Trump’s Full Speech in Saudi Arabia & Some Reactions (Video)

Full video of Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia and commentary below.

Reactions from the blogosphere:

Daniel Greenfield – President Trump Reverses Obama’s Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia | Frontpage Mag

It’s not a transformative speech when it comes to Islamic terrorism. But it does represent a shift in foreign policy.

Bruce Bawer: A Dose Of Reality in Riyadh | Truth Revolt

Yes, it would have been terrific to hear an American president spell out the truth about Islam in a less nuanced, less diplomatic fashion. And it was frankly bizarre to hear Trump, in his closing moments, singling Iran out as uniquely malevolent after having heaped praise on other equally nefarious regimes whose leaders were right there in the room with him. But we critics of Islam have our jobs and Trump has his. Given the occasion and the purpose, this was, even at its worst, an immense improvement over Obama’s Cairo oration, and, at its best, a convincing assertion of authority, a strongly pitched demand for radical transformation, and a perfectly calibrated use of the carrot-and-stick approach.

No, international Islam is almost certainly beyond meaningful reform. But history has shown that it can at least be contained and controlled in ways that give citizens of Muslim-majority countries a certain degree of freedom and that keep to a minimum the scale of violence in the West originating in those countries. (The rampant Islamization of the West, and the concomitant increase in home-grown Islamic terror, are separate questions.) And no, a single speech can’t accomplish much of anything. But Trump’s tough presentation in Riyadh, if followed up by equally tough interactions with our “friends” in that audience, may well get a few things, here and there, moving in welcome directions.

via former Trump advisor:

Jihad Watch – Full text of Trump’s Saudi speech: “Drive them out of your places of worship”

This is certainly a much more honest speech about the jihad threat than any speech Barack Obama ever delivered, and Trump delivered it well to a tough audience. How he follows up on it is all-important: will he actually scrap Obama’s fantasy-based counterterror program and allow for study of the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists, without which there can be no effective response to the global jihad threat? We shall see.

WAPO/Amazon – Trump lavishes praise on Saudis, but silent on human rights

Trump’s willingness to set aside human rights as a principal foreign policy has been one constant in his chaotic administration. Yet the absence of any public reference to the the kingdom’s treatment of women and political opponents during his two-day visit was still jarring, particularly when contrasted with his affectionate embrace of the royal family.

The closest Trump came to acknowledging the human rights situation was a call for the region’s leaders to stand together against “the oppression of women.”

To which Pamela Geller responded: Enemedia hits Trump for staying silent on human rights while in Saudi Arabia

Now all of a sudden the enemedia cares about human rights violations in Muslim countries? Incredible. Obama gave billions to Muslim countries with long records of human rights violations — most notably the Islamic Republic of Iran — and the AP and WaPo and CNN never said a word. Bloody hypocrites. Their only interest is in bringing President Trump down.

Geller’s blog also pointed out:

…today King Salman lectured the President and the world: “Islam is the religion of mercy and tolerance and co-existence as confirmed by brilliant precedence.” And this was after the Saudis denied visas to several Israeli and Jewish reporters who had been approved by the White House to cover Trump’s historic visit.

 Their contempt for the West and the truth is without parallel.

Now – WAPO/AP/CNN – who is silent? Their contempt for the West and truth is also without parallel.

The Associated ‘with terrorists’ Press finds that Trump is becoming, well, more like them. Contradictions add up during Trump’s Saudi visit


One thought on “Trump’s Full Speech in Saudi Arabia & Some Reactions (Video)

  1. The evil in the room was overwhelming. President Trump shined. I loved that he said Radical Islamic Terrorism – even though he danced around it for a while….he got there!!!! I didn’t like that we are selling arms to these evil demons. We need to quit arming muslims.

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