Gitmo inmate released under Obama arrested in France recruiting for ISIS

Source: Former Guantanamo Bay inmate among suspected Isis recruiters arrested in France | The Independent

A former Guantanamo Bay inmate is among six people from an alleged Isis recruiting network who have been detained in France.

Among the suspects arrested was Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar, who was freed from the US detention centre in Cuba in 2009 after France agreed to accept him, said a judicial official.

He was one of six Algerians detained in Bosnia in 2001 on suspicion of plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo.

The US Justice Department later backed off the allegations, but held the men at Guantanamo for several years. The former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, agreed to take Lahmar in April 2009 and he moved to Bordeaux later that year.

The French official said Lamar, at 48, is the oldest of the four men and two women who were arrested and said that there were no indications the group was plotting an attack.

Five of the suspects were detained in Bordeaux and one in Paris in a series of raids on Monday.

The Saudi-trained and employed Lahmar was released by Barrack Hussein Obama. More from Department of Defense office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants

2) The detainee stated that in the fall of 1997, his first assignment for the Saudi High Commission for Relief was in Mostar, Bosnia, and then he transferred to Zenica, Bosnia.

3) The Saudi High Commissi on for Relief in Bosnia had a big role in missionary, humanitarian and jihad activities.

4) The detainee was a key officer in the Saudi High Commission for Refugees and was a suspected Armed Islamic Group member.

9 thoughts on “Gitmo inmate released under Obama arrested in France recruiting for ISIS

  1. When is any of The Treason and Sedition committed during the obamanation Against The United States going to be Addressed and Any of them being held Accountable ? Way past time to unseal obama’s records to reveal if he received scholar funds as a foreign student. Start the investigation there and end with his and Kerry’s Treason helping Iran. The obama regime was the Most Anti-American administration in our history. hillary probably would have topped them.

    • Never. Just like Bush- Just like Hillary! They are above the laws. Only citizens must obey the millions of petty laws!

  2. If there’s one thing that’s totally a “given”, it’s that we should take NO prisoners when it comes to these MUDSLIME dirtbags! They cannot be de-radicalized! They lie and then stab us in the back! The only good POW jihadi is a DEAD ONE!!!

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  4. It is a fundamental and and almost sacred principle in the the United States that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. They have not be able to get evidence to hold a trial of any of the remaining Guantanamo captives. Therefore they should have all been released by now. This is Americanism at its best. If this bothers someone, that person is not educated and is not imbued with the
    American spirit.

    • Ok WS, you’re the REAL “American” hero! I hope you’re working on that “inlaw” apartment where this guy, and at least a dozen others just like him, can live right next door to you and your wife and kids! Maybe they can pin a metal on you–or better yet maybe they can pin you to a metal–pipe bomb, or pressure cooker, or AK-47, or a metal cage. I hear those things do an “excellent” job of holding down ppl while they set them on fire or stick ’em overboard in a river or lake. Oh, never mind, WS, they’d NEVER do that to you, cause you’re an “American” HERO!!!!!

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