happens next.

My interest is purely in ensuring I’m adequately positioned for this with my capital and life. Here I’m simply pointing out that which goes unsaid.


Recently I read this article about a gang of “men” who gang-raped a 21 year old Swedish woman, streaming the video on Facebook while gloating over the attack.

Disturbingly comments on the Facebook stream were complementary and encouraging. The comments were from muslims who believe that western women are “unclean” and “deserve” to be raped. The rapists were all immigrant muslims, which you’re not allowed to mention in today’s PC world. Simply mentioning the facts opens one to cries of racism.

My initial thoughts were that the rapists, together with those encouraging them online, should all be rounded up and shot without hesitation.

To hell with assigning them legal representation paid for by the state.

To hell with employing clinical psychologists who will try convince us of traumatic childhoods, and to hell with the inevitable months of “due process” resulting in – at worst – a couple of years in the slammer after which these vermin will be released on good behaviour.

Ask yourself this…

Who agrees with me?

Who is willing to agree with me in public?

Who is willing to retweet this very article and put their name to it in agreement?

That number grows by the day but we’re still living in a twilight zone where agreeing with what I’ve just suggested is a big no-no.

Why? Not because I’ve suggested these animals be shot but because I mentioned two things which the politically correct West steadfastly refuses to acknowledge.

I mentioned immigrants and muslims.

Why did I do that? Because that’s who committed the crimes. Now, imagine the rapists were in fact atheist, fat, middle aged white men. Replace the words “immigrant” and “muslim” with “atheist, fat, middle aged white men” and tell me, would you be called racist for doing so? No.

The answer you’ll find is that it would sound absurd to suggest I’m racist towards fat, atheist, middle aged white men, and yet by stating the fact that the criminals are in fact both immigrants and muslims the politically correct West will eat me alive.

Why is this?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there is no epidemic of fat, middle aged white men raping women, driving trucks and cars into people, rioting, murdering, and blowing themselves up to the cry of Allahu Akbar. I assure you that if that were the case, I’d name them just as readily but there are not.

And yet we cannot say such things…

Side story: I was contacted by the editor of a major financial publication who is a reader of the blog. Here is the message:

We all know that an open discussion is desperately required. Facing reality and identifying the problem is, as mentioned, at least 80% of the solution, and yet this is not allowed.

When the open discussion of extremely serious problems such as the daily atrocities committed by immigrants in the name of Islam is prevented, then the lid on the pot bobbles. Silently, behind closed doors, or intoxicated at parties but when honesty is laid bare, people seek someone – anyone – who will put an end to the insanity. With brutal force if necessary.

Daily we wait now for the next event. Beheadings of priests, trucks being driven into crowds of innocent families, stabbings of random people going about their everyday affairs, rapes of woman and children… all to the cry of Allahu Akbar.

Daily, it arrives.

While afraid to say so publicly how many in private think: is it not time to bring in the military, round them all up, put them on a ship with a jammed rudder and aim it at North Africa?

With no end in sight and the PC infested establishment refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with the issues, the zeitgeist silently but rapidly shifts towards those who promise to do something -no matter how ugly or violent it may look.

Left unchecked, the passage of time combined with the daily mayhem unleashed on the streets, malls, and public spaces drives ordinary citizens ordinarily repulsed by violence to increasingly call for it. This is the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you or I think this good or bad. That’s not the point. It’s already happening and thousands of years of human nature prove it isn’t the first time.

Read it all.

12 thoughts on “What The Silent Majority is Really Saying (About Immigrant Muslims)

  1. Islam can NOT stand up to the Sunlight of Truth which is why they silence anybody who says the Truth about Islam and it’s barbaric teachings and wish to kill those who leave Islam.

  2. “With no end in sight and the PC infested establishment refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with the issues, the zeitgeist silently but rapidly shifts towards those who promise to do something -no matter how ugly or violent it may look.”

    I believe there’s thousands of us, who want to do something, but we have our hands tied…we’d all be arrested! We can talk and talk…until they shut us down, on THAT…which is already happening in Sweden…a woman is being persecuted because of what she said on Facebook, on what some muslims did. There’s NO ONE promising to do something now! But just wait, when satan is here on this earth, as a grand leader, bringing peace, with his miracles, and wonders, (most) people will fall all over themselves to worship him, as their leader.

    “While afraid to say so publicly how many in private think: is it NOT time to bring in the military, round them all up, put them on a ship with a jammed rudder and aim it at North Africa?”

    NOT TIME? Umm…it’s PAST TIME!! We all are saying it, but again, there’s nothing we can do! The government is sitting on it’s haunches, still!

    “people seek someone – anyone – who will put an end to the insanity. With brutal force if necessary.”

    And THAT’S what we’re waiting for! Because, apparently, it’s NOT Trump! And anyone who’s says, he hasn’t been in office long enough, or it’s too soon…your fooling yourselves…because he’s still friends with Saudi Arabia (making arms deals), and OTHER muslim nations!! He has NOT shut down the Muslim Brotherhood at all, their actually expanding!! Islam is being taught in schools with more frequency, churches all over the country are being turned into mosques faster than you can say “islam”, etc etc!!

    So we wait, for a leader, to put an end to this evil…and christians are the only ones, that know when that is….it’s going to get worse, before it get’s better, that’s a promise.

  3. The West is dying because it lacks courage, commonsense, and a sense of honor. We rather be slaves than fight.

  4. Bottom line is purely and simply, people are TOO AFRAID to speak their minds about the FALSE prophet called mohammed and his BLOOD-CULT called islam! It was identically the same way throughout Germany and most of Europe, during the Third Reich! Ppl somehow believed that to ignore the problem (the Nazis) would make it go away. Or, at the very least, they believe that keeping one’s mouth shut will ensure that the demons will stay away from their doors! The truth however always demands an honest response. David had to face his Goliath head on! And Daniel was rescued from the mouths of the blood-thirsty lions b/c he trusted his fate to the One who had ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH! Paul, the greatest Christian missionary of all time, wrote that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood”, but against the dark forces of hell! The truth be told, Western Civilization is doomed, if we have the attitude that we don’t need the help of God to defeat islam! And, truth be told, #2, we’re doomed if we think that islam is a harmless, alternative “peaceful” world religion! Matter of fact, ONLY AN ABJECT FOOL would believe that islam is peaceful in light of all the world-wide violence and bloodshed that is openly done IN THE NAME OF THE FALSE allah-god!!!!! P.S. I plan to post this article to my public FB page! Let the chips fall where they may!!!!!

  5. They cannot protect all of the mosques.. People are sick of this evil paedophilic death cult. It is time for it to be expunged from western civilization. along with the evil liberals Nazi scum

  6. Sadly, a very prescient piece of writing. We all know it’s coming to a head and that things this awful which fester for a long time are mighty ugly when they pop.

    The most surprising developments this year for me have been France electing Mr Macaroni instead of Le Pen and Germany still supporting Madam Merkel. How much worse does it need to get for Europe as a whole to admit they have a HUGE Islamic problem they need to be rid of?

  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong in calling for violence against muslims in or outside of this country. Islam is a political system which sets itself up against the host nation’s government and makes vile threats against free nations. Violence is the only response to this system. Kill the bastards where they live. In this regard, Americans that have served in the military have a responsibility to lead the fight against this menace if the active echelons refuse. The likes of Oath Keepers need to put their patriotism where their mouths are and act as they claim they should against this pestilence.

  8. Well said, what a great article.
    I do believe that the silent majority exists. It is beyond time that we all stood up and made our voices heard. We need to unite together to do this, otherwise we’ll be picked off like flies by those who for some reason, want Islam in our homes and lives – with their buddy Muslim’s shrieking support behind them.

  9. When Islam attacks in America become like Europe our government will see a rise in Americans protecting the ones they love, victims and themselves. Thank God our forefathers put the Second Amendment in place. Ever wonder why we get attacked less than Europe, its the Second Amendment. This one clause protects WE THE PEOPLE, Islam does not know who carry’s and who does not, Never Ever give up the right to protect ones self, Europe has along with Aussie land…….now they have to put up with massive rapes of their females of all ages, crime, destruction of property all due to the Islamic influx from the middle east, a savage land with savage beliefs, time has stood still in culture not changing or evolving with the world.

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