Michigan: Raw, uninspected halal meat deliveries in shopping cart caught on video

Sources told Local 4 the meat hadn’t been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn’t federally licensed.

But it’s halal, that’s all that matters to Muslims. Source: Health officials respond to troubling video of raw meat…

WARREN, Mich. – Video and pictures of unwrapped raw beef piled in a shopping cart outside Warren Food Market have prompted health officials to respond to the handling of the meat.

As the video made its rounds online, it didn’t take long for people to start asking questions. The delivery was being made to the market on 10 Mile Road near Ryan Road.

“That’s disgusting. That’s unsanitary,” the woman who took the photos said.

She doesn’t want to be identified, but her Facebook post has gone viral after she took photos of a man loading 200 pounds of raw beef into a shopping cart in the parking lot of Warren Food Market.

“For you to put it in a shopping cart, and no telling it was hot earlier,” she said.

Employees at Warren Food Market said they saw the man loading the beef in the cart, and the $800 worth of beef is in their freezer.

“I have no concern about this,” an employee said.

When the questions got tougher, Local 4 was directed to speak to the wholesaler, Nazem Saad Halal Meat.

Nazem Saad said they used the cart because the two boxes carrying the meat broke.

“When they lifted it, the meat came out,” Saad said.

He said he saw the photos being taken.

“I don’t think it is a big deal,” Saad said.

Officials said this isn’t a proper food handling method, and it’s unsanitary. Customers on social media agreed.

More via  Mishandled raw meat from Warren shopping cart traced to Garden City meat market

WARREN, Mich. – A shipment of raw beef that was loaded into a shopping cart outside a store in Warren has been traced back to a meat market in Garden City, state and federal inspectors said.

Photos showed raw meat being delivered Tuesday to the Warren Food Market in a passenger van, which represents an alarming safety issue, according to officials.

The meat was in boxes in the van. A person who identified himself as the wholesaler said the boxes broke, so the meat was delivered in a shopping cart.


Shabb Ahmed, who took the delivery at the Warren Food Market, said it is delivered to him in a van, but this time, he sent it back. Ahmed said the meat is delivered fresh in a van and frozen.

By law, meat should be first inspected by the USDA before it’s delivered to stores and sold to customers. Sources told Local 4 the meat hadn’t been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn’t federally licensed.

The gold delivery van is registered to the Al Nassr Halal Meat Market in Garden City.

Outside the meat market, a grey Jeep has fresh eggs in the back. The cargo area appeared to be used for food delivery. The man working at the shop wouldn’t answer any questions.

The person who first shot photos of the meat delivery said it’s disgusting that federal and state food handling regulations are clearly being ignored.

Surely not the only halal market involved. Welcome to sharia in the new America. Videos at the links above and another below.

Consumers with a food safety concern, can contact MDARD at www.MDA-Info@michigan.gov or 800-292-3939.

13 thoughts on “Michigan: Raw, uninspected halal meat deliveries in shopping cart caught on video

  1. good let the muslime eat bad meat
    and any american that shops there well thats what you get for trusting muzzies

  2. Walmart is selling “halal” meats, chicken, beef & Lamb.
    The Chicken is labeled, but the beef & Lamb are not. The. Ref is called, grass fed beef; I know its hala because of the Islamic markings, in the certification section. The Lamb is called, American Lamb. No notification of it being hala, I know it is hala for the same reason as the beef; Islamic writing.
    When I questioned the manager of the 2 stores they checked, shrugged their shoulders & made no comment. I gave the managers a polite earful, but they didn’t seem to care.
    Another company is selling “halal” Lamb, its called Publix in Florida. It’s the same American Lamb that’s seeking it. This company doen’t anounce its halal.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I wonder how Christians would feel if they knew this meat has been sacrificed to Allah, the Moon god?

      Note also, TYSON chicken, Chobani yogurt and Naan(an Islamic flat bread) are all made by Muslims and are halal.

  3. Here’s just one more “SHINING” example of the abject FILTH that muzzlumz are bringing in our country! I have to laugh right out loud when the muzzturd store owner said that the cardboard boxes “broke”! Yeah, that would be b/c the “meat” was still dripping with blood when they put it in there, in an attempt to hurry to get it in the store unnoticed! Ha! Looks like that went over well!!! God bless the woman who exposed these MUDSLIME criminals!!!!!

  4. The unsanitary world in the Middle East is now operating, how they slaughter, package and transport is a big issue along with hey E-COLI, do you seriously think these people wash their hands after going to the toilet or use TP, Under sharia he fllowing is demanded when going to the lavatory:
    cover the head,ready stones or water, before entering “in the name of Allah. o Allah I take refuge in you from demons, male and female”, after leaving, O”lord Your forgiveness Praise be to Allah who rid me of the hurt and gave me health”, enter with left foot, leave with right foot(indoor and outdoor toilets) do not raise garment until squating and lower before standing, while squating most of the bodys weight on left foot, do not spend a long time and do not speak, shaking the penis after urinating is a no no, not to clean ones self in same area after going, not to relieve oneself with ones rear or front facing the sun, the moon or sacred precinct in Jerusalem….you can find all this and more in Reliance of the Traveller:Islamic Sacred Law aka sharia on page 75 to 79 titles “Going to the lavatory

  5. Halal food guarantees nothing as far as Safety or Sanitation. It just guarantees jobs for Muslims in the food industry. Part of the money will end up supporting terrorism which is a reason Halal Certification needs to be Banned in The United States. Muslims also want special consideration for burials that do not conform to any rules of modern graveyards. They bury people the same way people bury pets in their yard.

    • Ok ‘Rabbit’, who cares what you do???? This is not about you being a vegan! Some of us enjoy eating STEAK AND HAMBURGER AND PORK CHOPS!!!! But the USDA has established strict guidelines for processing meats and animal bi-products! These MUDSLIMES are criminals and PIGS b/c they don’t abide by any of those laws. Last time I checked it’s not a crime to be a meat eater, but if this kind of illegal handling isn’t stopped I may consider becoming a vegan too!!!! The point is this–this incident is “disgusting”, not b/c it’s about the slaughter of animals, it’s disgusting b/c it’s about the 7th century practice of SAVAGE halal butchery and unsanitary, Neanderthal FILTH contaminating our food supply!!!!!

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