Convert or die, says Muslim leader to Iraqi Christians

Source: Convert or die, says Shia leader to Iraqi Christians  h/t EOTW

Dozens of Iraqi Christian families filed a lawsuit against the head of the Iraq’s Shia Waqf (Iraqi Shia Endowment Fund), Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi, on charges of incitement against Christians.

Al-Moussawi, who is in charge of the body which maintains all of the Shia holy sites, including mosques, Huseiniyas and schools, sparked anger as he declared Christians to be “infidels” during a speech in southern Iraq, according to local media.

Al-Moussawi, described the Christians as “infidels and polytheists” and stressed the need for “jihad” against them.

Many have accused him of imitating the rhetoric of Islamic State (IS) militants by stating Iraqi Christians must either convert to Shia Islam, pay a religious tax known as a jizya tax, or be killed.

An Iraqi judicial source told The New Arab that 180 Christian families filed a lawsuit under grounds that he is “instigating incitement against Christians and disturbing the religious plurality of Iraq”.

Al-Moussawi has responded by sending a delegation from the Waqf to the Babylonian Christian Movement to mediate the lawsuit and the allegations that his comments have mirrored IS rhetoric.

How is his charge any different than Mohammed’s? Than Sunni imams?

5 thoughts on “Convert or die, says Muslim leader to Iraqi Christians

  1. Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi is just speaking the Truth according to the 7th Century lifestyle of Islam. Islam’s stated goal is to rule the world and force all others to live under Islam or Die. There are known stages as shown throughout history since Medina. When are people in any Western Society going to Wake Up ? The followers of Islam have no intention of ever assimilating into any Western Society.

    • Tyedyed, you are correct. Western political leaders and the media had better wake up to this fact or we are all freaking doomed. Perhaps this is what they want for us? Who freaking knows?

      • @ Alkidya. I don’t know about all Western Leaders but the actions of The Liberal Leaders that encourage the mass Immigration of Muslims shows just how stupid those leaders are. obama was trying to bring this to The United States and now people around the world are waking up. People can not ignore History and the know Intentions of those following Islam.

  2. Slavery is illegal under US Law.
    Islam in moderation demands enslavement for the crime of religious freedom.
    This is under the dogma of a “legal” figurehead who stole poetry from others to dictate a book of contradictions.
    They call it the Qur’an. Which has legal precedence over basic human rights.
    Islam contradicts Civil Liberties to the point of Moral and ethical transgressions.

    The solution is Natural Selection by the Victors.

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