Michigan: 2 more Muslim couples’ submitted girls to FGM, custody at risk

Famous photograph taken by a CNN reporter in the 1990s of female genital mutilation being performed in Egypt.

More diversity and tolerance courtesy of Islam.  Source: 2 more couples’ custody at risk in mutilation case

Two more Metro Detroit couples face petitions from state welfare officials seeking to terminate their parental rights amidst a growing federal investigation into female genital mutilation.

The two couples, who have not been charged, went before a Wayne County juvenile judge Friday for a pretrial hearing on the state’s bid to strip their custody. Also before the court: a third custody case involving Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who is jailed on charges of performing genital mutilation on two 7-year-old Minnesota girls and conspiring to cover up the illegal surgery.

Nagarwala’s husband, who has not been charged, also appeared at the hearing. His wife was allowed to participate in the proceedings via a telephone hookup in the courtroom. There was no testimony by the couples Friday.

The cases considered Friday bring the number of families facing custody termination petitions to six in connection with a federal mutilation investigation.

Under an agreement with the state, the Nagarwalas’ children and those of the two other couples will remain with their parents for now but under a long list of conditions through supervision by Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Among them: turning over medical releases for the children, agreeing not to discuss the case or allow other relatives to do so with the children, having trauma counseling for the children, agreeing that there be “no more” female genital mutilations performed and getting approval from authorities and the court before the children can travel out of state or out of the country.

Judge Frank S. Szymanski said in court: “I’m going to expect parents … if they become aware of someone talking to the children about this case that they immediately terminate (the conversation).”

Nagarwala is allowed supervised visits with her children at the Huron County Jail in Bad Axe. Her attorney, Shannon Smith, said the children’s phone conversations and visits with their mother are taped.

Any conversations during the visits must be conducted in English, said Assistant Attorney General Kelli Megyesi.

Hearings for the Nagarwalas and the other two couples are scheduled to continue next month before Szymanski.

With judges like Szymanski the only thing at risk is these young girls being taken out of the country or forced to live a life of submission.

Charge them, arrest them, deport them and all those involved where possible and ban any relatives from entering the U.S.

5 thoughts on “Michigan: 2 more Muslim couples’ submitted girls to FGM, custody at risk

  1. This behavior must cease. These people have immigrated to the USA. It is time to adopt the customs of the USA and any other country they choose to move to.
    I have no idea if there’s a punishment for this act; but, there certainly should be.
    I do hope there are some out there who have suggestions for stopping this barbaric behavior.

  2. Well, it’s nice that these Neolithic Neanderthals at least have access to cell phones–so they can document their bloody carnage! Sure would be a shame if these innocent children would have to grow up without these “family pictures” to remember this by!!!!!

  3. This is the tip of the iceberg. This Islamic Medieval practice is still being done in The United States and will continue until the people doing this are put in jail. Expect more overseas trips for this “Special girls operation” when it is made difficult to get away with in The United States. The parents of any girl that they forced this on need to be banned from coming to The United States. Deported if they left and came back doing this to their kids, family members, etc. Any Muslim entering and leaving The United States should have to sign an affidavit affirming Non Mutilation under Penalty of Fine and Denial of Entry, Visa, etc. Checked during medical for Immigration. This needs to be stopped. .

  4. By enforcing laws already on our books we make our country haram(against moslem law) which is a good way to disinvite them.

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