Las Vegas: Mosque Billboards Claim ‘Making America Great’ with Islam

Making America Islamic!

Source: Mosque Buys Billboards Around Las Vegas: ‘Making America Great’ with Islam | Truth Revolt – Trey Sanchez

At first glance, it appears as though President Trump’s campaign signs have popped up on billboards around Las Vegas. But upon closer inspection, the “Make America Great Again” message has been co-opted by a local mosque to push Islam.

The signs that appear in several locations near the Vegas strip read, “Making America great with love, compassion, and mercy.” Then there is a telephone number and website to reach “Why Islam.” The billboards were paid for by Masjid As Sabur, the first Muslim community organization for the Las Vegas area created back in the early 1970s. The mosque has hosted the likes of Muhammad Ali, his daughter Laila, and Mike Tyson.

Also sponsoring the messages, according to 8 News Now, is the Al-Maun Neighborly Needs of Las Vegas.

In a press release, Imam Fateen Seifullah stated, “Helping to meet our neighbors’ needs through service is a core principle of Islam. Everyone can help to make America great by working together to solve problems and by showing compassionate concerns for all Americans.”

But not all local residents consider this a neighborly sign and made their feelings known on 8 News Now’s Facebook post:

“When Muslims start to openly condemn terrorism and the attacks on Christians and Jews and embrace American culture we can talk. Until then, this all propaganda.

“This billboard also implies that Americans are not compassionate. What Muslim country invaded the beaches of Normandy? America has shown more compassion and sacrifices more than all Muslim countries combined.

Here’s a thought, hang that billboard in Palestine and ask the Muslims there to show this love to Israel.”

“Muslims can increase their respect by helping US to identify our enemy.”

“Thanks tho, we’re good”

Apparently they are in Florida too:

Local residents and all Americans are undoubtedly unaware that the founder of the nationwide Why Islam billboard dawah project has said this about Islam’s plan in America, Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words:

We should use every opportunity presented or created to sensitize non-Muslim peers and school staff with Islam and establish an environment in which every where a non-Muslims turn, they notice Islam portrayed in a positive way and get influenced by it and eventually accept Islam with Allah’s guidance, insha Allah.

Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.

It is highly recommended for all Muslims to carry brochures on Islam with them to pass on to non-Muslim classmates, co-workers, neighbors etc. after discussing Islam. Free brochures on various topics on Islam can be obtained by calling 1-718-658-1199 (for U.S. and Canadian residents).

Writing articles in campus and local newspapers on ‘Jesus (pbuh) in Islam’, conducting soup kitchens in impoverished neighborhoods, clothing drives in schools and college campuses for the needy etc. are some proper modes of conduct during the Christmas holiday season.

Thus the hearts and minds of non-Muslims should be exposed to the beautiful message of Islam.

Truth comes, falsehood disappears; Islam came, now shirk must clear.

Read it all. Then call the hotline and ask them these Questions for Every Muslim.

9 thoughts on “Las Vegas: Mosque Billboards Claim ‘Making America Great’ with Islam

  1. The people who put up the Billboard should be sued for ” False Advertising ” . The followers of Islam have shown for over 1400 years that they have no Love, compassion, or Mercy for Non-Muslims. There is a mountain of evidence in the world and The United States that the followers of Islam wish harm on others. There is an active Terrorist investigation in all 50 States because of all of the things that Muslims are doing against others. There have been 60 Muslim Terrorist attacks killing at least 129 people in The United States since 9-11. Over 30,820 worldwide. If Islam is Peaceful, how could so many of its followers misinterpret it wrong in the exact same way ? The answer is that it not peaceful at all. Read the Quran and take out all of the verses that that been abrogated and you will see right away.

  2. Unexpected silver linings will result from the current Muslim migration into western civilization.
    Cirrhosis of the liver will become nonexistent once alcohol consumption prohibitions become mandatory.
    Skin cancer, especially in women will become unheard of due to the superior SPF protection provided by full burqas.
    Traffic congestion will be reduced by nearly 50% once females are denied driving privileges.
    The effect of this Trophic Cascade will certainly be the most obvious in terms of religious diversity. Unity will be the new religious norm, gone will be the times when Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels, Synagogues, and Temples cluttered up the country side. Much like Saudi Arabia, the Europe and America of the future will only have beautiful Mosques for spiritual enjoyment. But most of all, that uncomfortable civil discourse that results from the expressing of dissenting viewpoints will be a thing of the past once Sharia takes the place of that troublesome freedom of speech nonsense. Love and respect the Sharia, or else!!!

  3. Helping the Infifels er I mean Americans by oppressing them with Shariah, making the Kufsars pay Jizya until we kill them all. Truth in advertising!

  4. ‘Six comparisons of our Constitution and Sharia Law’

    1) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
    ~ US Constitution

    Allah’s word is the government…inplace of US Constitution and laws
    ~ Sharia Law

    2) The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
    ~ US Constitution

    Non-Muslims cannot possess weapons of any kind
    ~ Sharia Law

    3) No unreasonable searches and seizures
    ~ US Constitution

    Seize land, houses and wealth of non-Muslims
    ~ Sharia Law

    4) No cruel and unusual punishments
    ~ US Constitution

    Cut off the hands of thieves
    ~ Sharia Law

    5) Congress Shall allow Freedom of Speech
    ~ US Constitution

    You shall not insult Allah or his Prophet
    ~ Sharia Law

    6) Congress Shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
    ~ US Constitution

    Those who reject Islam must be killed
    ~ Sharia Law

    Sharia Law calls for the overthrow of our government, laws and Constitution.

    Sharia is anti-American, treasonous and seditious.

  5. If all this ‘islam = compassion and mercy’ shitt is legit then tell me WHAT THE HELL happened to Lebanon, which used to be a majority CHRISTIAN country, where Christians, Jews and even muzzscums used to live together in peace (UNDER A CHRISTIAN CONSTITUTION) but now it’s a MUZZRAT HELLHOLE, ever since the MUZZRATS took over BY FORCE!!!???

  6. This billboard is exactly the kind of gambit that proves to me that, unlike demographic groups of the past, Muslims have no interest in fitting into American society. They WANT to stir the pot and they’ll do it in any way they can–all the while crying victim. IF they’d just give Democrats a chance, they’d probably find they have a new home full of willing fawners!

  7. Patience Merriman, The many Peaceful Muslims you speak about are Irrelevant because they do nothing to stop the Violent Muslims. If you study the teachings of Islam you will see it is against everybody else and their goal is to make the entire world follow Islam and Sharia Law. The peaceful Muslims all go to the same Mosques, share the same Imams, read and learn about the same Quran. The problem is Islam. No matter how many peaceful Muslims there are you will always end up with Violent Muslims committing Jihad against others. There is one peaceful Muslim sect and they are condemned from both the Sunni and Shia sects. Sunni is the largest percentage and they think Muhammed was a perfect man who they should all strive to be like. He was a Pedophile,with multiple wives and mistresses who went around killing others. That is from the Islamic history and teachings.

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