California: Muslim refugee serving terror sentence tries to kill prison warden

Source: Indictment: Boise man serving terrorism sentence tried to kill prison warden | KTVB.COM

RIVERSIDE, California — A Boise man who was convicted in 2015 of terrorism-related crimes has been indicted after prosecutors say he attacked the warden at the federal prison where he was held.

Fazliddin Kurbanov, 34, was just months into a 25-year sentence when the attack happened May 31, 2016 at the Federal Correctional Institute in Victorville, California.

He was indicted Wednesday on charges of attempted murder of a federal officer, assault on a federal officer with a deadly or dangerous weapon, and possession by an inmate of a prohibited object intended to be used as a weapon.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Kurbanov used a prison-made knife to attack Calvin Johnson, seriously injuring him. According to the Amercian Federation of Government Employees, the warden needed more than 80 staples to close wounds on his torso.

The indictment describes the knife as “a metal blade or ‘shank’ approximately three to four inches in length.”

Kurbanov was moved to FCI Terminal Island in San Pedro after the attack. Johnson, who recovered from his injuries, is also now working at a different prison.

Kurbanov, an Uzbek national, was convicted of one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization, one count of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and one count of possession of an unregistered destructive device in November 2015.

Prosecutors in that case outlined how Kurbanov communicated online with members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, promising to send money and supplies, and expressing interest in carrying out an attack in the United States.

Kurbanov told FBI informants that he was considering Ann Morrison Park or Mountain Home Air Force Base as possible attack sites. Although he did not carry out any attack before his arrest, Kurbanov had stockpiled explosive ingredients including including fertilizer, Tannerite, ammonium nitrate, acetone and aluminum powder in his Curtis Road apartment before his arrest.

If convicted of the latest charges, he could face an additional 45 years in prison.

Expect more of this as Trump increases the number of refugees flowing into towns across the U.S., including nearly 2,000 illegal alien Muslims rejected by Australia.

Creeping Sharia backposts on Kurbanov here.

5 thoughts on “California: Muslim refugee serving terror sentence tries to kill prison warden

  1. Peaceful, huh ? Too bad more of these folks don’t visit Liberal Politicians, Mayors, Governors, and officials in the Sanctuary Paradises to show them the Reality of Islam. After all, the Liberal policies allowed these people to be here to be able to commit crime, Rapes, Murders, and harm against Citizens. These Politicians are playing Russian Roulette with our lives and need to be removed from office.

  2. Question…. I don’t see how Donald Trump should be charged with accommodating this islamic influx. He has been way-laid at every turn by obstructionist Democrats and islamo-sympathizers on every hand, who think they’re doing a great work of “love and mercy”. Let’s face it, Donald Trump does not have the power to wave a magic wand and make these muzzscums just evaporate! On the other hand, if he IS showing favoritism to the muzzlum influx then we all must share the blame, b/c we’ve allowed the DAMNacrats to emasculate us!!!!!

    • Read this:

      Democrats, Congress, & Courts are NOT Preventing Trump from keeping these promises!

      Many people are trying to make excuses for Trump claiming that Congress is stopping him or the courts will stop him. On the issue of DACA Amnesty, only Trump could end that program as he promised to do day #1 and there is nothing Congress or the courts could do to stop him because DACA is not a law! DACA Amnesty was created by Obama out of thin air using memos!

      Trump could also easily end refugee resettlement programs through memos and Executive Orders but he is not doing what he promised.

      Don’t Blame the ALIPAC Messenger, Blame Trump

      In anticipation of many nastigrams from Trump supporters, we’d like you to consider that ALIPAC dropping our endorsement is something we must do because our organization does not support illegal immigrant amnesty supporters.

      Donald Trump’s continuation of Obama’s DACA Amnesty and his support for dangerous refugee resettlement efforts that he campaigned against makes him both a hypocrite and a politician we would oppose instead of supporting.

      Those decisions were Donald Trump’s and he made them, so if you are upset with the message we are sending, please don’t “shoot the messenger.” You should contact Donald Trump with your complaints as we have been doing for the last 100 days to no avail. ALIPAC activists have done all in our power and reached out to Trump every way we can think of. From calling the White House, sending letters, and calling members of Congress, to sending messages towards Trump on social media, we’ve done all we can to ask him to honor the campaign promises he made.

      We are not anti-Trump socialists. We are Trump supporters who are reducing, ending, or revoking our support because of Trump’s broken promises.

      • #CS. Thanks for your response. I’ll look into it…. I’m not ready to throw DT under the bus just yet. We all know that politics can be both messy and extremely complicated. I’d like to hope that our President is doing all that he can. He’s already been accused of being a ‘hot shot’ and of shooting from the hip w/o properly assessing a situation. Could he somehow be exercising caution to avoid some unforeseen complication??? Unless I’ve missed something, the leftist Press and the Dems have not accused him of refusing to end DACA and of refusal to end the resettlement programs. Not for nuthin’, but doesn’t it seem likely that they would be the first ones to call him out on those issues??? Just sayin’…. Keep us posted!!!

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