Florida: Brevard 9th graders stuck with biased, whitewashed textbook on Islam

Source: Brevard residents clash over textbook’s chapter on Islam

Ninth-graders in Brevard County will keep using a world history textbook, despite fierce debate over its chapter on Islam.

The Pearson textbook came under fire in 2013 and again last month, drawing the attention of the local chapters of ACT for America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. However, the school board ultimately decided Tuesday night to keep the textbook as is.

Leading up to their decision, opponents argued that the chapter ignored the “true history” of Islam and painted Mohammed and the treatment of women in an overly favorable light.

“All the facts must be presented, both the good and the bad,” said Lee Boyland, who sat on the textbook review committee back in 2013. “Omitting facts is slanting history.”

William Haskell said he wanted Mohammed’s “whole life, the whole thing from beginning to end” to be included.

“I am very concerned that there be accuracy in books” he told the board. “The only reason I’m here tonight is I want there to be accuracy.

But teachers and school board members reasoned that including every detail of a religion with its roots in the 7th century would be impossible. Instead, high school teachers will continue using a chapter supplement developed in 2013.

“I’ve got to imagine that every history book has some omissions in them or the books would be so thick you couldn’t carry them around,” said board member Andy Ziegler, who sat on the board the last time the book came under scrutiny.

Critics also pointed to inconsistencies with the Christian Bible, and in some cases discounted Islam as a religion altogether. But textbook proponents argued that bigotry, not accuracy, was the reason behind the debate.

“I think we all understand that the challenges to the specific faiths that are addressed in this book are not random challenges,” said Philip Stasik, president of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. “This is an organized challenge against the Muslim community, and frankly it’s an insult to the Muslim community.”

Others said it scared them to see people who want to challenge “years of documented history” because of recent political discourse.

“I’m pretty offended by and really afraid of people who are going out of their way to make me feel unequal,” said Alyssa Ardhya, a freshman at Satellite High School. “They want to recreate the truth.”

When members of CAIR and ACT clashed in March, members of the Muslim community maintained that critics of the textbook are only looking to spread Islamophobic ideas, often relying on faulty sources. Throughout meetings, textbook opponents cited articles from Wikipedia, a website that anyone can edit.

“They are not concerned with how well Brevard County’s students perform, nor about their futures,” Rasha Mubarak, Orlando Regional Coordinator of CAIR-Florida, said of ACT. “They are using our students for their one intention and that is to push their anti-Islamic agenda.”

She noted that ACT has been designated a hate group, placing it among organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. The president of ACT’s Brevard chapter has since disputed the classification.

The school board was caught in the middle of an identical argument in 2013.

“When I was told we had to come back here, my first reaction was, ‘Really? Again?'” said Mohsen Stasik. “It felt like we were being made to jump through one hoop after another” to defend Islam against people who “have never had an hour’s worth of true teaching of Islam. It will never stop.”

In this case, one parent petition — filed on behalf of a parent from a charter school, which does not have to use district materials — prompted Tuesday night’s hour-long hearing. By law, after a textbook committee of teachers and parents approves a book, it goes to the board and parents then have the chance to file a petition.

New legislation passed in the Florida House and Senate would switch up the textbook review process. A bill that Gov. Rick Scott still needs to approve would allow any residents, not just parents, to petition textbooks they deem inappropriate. Instead of the school board, complaints would go before an “unbiased and qualified hearing officer.”

“Why would you fear the debate of involving the community?” asked Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala). “Certainly there’s room. All these people help pay the bills and support these schools.”

Currently, textbook curriculum is developed by expert authors and reviewed by independent academic reviewers, textbook publisher Pearson said in a statement.

“Pearson materials are created to meet the academic guidelines set by individual states. We are committed to presenting balanced, unbiased and accurate material and welcome the opportunity to meet with concerned parents,” said Scott Overland, a spokesman for Pearson, in an emailed statement.

Some lawmakers called the bill unnecessary since parents and teachers can already review textbooks, and worried it could create some unintended consequences in allowing any county residents, who may or may not have children in the school system, to challenge materials.

Sen. Gary Farmer (D-Fort Lauderdale) warned it would undermine the power of local school boards.

“We trust in them, we choose them to make the right decision for us,” he said on the Senate floor. “This bill would usurp a lot of that authority and give it to folks who maybe want to prescribe or eliminate books that they simply don’t agree with, books that involve a social debate.”

Anyone who blindly trusts their local school board – particularly boards who work with terror-linked Muslim groups like CAIR – deserves what they get. As reported previously:  Pearson’s World History text book continues to push biased, imbalanced view of Islam on students

The World History text book came under fire in July 2013 in Brevard County, FloridaThe Washington Times reports in part: 

“The book has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” said Florida State Representative Rep. Ritch Workman, in Townhall, about the Prentice World History textbook. “It’s remarkably one-sided.

Mr. Workman said the textbook, which has been on the Brevard County schools’ approved course list for three years, also rewrites the history of Islam. He looked through it and found the authors “make a very obvious attempt not to insult Islam by reshaping history,” Townhall reported.

“If you don’t see it from the eyes of a parent, kids are going to take this book as gospel and believe that Christians and Jews were murderous barbarians and thank God the Muslims came along and the world is great,” he said, as Townhall reported.

Here’s an example: Muhammad and his armies’ take-over of Medina states depicted “people happily accept[ing of] Islam as their way of life. It leaves out that tens of thousands of Jews and non-believers were massacred by [Muhammad’s] armies. It’s a blatant deception.”

At the same time, the book depicts Jesus as claiming to be the Messiah — but writes as fact that Muhammad was the prophet, Mr. Workman said in the Townhall article. Students in the class are also taught about the Koran and pillars of Islam.

“They don’t do that for Christianity,” he said, as Townhall reported. “That is offensive to me.”

“Some of the descriptions of the battles use the word ‘massacre’ when it’s a Christian battle and ‘takeover’ when it’s a Muslim battle,” said Amy Kneessy to Fox News. “In young minds, massacre paints a very different visual picture than a takeover or occupation — when in fact both battles were very bloody.”

The publisher, Pearson, denied any bias. But Mr. Workman said he was told by a spokesperson for the publisher that a Muslim cleric was hired to write the sections on Islam.

The School District of Brevard County decided to provide a supplement to the Prentice Hall World History textbook.

And as a 2003 report stated:  Islam and the Textbooks

According to one Prentice Hall editor who objected to policies on Islam-related content, opposition is “silenced” and Islam is given a “free pass.” Publishers fear that the label of xenophobia, racism, nativism, or ethnocentricity may affix to their products and reputations. Almost without thinking, or thinking solely in venal terms of political expediency, sales and adoptions, social studies editors are giving American children and their teachers a misshapen view of the past and a false view of the future.

9 thoughts on “Florida: Brevard 9th graders stuck with biased, whitewashed textbook on Islam

  1. They have to Lie about Islam to get people to accept it in Western countries. If anybody actually went to Middle Eastern countries and saw Islam firsthand as I did, they would want No part of it in any Western country. The 7th Century Lifestyle would have died if it wasn’t for them killing people who left or spoke the Truth about the Horrors of living under Islam.

  2. Does this school teach the Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, etc. religious histories? Why is it that progressives hate America but think that Islam is a role model?

  3. Simple fix, tear out all the pages in every textbook that relate to moslems. Have a chapter burning party. Then sue the board members individually as private citizens for violating your civil rights!

    • Dan, your simple fix was suggested by parents in a nearby county back in 2013 when they discovered this 36 page chapter being taught in there schools. The response my son’s school district adopted to prevent this from happening was to not allow the textbooks to leave the classroom. This also prevented more parents to be able to see the biased chapter for themselves.
      My son’s 10th grade World History teacher in 2014 required all his students to design their own Islamic prayer rug. The students were also required by the State Standards to learn and be tested on the Five Pillars of Islam, the first of which is the Islamic prayer of conversion called the Shahada.
      In order to convert to. Islam, all one who wants to become a Muslim must do, is say “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of God” the teacher required students to recite this prayer out loud together as a class, and offered others extra credit if they said it out loud by individually.
      Our country has been sold out, the oil rich Arab countries have been buying off politicians and purchasing influence at every level for many decades. We won’t see it in our lifetime, but Islam is patient and well funded, and if the last 1400 years is indicative of what is to come, the west will certainly become Islamic and Sharia compliant. I am thankful at least to have been born in what was once the greatest country in the world.

  4. Separation of church and state…NOW!! I, myself, would love the only religion in the US to be taught, to be christianity, but they wouldn’t even be able to get THAT right!! Why can’t America just have ONE religion…no fights then! Eh, I know…we’re the melting pot….ggggrrr
    Might as well get used to it. Muslim says their going to convert us forcefully until the end of days. And that will be when Rev 20:4 happens. I’m ready…so be it.

  5. This is why the Bible commands that women are to be keepers at home and raising their children for the Lord. But the breakdown of the family unit, and material greed, makes this impossible. Children become indoctrinated by the public fool system. Disobeying God has horrific consequences.

  6. Time for a group law suit, to subject the school board members each and as a group to a lawsuit with a large dollar amount for say mental distress would go a long way as well as demanding them to step down for not protecting, defending and preserving our nations history and Constitution. Pushing a violent theocratic system upon children is a crime no matter the age, To remain a sovereign nation our history must remain at the forefront above all else.

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