Univ. of Chicago students demand segregated housing and Islamic courses

Source: Univ. of Chicago students post list of 50 demands, including segregated housing and Islamic courses – TheBlaze

A student group at the University of Chicago calling themselves, UChicago United, released a list of 50 demands that must be met by the university. The demands include segregated housing, six racially centered programs, and a sociology class focusing on Islamic history.

UChicago United did not detail what would occur if the school does not give in to these demands but simply stated on a Facebook page for a rally accompanying these demands that the list “will serve as the launch of a long-term campaign fighting for marginalized students.”

According to the event’s Facebook page, UChicago United includes groups such as the Arab Student Association, the PanAsia Solidarity Coalition, the Organization of Black Students, and the African Caribbean Students Association.

A copy of UChicago United’s list of demands available as a Google document contains 10 demands from the organization in general, as well as additional demands from various groups associated with UChicago United.

Additionally, the students demanded that the core curriculum requirements for graduation include a “Diversity and Inclusion” requirement and that the school offer “humanities and/or Social Science Core sequence on the works of the Islamic Golden Age and the important connection it makes to Western thought.”

They should start with this book: The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise Under Islamic Rule, but these spoiled snowflakes don’t want the truth.

Recall, University of Chicago that removed pews from the chapel to accommodate Islamic prayers.

The Muslim Student Association isn’t mentioned but be sure they are involved in some way. Search Creeping Sharia for the word “demands” and you’ll get many results from Muslims including Univ of Maryland Muslims demand prayer rooms in every major building, shuttles to mosques.


10 thoughts on “Univ. of Chicago students demand segregated housing and Islamic courses

  1. What’s to say this is happening on other campuses across the country? Points out these people are COLONISTS.

  2. This is not going to happen in these United States…not a chance in hell…We do not want anything Muslim or Islamic or Sharia in this country telling us what they will do, PERIOD!!!! Stop them, send them out of the USA. No special favors for any “group” we are united Make America Great Again.

  3. Anyone can read the bio of Muhammad! One chapter colleges will not teach is the chapter ( Mecca to Medina). When you learn this chapter you will know the battleplan of Muslims today! So educate yoursevles about Muhammad! He was a warlord.

  4. The more people that learn about Islam truthfully want less to do with it. Islam has been destroying others since the 7th Century. The followers of Islam have no intention of Integrating with any Western Society. They are Invading to Conquer in their Quest to force the whole world to live under Sharia Law.

  5. These people are so wrong in their belief, that “allah” will reward them with 72 Virgins! Muhammad was a Dyslexic and misinterpreted the Quran. It says 27 Virgins and you will not know if, they are male, or female, until You get her, in Paradise! SUCKERS!!!

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  7. If the University of Chicago doesn’t bow down to the muzzie demands they’ll probably burn the University to the ground. They want Islamic classes they can go back to the hell hole Islamic country they came from. If they were born in America, deport them to an Islamic country.

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