Sacramento: Special Visa Afghans Want Continued Growth of Their Community

While U.S. troops are dying rebuilding Afghanistan, Afghans are growing a Muslim community in California. 

Source: Sacramento: Special Visa Afghans Want Continued Growth of Their Community | Islam infiltration | Limits to Growth

Thursday’s front page story from the Sacramento Bee about Afghan translators who haven’t yet been rescued with a visa to America is a reminder that military entanglements abroad have a way of becoming a runway for immigrants. We further learn that thousands of Afghan nationals have settled in the Sacramento area on Special Immigrant Visas as a result of their help to the US military. (Sacramento is a diverse city, where over 22 percent are foreign born.)

It’s a familiar story: American troops need local help to be more effective in stomping the bad guys, and those helpers then must be rescued and resettled in the USA because they can no longer live in their homeland — which seems a failure of the whole project somehow. And the worse the war goes, the more foreigners must be saved from living in their country and plunked down in some American town far from Washington DC where the decisions were made. One thinks of Vietnam, where the failure there brought a flood of refugees and boat people to the point where well over a million now reside in this country.

Now the US is mucking about in jihad territory, with troops in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We can see that this means more muslim immigrants, which is exactly what America does not need.

Muslims seem to come with a recessive jihad gene that may suddenly pop into activity in the younger generation. Faisal Razmal, the Afghan translator pictured above, may be a fine fellow who genuinely aided US soldiers in Afghanistan. However, a cousin Mohammed who could eventually come via family chain migration may not be so friendly. And some young muslims who are born and raised in America by apparently responsible parents can go violently jihad through a combination of youthful hormones and internet-induced guilt, reflecting the second-generation problem common to Islamic immigration.

Therefore the optimal number of muslim immigrants is ZERO, and the military project to squash ISIS should ideally be conducted via drones and robots only — no troops on the ground who need translators or any human contact.

That strategy is not likely, but the standard human approach creates unacceptable collateral cost for the homeland.

U.S. halts visas for Afghans who aided American forces, Sacramento Bee, March 15, 2017

Afghans who aided U.S. forces fighting the Taliban can no longer receive special visas for their service, at least until year’s end, said U.S. senators and advocates who are trying to pass legislation to restart the flow of newcomers.

That visa halt promises to thwart the reunion plans of many in Sacramento’s growing community of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa, or SIV, holders, considered the largest in the United States. Many of them are still praying for loved ones to arrive from the war-torn Central Asian country.

The U.S. Embassy in the Afghan capital of Kabul has officially stopped accepting applications to the SIV program established by Congress in 2009 under the Afghan Allies Protection Act, said Matt Zeller, the founder of No One Left Behind, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping Afghan interpreters begin new lives in the United States. More than 45,000 Afghan SIV holders and their family members have been resettled in the U.S. over the last eight years, including translators, helicopter pilot trainers, doctors, engineers and intelligence specialists.

Every year until 2016, Congress had authorized 4,000 Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans, but last November, Congress extended the program for only 1,500 applicants for all of 2017, far fewer than those eligible to come, advocates said. Many of the applicants live in danger of retaliation by the Taliban and other groups in Afghanistan.

Those 1,500 visas have just run out, less than three months into 2017, shocking many of the estimated 7,000 Afghan SIV holders and their families who have resettled in the Sacramento area, Zeller said. Some have relatives and friends who have applied to come to Sacramento.

“Right now, there are 10,000 applications pending, and each one represents a family of three to four people, so there are 35,000 people whose lives are at stake,” Zeller said.

Can you say Sacramentostan?

Please note the title of the SacBee story. It is why many people refer to mainstream media as fake news. There was no “halt” in issuance of the visas. Rather, the number of visas handed out to Afghani Muslims was reduced, and that change occurred during the Obama administration!

3 thoughts on “Sacramento: Special Visa Afghans Want Continued Growth of Their Community

  1. why don’t they stay and fight for their own country? cowards.. why come here and turn OUR cities into a chit hole like yours that you left.

  2. keep in mind we had 8 years of Obama and he helped moslems on a jihad (by emigration to increase their numbers so they become a political force and increase violent jihad) into our country. And it seems that Trump does not have a good handle on islam, jihad and all the forms of jihad (jihad is any and all tactics and strategies of war and aggressive politics to advance sharia).

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