Greek goddess statue removed after Muslim outcry, “to maintain peace” in Bangladesh

Religion of disturbing the peace at it again. Source: Greek goddess statue removed in Bangladesh after Islamist Muslim outcry – BBC News

Workers have begun to dismantle the statue of a Greek goddess from Bangladesh’s Supreme Court complex, after an outcry from Islamists Muslims.

The sculpture of Themis – the goddess of justice – wearing a sari was less than six months old, but Islamist Muslim groups demanded its removal by Friday.

They claimed it hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims and it prompted mass protests in the capital, Dhaka.

PM Sheikh Hasina agreed to its removal, but secular groups opposed it.

Workers came with equipment and a crane at midnight to uproot the controversial statue, the BBC’s Bangla service reported.

The statue is being removed to maintain peace, said its creator Mrinal Haque.

Analysts say this is a sign of the rising tension between Islamic conservatism and liberal values in Bangladesh.

Protesters have long asserted that the figure, which held the familiar sword and scales of justice in her hands, amounted to idolatry.

In February, conservative Islamist Muslim group Hefazat-e-Islam led protests and threatened to spread the demonstrations across the country if the statue was not removed.

Many of those protesting will have been followers of Hefazat-e-Islam, but observers have also pointed to increasing conservatism among the general public.

The tension between such forces and secular voices has been one of the defining themes in Bangladesh over the last few years.

What the BBC didn’t report is that police literally had to keep the peace:

Muslims participate in protest rally demanding Lady Justice statue be removed from Supreme Court complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Friday, Feb. 24, 2017.

Thousands of people Muslims marched in Bangladesh’s capital on Friday to demand a Lady Justice statue be removed from the Supreme Court complex.

A mass movement across the country would occur if Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government did not meet the protesters’ demand immediately, said Junaid Al Habib, a leader of the Hefazat-e-Islam.

“Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country, its 92 percent people are Muslims, we cannot accept any idol in front of the Supreme Court,” he said.

In 2008, protests led to the removal of a statue of a Bangladeshi mystic poet at a road crossing near Dhaka’s international airport.

The country of 160 million people is ruled by secular laws, but radical Islam has been rising.

In recent years dozens of atheists, liberal writers, bloggers and publishers and members of minority communities and foreigners have been targeted and killed.

9 thoughts on “Greek goddess statue removed after Muslim outcry, “to maintain peace” in Bangladesh

  1. I could not agree more. This hideous and outdated statue of Themis needs to be removed. Yes, removed and replaced with a statue ten times larger on a pedestal ten times taller. A grand replacement statue depicting a 53 year old Prophet Muhammad passionately thighing his tender 6 year old bride Aisha would stand as a much better representation of the character of Mr Muhammad and the ministry he founded, as well as that of his most devout followers we so frequently still hear about today. This new statue could stand to symbolically demonstrate the Quran sanctioned treatment of naïve western civilization by their new Islamic overlords.

  2. Of Course The Lady Justice Statue that has been there a long long time caused the place to not be Peaceful. Muslims had nothing to do with anything not Peaceful since it is the hallmark of Islam. Peaceful is the first thing that comes to mind the second you think of Islam, Right ?
    Name me one place where a group of Muslims went were they Peacefully Integrated into the existing society without demanding anything to be changed or special treatment ? No threats of Violence if they didn’t get what they wanted. I’ve been researching the subject and haven’t found one place yet. They have been Conquering others since the 7th Century.

  3. Well, it does look as if the savage Islamist have finally conquered the totally gone whimpy Western world, doesn’t it?? They really did not have to fire many shots either!! Who would have ever believed it?? What in the world has pussyfied the Western men??

    • @Pathfinder0100 Lack of Testosterone. Caused mostly by Plastic containers for food, additionally diet of food with chemicals. The Average Male today has less than half the Testosterone that their Grandfather did at age 25, And your body produces less as you get older. Add in the Political Correctness and Feminism complaining about anything and everything anything that can be perceived as Masculine you have the root cause of the Pussification of the 22nd Century Male.

  4. Goes w/o saying that the MUZZPIGS couldn’t tolerate the concept of Lady “JUSTICE”, much less a FEMALE figure, dictating TRUTH AND JUSTICE to their seared, blackened consciences!!! Why… Lady Justice wasn’t even covered with a “black garbage bag” burqa!!! How improper! How immodest! It’s just one more incredibly asinine act of the anti-social, anti-humanity bunch of MUZZPIGS!!!!! Truth be told, these MUZZPIGS really are good at what they do–DESTROYING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!!!!

  5. Next they will be Demanding, that We pull down Lady Liberty – The Statute of Liberty! NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Their Father is the Devil & they will do whatever he demands… Kane (killed Able), the 1st Murder
    in History & these Demonic people are decedent’s, of Kane, the actual son, of Satan himself… & has been
    passed down thru the bloodline!!! Your Salvation is near, read John 3:16…

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