Congressional Aides: Dem Members of Congress Being Blackmailed By Fired Muslim IT Workers


Source: House IT Workers Fear Members Are Being Blackmailed | The Daily Caller

Congressional technology aides are baffled that data-theft allegations against four former House IT workers — who were banned from the congressional network — have largely been ignored, and they fear the integrity of sensitive high-level information.

Imran Awan and three relatives were colleagues until police banned them from computer networks at the House of Representatives after suspicion the brothers accessed congressional computers without permission.

Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.

“I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone. It’s been months at this point” with no arrests, said Pat Sowers, who has managed IT for several House offices for 12 years. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

 A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn’t understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members.

“There’s no question about it: If I was accused of a tenth of what these guys are accused of, they’d take me out in handcuffs that same day, and I’d never work again,” he said.

The Awans’ ban sent 20 members searching for new IT workers, but another contractor claims he’s had difficulty convincing offices to let him fill the void, even when he seemed like a shoo-in. He says he has the sense some members wrongly believed that he blew the whistle on the Awans’ theft and they were angry at him for it.

Politico reported the Awan crew is “accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network.”

A House IT employee who requested anonymity said tech workers who have taken over some of those offices found that computers in some — but not all — offices were “thin clients” that sent all data to an offsite server in violation of House policies. Additionally, staffers’ iPhones were all linked to a single non-government iTunes account.

Awan began working for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida in 2005, and his wife, his brother’s wife, and two of his brothers all appeared on the payrolls of various House Democrats soon after, payroll records show. They have collected $4 million since 2010.

For years, it was widely known that Awan, and eventually his 20-year-old brother Jamal, did the bulk of the work for various offices, while no-show employees were listed on members’ staffs in order to collect additional $165,000 salaries, workers said. This circumvented a rule that prevents any one staffer from making more than members of Congress.

Earlier this week, Daily Caller reported that the Democrat’s Muslim IT Staffer Suspected of Security Breach Fled to Pakistan yet media outlets are blacklisting this story.

They also reported this: Wasserman Schultz Threatens Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes [VIDEO]

7 thoughts on “Congressional Aides: Dem Members of Congress Being Blackmailed By Fired Muslim IT Workers

  1. These people, are so wrong, in their belief, that “Allah”, will reward them with 72 Virgins! Mohammad was a Dislexic & misread the Quran, it says “27 Virgins, Butt, You will Not know, if they are male, or female, until You get here”! SUCKERS!!!

  2. I doubt the Blackmailing is limited to only the 50 Dims in the House who used their ‘services’:

    With Wasserman’s help, they were able to “bully” –and get — Higher Levels Security clearance not normally granted;

    This allowed them to have access to countless High Level data & Info that IT workers –Including those in our Military who have said, “jump thru hoops” to even get those kinds of Levels of Clearance that the Awans had.

    The fact that they spent Years funneling High Level National Security info, including Military, to an illegal Offsite server makes this “issue” all the more obvious.

    Wasserman was also able to –as well as Allowed to– Circumvent the Ban by changing Awan’s title so that he could Continue to work for her.

    Whenever he & family would visit Pakistan, they are given ‘red carpet’ treatment and is know for bragging about being untouchable.

    As of last month, he was STILL working for Wasserman. The one who quickly moved to Pakistan is the wife [one of the no-show workers on payroll]

    Not sure if he is still with Wasserman right now, but certainly explains his cockiness & lack of fear. Probably also explains a sizable portion of why Dems & various Soros-funded orgs have been Feverishly working Overtime to distract Americans,
    –and why so many Republicans on the Hill seem to be shielding this particular ‘Investigation”.

    May God help us.

  3. Just shows how Dim The Dims are for getting rid of US Citizens doing the job before and bringing in Foreigners on Visas to work on those systems. Security Breach waiting to happen. Just another day in the obamanation. If it wasn’t so F’n disgusting what these DemoRats did I would be laughing. They need to be held accountable for the Sedition and Treason they committed against The United States.

  4. I doubt that the democrats are being blackmailed in any way. They are just trying to protect their muzzies terrorist brothers. The democrats are selling America off to muzzies.

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