Orthodox Prelate: ‘Europe Will Turn Muslim’ in 30 Years, Christians Will Live in Secret

Source: Orthodox Prelate: ‘Europe Will Turn Muslim’ in 30 Years, Christians Will Live in Secret

Archpriest Dmitri Smirnov, chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on Family Matters, and the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood in the Russian Orthodox Church, said he believes Christian civilization is nearly dead and that in 30 years Europe will be dominated by Muslims, and Russia will suffer the same fate in about 50 years.

Speaking on Russia’s Soyuz TV on May 5 — translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) — Archpriest Smirnov said, “There is very little time left until the death of the entire Christian civilization. Several decades, perhaps 30 years, well, maybe in Russia it will last 50, no longer.”

“And then,” Christians “will be like peas scattered across European countries,” he said.

“Christians will not dare stick their necks out,” said the archpriest. “They will congregate in small groups and will be persecuted. the rehearsal is already underway. In Europe, Christian women are being raped and murdered, and the men who are forced to protect their women are unable to do so, while rapists are sentenced to one-year probation maximum.”

“This goes on in Europe and we are next in line,” said Fr. Smirnov.

Concluding, he remarked, “In three decades, the whole of Europe will turn Muslim and Christians will live in a semi-underground” existence.



9 thoughts on “Orthodox Prelate: ‘Europe Will Turn Muslim’ in 30 Years, Christians Will Live in Secret

  1. Archpriest Smirnov is correct. The numbers support it with the massive Civilization Jihad that is currently happening. People in Western Societies have been sold down the river by their leaders. The followers of Islam have no intention of Assimilating into any Western Society. The followers of Islam are there to Conquer and Destroy Western Society and Replace it with their 7th Century Lifestyle and force everyone to live under sharia Law or Die.

  2. Ten reasons why muhammad is a false prophet (The Child
    Rapist & The Vicious Bloodthirsty Warlord)

    (Jesus Christ is still alive in heaven and He is
    coming back again (He is our Comfort in the last days and He is our soon coming
    King of kings and Lord of lords from Heaven), false prophet muhammad is dead
    and burn in hellfire eternally, amen.

    The religion of Islam officially began in
    610 A.D.

    The religion of Christianity began from the
    1st century to the present.

    There are way too many
    reasons to nullify muhammad’s claim of being a prophet of God. Here are 10

    extraordinary natural signs before birth of Muhammad (570
    AD – 8 June 632 AD), or predictions from past religious characters about
    arrival of Muhammad to save the world.Islam did not exist at
    the time Muhammad was born. He was born to an idolater family and that’s what
    he followed all his childhood and teenage. That means, Muhammad, born as a
    Qafir (Infidel), spent 70% of his life as a proud infidel before he invented
    Islam.His first marriage was
    with a Jewish woman and not with any Muslimah. So, which religious rites were
    followed at his marriage ceremony with a Jewish woman if Islam wasn’t yet born?
    Certainly, a Jewish style marriage ceremony! Even the Quran doesn’t mention
    anything about the Islamic ceremony of Prophet Muhammad’s first marriage. That
    simply shows that even Muhammad didn’t have any idea of the existence of Islam
    or his prophecy.If Muhammad was an
    adorable prophet sent by Allah, then why didn’t he reveal the truth about
    Islam, when he was a child or when he got young? Why did he waste 40 years of
    his life as a non-Muslim idolater? If his purpose of coming in this world was
    only to reveal Islam and preach it to people, then why he had to wait until
    more than half of his life, living like a common man and practicing
    idol-worship?Almost all the rituals
    and rules of Islam mentioned in the Quran are copied from Judaism, which shows
    how deeply Muhammad was inspired by Judaism and attracted towards the Torah.
    So, he found copying and pasting from the Torah into his Quran was the easiest
    way to invent a new religion.Muhammad spread Islam
    on the point of the sword and not with love and preaching. His strategy was to
    rule at any price.Muhammad killed poor,
    innocent and helpless people, which can’t be justified in any sense as act of a
    holy prophet.How to call Muhammad a
    holy prophet, when he sexually abused uncountable number of women, including
    sometimes ridiculously shamefully, like his marriage with minor Aisha and his
    own daughter-in-law Zainab. That proves that Muhammad was just another powerful
    dictator, who knew very well how to take advantage of his power and abuse
    everyone, anywhere and in any way.Muhammad never
    performed any miracle, which is expected of a prophet. Instead of helping the
    suffering people, he used to destroy well-settled, peaceful communities,
    capturing their lands and making the captured children and women slave.In his life, Muhammad
    did immense harm to humanity but that was not enough for his satanic mind. So,
    before dying, he left the messages of Jihad to his followers for conquering the
    whole world, all of humanity, in the name of Islam, which continues causing
    great sufferings to our lives to this day. Wouldn’t a true prophet sacrifice
    his own life for his people, instead of destroying lives on every flimsy
    excuses? It shows that Muhammad was not a prophet – neither in life nor in
    death. It is hard to find a holy personality in other
    religions, who committed atrocious crimes like those of Muhammad. Let’s have a
    look at some other famous religious characters from history:

    Jesus Christ: He didn’t initiate any war, never killed innocent
    people, and didn’t abuse women like Muhammad. He has not left any question mark
    on his character before leaving this world to heaven.

     So then, when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was received up into heaven and sat
    down at the right hand of God. Mark 16:19 (Noble, Truth and Holy Bible)

    • Mark 13:23…Jesus says “behold,I have foretold you all things.” This leaves no place for the Koran or even the book of morman. He also said that we will be “persecuted for His name.”

  3. Beware of the Russian Orthodox church! It is in close collusion with Putin. I can certainly imagine Russian invading Europe to “save” it from Muslim unrest. It is absolutely essential that Europe stop the influx of Muslims and concentrate on its defenses. Russia has thousands of spies, troops near borders in Eastern Europe, allies in certain governments and submarines throughout the Baltic Sea. Russia views the Muslim invaders as very dangerous and warned Europe not to let them in. However, since they snubbed Putin’s advice, he is only too happy to plan an invasion when the time is right!

  4. Srda Trikovic said (close paraphrase): “The refusal of the European elites, to protect their countries from jihadist infiltration, is the greatest betrayal in history.” (So true, and I should post that quotation widely so that absolutely no thing will interrupt the Sleep of the Imperiled West?)

  5. Islam is a Satanic organisation based on the law of the jungle.It fakes it’s way into being thought of as a civilized attempt at good relations between different peoples of the world.There is absolutely nothing at all that can be said about Islam .It is a DICTATORSHIP OF EVIL INTENT hell bent on enslaving all mankind into a COMMUNISTIC arena where a ruling junta determines all social status.Islam must be put to the sword;but it must be done properly.Reason and right thinking must prevail.The rule of civilized law must overcome Islam in the proper fashion.ISLAM EQUALS SLAVERY…..SLAVERY TO SIN.Islam came about because of the vacuum left due to the rejection of Jesus .So also the corrupt CHURCHES.MAKE NO MISTAKE….YOUR SIND WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE COURT OF CREATION.WELCOME TO COURT.THE BENCH WARRANTS HAVE BEEN ISSUED.

  6. I would say that the Prelate is nearly 100% right, BUT GOD…. On the one hand, Europe (and the whole world) doesn’t have much time left to live in freedom and security, due to the muslim threat, however, on the other hand, we have God’s promise that Christ will return to Earth someday. It’s my humble opinion that that will occur in less than 50, or even, 30 years! I believe it would be completely impossible for Christ to ignore and allow the current situation of violence and bloodshed to continue for much longer! As a Christian, I’m placing all my money on Jesus Christ’s soon return! He’s the only One who can bring world peace b/c He is the Prince of Peace!!!!!

  7. I hope God has not forsaken us, in our hour of need. Because of our lackadaisical attitude toward the lunatic leftist-cult, and for all intent and purposes, led by the Atheist-Jew, the Zionist/Globalist who are now successfully marching us all to our death, can they be stopped once and for all?

    We have given them too much power, looking the other way, turning the other cheek to their love for everything deviant and destructive. Did we really think they would not turn into the evil before us?

    This evil has taken hold of the leftist/feminist through guilt (for what I have no idea), the White Christian is steeped in guilt, a burden laid upon us by every other on this planet. Why are we so guilt-ridden?

    Do we not know how to defend ourselves, how to know we are good and the only thing which has made the entire world prosper? How is it possible, that an entire body of prosperity for humanity, to bring us to where we are now, in this and over the past century, all created, devised, built, embellished, nurtured, and provided for by the White Christian, is forgotten and treated as insignificant?

    How do we push-off the guilt and come back into reality – I thought we were fearless and strong?
    I fear our time is limited, there is no turning back, and worry that we have already taken our final breath.

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