Connecticut: Terror-linked Imam Arrested on Deportation Order for Visa Fraud Scheme

There is a lot to this story that the mainstream media is unaware of or intentionally ignoring with deceptive and vague headlines and brief articles. Details below.

Source: New Haven Mosque Leader Detained By Immigration Agents For Deportation  h/t Blazingcatfur

The leader of a New Haven mosque — implicated more than a decade ago in a scheme to fraudulently obtain religious-worker visas for immigrants who worked other jobs — was taken into custody by federal immigration agents last week and is awaiting deportation to his native Pakistan.

Hafiz Abdul Hannan, the imam of the Masjid Al-Islam mosque, was picked up by agents at his home on Friday, according to a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Hannan, who has led the mosque since 2013, was arrested “on an outstanding final order of removal (deportation order) issued by an immigration judge in March 2016,” said Shawn Neudauer, the ICE spokesman. “Hannan has a previous federal conviction for committing fraud in his immigration documents. He will remain in ICE custody pending removal from the United States.”

An attorney for Hannan said she hadn’t been given clearance to discuss his case. Nobody answered the phone at the mosque Monday but a message on its website addressed the arrest.

“Community members should not contact media or give any statement regarding the current situation of Imam Hannan being detained by ICE,” the posting reads, under the headline “important” in all capital letters. “The majlis will make a statement if deemed necessary with more insight into the situation.” Majlis is an Arabic term used to describe a council or leadership body.

It’s not clear what changed in Hannan’s case that led to his deportation order, but the judge’s ruling came after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that significantly expanded the number of people who are considered priorities for deportation.

According to published reports, Hannan was arrested in 2006 along with dozens of others in eight states and the District of Columbia as part of an alleged nationwide scheme involving immigrants, many from Pakistan, who came to the U.S. and remained by filling out phony applications for religious workers’ visas. ICE said the immigrants who were arrested worked secular jobs at gas stations, factories or driving trucks.

Religious leaders in Massachusetts rallied around Hannan, who at the time served as a prison chaplain and led the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell, according to a report in the Lowell Sun newspaper.

According to a letter posted to the website of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell, Hannan left his position there in July 2011.

“It is with sadness and regret that we inform you that effective immediately Hafiz Abdul Hannan will no longer be serving as the Imam of ISGL and will no longer be representing ISGL in any capacity,” the leader of the mosque’s board of directors wrote. “The Board of Directors of ISGL thank Hafiz Abdul Hannan for his service at ISGL and we all wish him well and pray for his future success.”

In July 2013 Hannan told the New Haven Register that he had arrived at Masjid Al-Islam a month earlier.

“We are a small, but thank God, growing community here,” he told the newspaper.

Some quick research finds that Abdul Hannan wasn’t the only imam arrested in the immigration fraud scheme to illegally bring Muslims into the U.S. as this archive writes:  Imam Muhammad Masood, the leader of the Islamic Center of New England in Sharon, was arrested with Hafiz Abdul Hannan, the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell in Chelmsford, on Nov. 15. [2006]

The two Pakistan-born imams are accused of taking part in a scheme that provided religious-worker visas to immigrants who used them for secular jobs.

The judge agreed to release the two imams if they each posted a $7,500 bond.

More details from the time of their original arrests: The Immigration Imams

The immigration papers for both Masood and Hannan were obtained with the help of Muhammad Khalil, the imam of a Brooklyn mosque who was convicted in 2004 of a massive smuggling operation for submitting hundreds of false visa applications under the Religious Workers Program. Over more than a decade, Khalil had used his mosque, run out of a basement of a greeting card store, to sponsor more than 200 Middle Eastern Muslims who had paid Khalil fees ranging from $5,000 to $8,000 for a religious worker visa, which authorities claimed netted Khalil more than $600,000 during the life of the scam. Once in the U.S., the illegal aliens worked at gas stations and various other jobs entirely unrelated to mosque. Prosecutors also had audio recordings of Khalil advocating violent jihad, and warning his followers to arm themselves in anticipation of another 9/11-style attack. Masood’s visa application listed Khalil as his sponsor, and Hannan not only entered the country with Khalil’s help, but worked for Khalil for three-and-a-half years in Brooklyn while the smuggling operation was ongoing before moving to Boston.

No mention of the imams’s arrest has been made by the national mainstream news media, and the only major news outlet covering the story, the Boston Globe (owned by the New York Times), has dedicated its coverage mostly to airing the grievances of the imams’ supporters. Bloggers Miss Kelly and Solomonia have picked up the mainstream media’s slack with extensive coverage of the issue, in addition to a local South Boston paper, the Patriot Ledger.

…none of the imams’ supporters made mention of the terrorism connections involved in this case. Not only was Hafiz Abdul Hannan an associate and former employee of convicted immigration smuggler and jihadist preacher Muhammad Khalil, Hannan is also the brother-in-law of the notorious Pakistani terrorist leader Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, who heads the al-Qaeda financed Jamaat al-Dawa. Saeed, known as the “pious murderer,” is responsible for launching suicide attacks against India’s Parliament House in 2001 and the killing of thousands of Indian soldiers over the past decade in what he claims is the “freedom struggle” to liberate the disputed Kashmir region from “Indian occupation.” Saeed’s operations in the region have come close to provoking nuclear war between India and Pakistan. And in addition to the involvement of Saeed’s entire family in Pakistan in the running of the Jamaat al-Dawa facilities, a July 2002 report by the Kashmir Times states that not only is his brother-in-law, Hannan, residing in the U.S., but so are two of Saeed’s brothers – one runs a mosque and another is obtaining a Ph.D. from an American university. Hannan, in addition to serving as imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell’s Chelmsford mosque, is a Muslim chaplain for the state prison system and the Middlesex County Jail.

More via Meet the Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Manchester (ISGM) Abdul Hannan

Abdul Hannan was listed as the imam in Manchester for a long time but was recently  “scrubbed” from the site.

Abdul is the brother in law of Mohammad Saeed, the man who co-founded  Lashkar e Toiba (LeT), the Pakistani terrorist organization responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks.

Since Abdul immigrated to America and worked as a gas station attennt, he served wo stints in jail, 2002 and in 2006. During his second incarteratin, he was dubbed as one of the immigration imams due to VISA fraud accusations. At the time, he reportedly said to prison guards… “you don’t know who you are dealing with.” Abdul also has ties in the past with the Muslim American Society (MAS), a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mariya Ghori,12, of Foxborough, showed her support for the two Muslim clerics holding MAS sign with imam’s names. (Globe Staff Photo / George Rizer)

According to the Times of India, Abdul Hannah and his two brothers were most likely raising money for jihad as imams in Massachusetts for his brother in law’s sister organization, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the “charitable” wing of LeT.

And Meet Abdul Hannan’s brother in law, the Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Saeed of LeT

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, is co-founder of Lashkar e Toiba (LeT, Soldiers of the Pure). He is widely suspected of being the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack in India. Again, he is the brother in law of Manchester’s imam, Abdul Hannan.

There were two other brothers of Saeed working as imams in Massachusetts. One was forced to leave the country and the other self deported to avoid criminal VISA charges.

Again…the Times of India suspects that trio of Abdul Hannah, Muhammad Masood, and Hamid Mahmood were raising funds for Mr. Saeed’s terrorist organization. “The US discovered that Mahmood used to run a safe house for LeT terrorists in Moon Chowk, Lahore, and that his imam activities in the US were all about teaching jihad to youngsters there.” Mahmood’s brother was a Sharon MA imam, and former WIC imam, Muhammad Masood (see United States v Muhammad Masood, p.14). reported that imam Masood, while in the country illegally and fraudulently collecting MassHealth, was arrested for shoplifting in Norwood, and obtaining illegal drivers licenses in NH. He was arrested in November 2006 and detained with 33 other people, including his brother in-law imam Abdul Hannan of Lowell, for being “in connection with an ongoing investigation into a specific visa fraud scheme that was designed to help a large number of illegal aliens, primarily from Pakistan, fraudulently obtain religious worker visas to enter or remain in the United States” under the ‘Religious Worker Program’.

And even more details ignored by U.S. media here: It’s a Family Affair – Saeed, Masood, Hannan, Hamid.

Read all the links.

As for the deportation-awaiting imam’s Connecticut mosque, they have been buying up apartment buildings and converting them into an inner-city Islamic compound.

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