Mexico City: French Muslim stabs priest at the altar of Cathedral

We saw news of this attack yesterday morning and posted it on the Creeping Sharia twitter timeline, here. Details weren’t available at the time.

Jihad Watch has more details from: “A French Muslim stabs a priest in the cathedral of Mexico,” translated from “Un musulmán francés apuñala a un sacerdote en la catedral de México,” by Ana Fuentes, Actuall, May 16, 2017:

El agresor, John Rene Rockschiil y de confesión musulmana, fue detenido tras subir al altar y clavar una navaja en el cuello al sacerdote.

A priest who officiated at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City was stabbed last Monday at 6:00 pm by a middle-aged man who went up to the altar and stabbed a blade into his neck.

According to the archdiocese, the attacker, named John Rene Rockschiil, of Muslim faith according to the Mexican media, was arrested after carrying out the attack with a knife.

After calling the police, a Condor unit from the capital’s public security secretariat arrived in the vicinity of the cathedral, located in the historic city center, to transfer the clergyman to San Miguel Chapultepec hospital.

Some of the testimonies of the parishioners who were in the cathedral emphasize that some of those present detained the 35-year-old man, in addition to providing medical care to the parish priest Miguel Angel Machorro, until the aid services arrived.


5 thoughts on “Mexico City: French Muslim stabs priest at the altar of Cathedral

  1. Peaceful Huh ? The followers of Islam have been showing that their 7th Century Lifestyle has not been peaceful for over 1400 years. This Muslim went into a church to kill in the name of Allah.

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  3. He was just on vacation. Couldn’t go to disneyland as they serve pork.

    47:4 Behead and slaughter the unbelievers; take others captive
    “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray.”
    Islam is the most dangerous thing that the world has ever faced, Stalin and Hitler were insignificant compared to the engulfing and mendacious tentacles of Islam

  4. There is no such thing as a peaceful muzzie. There never was, is OR will be. One goal, doing SATANS work……….

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