Whistleblower: Muslim Child Rapists Walk Free, Authorities ‘More Interested in Covering up Mistakes’

Source: Whistleblower: Muslim Child Rapists Walk Free, But Authorities ‘More Interested in Covering up Mistakes’ – Breitbart

A former police detective who helped prosecute a Muslim grooming gang in 2012 says offenders identified during the original investigation are still at large in Rochdale and claims the conspiracy of cover-ups “goes right to the top of Government”.

Former Greater Manchester Police detective Maggie Oliver made the claim ahead of the release of the BBC’s three-part drama Three Girls, which depicts how child victims of Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale were let down by police and social services.

The former detective constable, who was consulted by the BBC and is portrayed in the drama, persuaded many of the victims to give evidence against the paedophiles who had sexually abused them for years. She later resigned because of the way the child victims had been treated, some of whom were dismissed as prostitutes.

Nine members of the Rochdale gang were jailed in 2012, but Ms. Oliver has been told by the victims that other offenders who were identified as a result of Operation Span are still walking the streets.

Writing for the Manchester Evening News, Ms. Oliver said: “There are still paedophiles who we identified as part of Span who are out there right now in Rochdale. I still support many of the girls and they tell me they’ve seen them. Once a paedophile, always a paedophile in my book. This is still happening.”

Oliver became a whistleblower and critic of how police mishandled the case, saying: “What I saw in Rochdale was police officers and senior cops acting without any shame because it was convenient to ignore the abuse they knew was happening. I felt it was wicked.”

Greater Manchester Police has defended its record on dealing with child sexual exploitation. But Ms. Oliver rejected that the police had learnt from their mistakes, relating she had worked on an “almost identical operation” in 2004 called Operation Augusta in Hulme and around the Curry Mile in Rusholme.

It was a “virtual carbon copy of Rochdale, men of largely Pakistani heritage were abusing vulnerable white girls”, she said.

Spending a year “knocking on every door in GMP” she wrote that “nobody wanted to know. I felt it was corrupt and so I resigned so I could speak out in public.”

“I [saw] senior officers in the force letting these girls down. They turned a blind eye.

“In fact I believe this goes right to the top of government. I know that the Home Office was getting daily updates about Operation Span. They are more interested in covering up for mistakes instead of holding their hands up.”

Last week, a march took place in Sunderland to protest alleged police inaction after a young mother, Chelsey Wright, reported being drugged, raped, and assaulted by a group of migrant men.

On Sunday, a survivor of child rape by a Muslim grooming gang in Rotherham told Katie Hopkins on LBC that when she reported being raped at the age of 13, authorities did nothing and told her not to mention the race of the attackers.

Meanwhile, 29 Muslims in court over 170 charges of sexual exploitation of 18 children.

Bonus, while it is still up:

6 thoughts on “Whistleblower: Muslim Child Rapists Walk Free, Authorities ‘More Interested in Covering up Mistakes’

  1. Sad that the people in Western Societies are straight up being lied to about crimes committed against Citizens from foreigners brought in by their own government. These governments are playing Russian Roulette with their Citizens and destroying their own countries Civilization. The followers of Islam have shown for over 1400 years that they do not plan to assimilate into any Culture. They only wish to Destroy other Cultures and replace them with their 7th Century Lifestyle.

  2. Of all the pedophiles around the world, JOHN PODESTA, MUSLIMS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are the worst:
    ‘Fatherhood’ Another John Podesta Voice Comparison – YouTube

    after beginning, skip to 4:43 for comparison

    slowed down version https://youtu.be/As6QIfnMe2k

    full sourced executive summary of pizzagate evidence – voat: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1497611

    2-Year-Old Girl Needs Reconstructive Surgery After What NASTY 4 Time Deported Illegal Did To Her ? Freedom Daily


    Illegal deported 4 times charged in sex attack on girl, 2 wnd 2017/03

    Muslim Immigrant Abhorrently Rapes a 6-Year-old Boy Inside Asylum Centre
    by sharia unveiled

    Muslim Koran Teacher Takes Eight Year Old Girl And Orally Rapes Her, Then Urinates In Her Mouth And Forces Her To Drink It | W alid shoebat

    ISIS Takes Young, Starving Children And Cuts Of Their Limbs For The ‘Crime’ Of Begging For Food | Walid Shoebat

  3. The real reasons political people and law enforcement lie about what is actually going on is simple, they do not want to tell the truth for fear of Islamic backlash, its Islamic intimidation at its best: mass Muslims riot and pillage because hey the truth was told and they will distract from the truth.

    Poor Islamic victims hearing the truth they so desperate want to hide.

  4. you only need to watch “cant pay we take it away” every muslim household or business they go to there are threats and intimidation, one gets on the phone and within minutes there are gangs surrounding the agents, I think police , councils and even government are too afraid to confront the problem because of how they react, they think nothing of using violence,

  5. So I wonder, where are the people who will step forward to take justice into their own hands when the police, whom they hired as civil workers, fail to do their jobs? Have people lost their backbones? If my child was raped, and the perpetrator walked away from court, they would be some of the last footsteps he would be taking. End of story. If people set the example for how they refuse to be treated, then the treatment will shift. But these people who cry that the courts are not doing their job, need to step up, en mass.

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