Pew: Muslim population in U.S. to double by 2050

Excerpts from: Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the U.S. and around the world | Pew Research Center

Here are answers to some key questions about Muslims, compiled from several Pew Research Center reports published in recent years:

Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing major religion. Indeed, if current demographic trends continue, the number of Muslims is expected to exceed the number of Christians by the end of this century.

How many Muslims are there in the United States?

In 2015, according to our best estimate, there were 3.3 million Muslims of all ages in the U.S., or about 1% of the U.S. population. Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study (conducted in English and Spanish) found that 0.9% of U.S. adults identify as Muslims. A 2011 survey of Muslim Americans, which was conducted in English as well as Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, estimated that there were 1.8 million Muslim adults (and 2.75 million Muslims of all ages) in the country. That survey also found that a majority of U.S. Muslims (63%) are immigrants.

Our demographic projections estimate that Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. population by the year 2050, surpassing people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion as the second-largest faith group in the country (not including people who say they have no religion).

A recent Pew Research Center report estimated that the Muslim share of immigrants granted permanent residency status (green cards) increased from about 5% in 1992 to roughly 10% in 2012, representing about 100,000 immigrants in that year.

While it does not change the global population, migration is helping to increase the Muslim population in some regions, including North America and Europe.

About half of Americans (49%) think at least “some” U.S. Muslims are anti-American, greater than the share who say “just a few” or “none” are anti-American, according to a January 2016 survey. Views on this question have become much more partisan in the last 14 years (see graphic). But most Americans do not see widespread support for extremism among Muslims living in the U.S., according to a February 2017 survey. Overall, 40% say there is not much support for extremism among U.S. Muslims, while an additional 15% say there is none at all. About a quarter say there is a fair amount of support (24%) for extremism among U.S. Muslims; 11% say there is a great deal of support.

Most Americans still don’t get it.

10 thoughts on “Pew: Muslim population in U.S. to double by 2050


    (SKIP YouTube’s ‘woe is me’ pro Caliphate ads at the beginning of videos…they are designed to make you think your watching the real video)
    Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes..
    Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes…
    Ex-Muslim Woman Warns America, THEY’RE HERE TO KILL YOU!
    Sharia Law: The Silent Take Over of Europe And America – Immigration Crisis 2016
    Muslim Demographics
    From Europe to America – The Caliphate Muslim Trojan Horse
    How Islam Is Destroying Europe
    Americans if this does not get your attention, nothing will!
    Dearborn, MI. Shows Why Trump Is Right On Islam
    Muslims in Japan are stopped, take notice USA, Europe, watch and learn!

    There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience.

    Some will act sooner than others. But, rather than openly participate in Jihad, most are just waiting until it’s time to conquer.

    Sharia requires this. Sharia demands this.

    Still not sure? See: …

    • Lulua… You need to copy and paste the YouTube URLs on your comment. None of them can be opened from this site w/o going back and forth to YT and pasting them one at a time….

  2. The Christian and Jewish faithful are in extreme danger yet they do not seem to understand for It seems that they are the frog in the pot slowly being cooked yet never realizing it. The cry of accept tolerate and they are us; they worship the same god. Oh how blind the foolish are: this god called allah is one of rage hate destruction. Our God is one of love and peace our God has a son theirs does not. Our God is teaching us that we must love those who seek our harm bless and keep them. However we are also allowed to protect ourselves few quote his words on defense when he told the disciple’s soon they would need swords for defense we are not lambs we are not makers of war but we are allowed to protect our selves. Yet more and more our ability to speak gather and teach is being hampered more and more by a government which has raised one religion above the one that worked to create our nation its laws its very soul.. in school Islam is taught they Koran is read yet a bible is not and those who speak out are call hate filled racist intolerant. when will this freedom from religion from apply to islam. we gave up the ten and now liberals embrace the seven pillars how sad we have lost two or three generations and islam is more and more their answer. It will not be 2050 it will be sooner…

    • The Christian and Jewish faithful should be in extreme danger as we live in the age of science – no longer in the dark ages when goat-herders made up these religions.

      • Mister Doyle it was the Jewish Christian who made up the science you seem to think of as gospel until the twenth century and the advent of the atheist who like yourself are ignorant of truth. But I have learned that foolish people do not want a God of truth but a God of self that justifies immorality lies and injustices. You also have not learned that our nations founder beloved follows and were Judea christians

        • What science would that be?? An arm waving claim with no elaboration is pretty weak – show some examples with your referenced lecture where science can be directly related to religious dogma.
          You do know that a person’s religion has no relevance to scientific advances – This science was accomplished in spite of the religions – the achievements were not in the name of religions.
          Everyone had to belong to a religion in those days (no different to being in the nazi party – you had to belong)

          • As I said one can not teach one who has their mind closed. I promise you this you may not believe in a God of love who created all we have and gave us the gift of choice not dogma not force. So I am sorry for you young man but I can bear to think what will happen for science can be wonderful but it can not give one hope love peace or understand wonder of a child

  3. The Muslims are engaged in a Civilization Jihad to spread Islam and Sharia Law.
    All you have to do is look back to The Muslim Brotherhood to see their plan to take over The United States which is part of their plan to take over the entire world with Islam. They have infiltrated positions in our government. Building up and at all levels during the obama administration. The following are quotes from the official document from a 1991 meeting which outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goals for North America. The document was entered as evidence in the 2008 Holyland Terror Funding Trial. Federal investigators found the document in the home of Ismael Elbarasse, a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, during a 2004 search. Elbarasse was a member of the Palestine Committee, which the Muslim Brotherhood had created to support Hamas in the United States.
    Page 4 of 18: “Enablement of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims’ causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims’ efforts, presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”
    Page 5 of 18: “…the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out [sic] this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.”
    Page 7 of 18: “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”
    “[W]e must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”
    Page 18 of 18: “A list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends” – This is where the Muslim Brotherhood listed its front groups in the U.S.. Note that prominent organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and others are named here.
    Entire Document can be read here: The first half is Arabic and second half is the English Translation.

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