New Hampshire: Pakistani Muslim gets 6 years, duped 100,000 victims in $13M fake drug fraud

Victimizing those already in need of help. Pakistan should be the first country on the travel ban list.

Source: 37-year-old Pakistan national Mustafa Hasan Arif, sentenced for international wire fraud – The Financial Express h/t @TheCircumvent

A Pakistani national has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by a federal US court for his role in an international wire fraud scheme through which he duped more than 100,000 people, the Justice Department has said. Mustafa Hasan Arif, 37, who also holds the nationality of Britain, defrauded individuals all around the world by selling drugs that he claimed would cure many serious diseases. According to court documents, Arif’s scheme generated more than USD 12.8 million in fraudulent sales from more than 100,000 victims.

More via U.S. Attorney’s Office District of New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. –Mustafa Hasan Arif, an individual with dual citizenship in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, appeared in United States District Court in Concord, NH today where he pled guilty to wire fraud.  Arif defrauded individuals by fraudulently selling drugs claiming to cure many serious diseases.  Arif targeted individuals around the world, including victims in New Hampshire, announced United States Attorney Emily Rice.

According to court records, while in Lahore, Pakistan, Arif created, maintained and controlled over 1,500 websites that promoted the sale of drugs claiming to cure and treat hundreds of diseases, many of which were incurable, including cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and emphysema.  The websites included falsified cure rates, false clinical research and fabricated testimonials.  One series of websites fraudulently claimed to have shown in clinical trials a cure rate of 90 percent, while other websites included links to clinical research that had not been written about the drugs on the websites. Arif falsely represented that the drugs were being sold by entities in Germany, Norway, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark when in fact the drugs were all being sold and shipped from Pakistan. Arif used those false addresses to make customers more comfortable purchasing the drugs. Documents in the case show that Arif ‘s scheme generated more than $12 million in fraudulent sales.

Arif was originally arrested on a criminal complaint issued in New Hampshire after he flew into New York in February 2014 on a business trip.  He appeared in federal court in New York and was transferred to New Hampshire, where he has remained in custody. Arif is scheduled to be sentenced on January 26, 2017.


2 thoughts on “New Hampshire: Pakistani Muslim gets 6 years, duped 100,000 victims in $13M fake drug fraud

  1. Do they have any Real jobs that don’t involve scamming people ? Imam’s lying about being peaceful while encouraging violence, Student Associations lying to others, stores scamming food stamps, fake drugs, Stealing benefits from government, Halal certification to send money for terrorism, Welfare for 5 in 1 family by claiming 3 of their 4 wives are daughters, the list goes on and on. Seems to be the same all over. I’m still waiting for my $150,000,000 to be sent to my bank account from Uncle Omar’s passing or my 20 lottery winnings totaling in the billions. All I have to do is send Mohammad a few thousand for the guarantee.

  2. I’m not racist, or anything like that, I observe & learn from personal experience, that you should count coin
    change, when purchasing @ a Convince Store, being run by One, of these foreigners, as you will come up
    Short, more often than not. When,, I told the Woman (from the Middle East, “You, gave me the wrong amount, of Change”! She replied, “These damn Nickles, look so much like Quarters”!? This happened on
    Several times, at different locations! They view this as Pocket, or lunch monies, I guess – It adds up and
    the sad part is, like the jipsies, I think it is taught in their Culture to Steal a little bit here & a little bit there, when doing a Transaction with another, where money is involved!?

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