Colorado county jail bows to sharia: Korans, Ramadan meals & halal food for Muslim criminals

And prayers “supervised” by a Muslim imam. Feel safer? Source:  Adams County agrees to pay $25K to Muslim inmate denied Quran

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. – Adams County will pay a Muslim inmate denied a Quran during the 2015 Ramadan holy days $25,000 to settle a lawsuit filed last year, and the jail has agreed to change its policies to protect the religious rights of jailed Muslims.

Though the jail denied any wrongdoing in the settlement agreement, its payment to the former inmate, Marquis Harris, came with an agreement from Harris that he would drop the civil suit.

The $25,000 payment will go to Harris’s attorney, Denver-based David Lane, which will cover attorneys’ fees and other costs associated with the suit, as well as payment to Harris.

The jail also agreed in the settlement to provide Muslim inmates with any requested religious materials in a timely fashion; to provide Muslim inmates with their morning meals the night before during the Ramadan period; to allow (consistent with current policy) Muslim inmates to gather for prayer when Muslim leaders come to the facility to supervise; and to consider giving Muslim inmates Halal meals “if an option for providing those meals is financially and logistically feasible.”

The suit stemmed from a complaint that Harris’s Quran had been seized and placed with his personal belongings when he was transferred to the Adams County jail in June 2015. A request for Halal meals and a Quran during Ramadan was also denied, according to the original suit.

The settlement means that Harris won’t be able to bring further damage complaints against the alleged defendants in the lawsuit.

“It is encouraging to see courageous Muslims in our society fight the discrimination Donald Trump has loosed in America,” Lane said in a statement regarding the settlement, though the alleged improprieties by the jail occurred only around the time that Trump was announcing his presidential candidacy.

Not a single news outlet reported why Marquis Harris was in jail. His lawyer, David Lane’s crime is peddling fake news.  His criminal client was arrested and jailed in 2015 so it was Barrack Hussein Obama who “loosed” discrimination in America.




6 thoughts on “Colorado county jail bows to sharia: Korans, Ramadan meals & halal food for Muslim criminals

  1. Atty David Lane is a treasonous PIG BASTARD!!!! Probably an upstanding member of the ACLU! It’s ‘thanks to him’ and FOOLS like him, that we’re in this MUZZLUM MESS in the US! It’s time we turn the tide on them and take away their license to practice law! Yeah, we all know that won’t happen…..

  2. I think it is stupid to bow down to Muslims or Pay them any money.American people do not get what they want in prison and neither should they give Muslims what they want

  3. How about a suit against islam for falsely pretending to be a religion! It has no more to do with religion than the mafia has to do with Christianity. The only right that prisoner should have is to starve.
    And the lawyer should be disbarred , tarred and feathered America must arise, unite against the muslim atrocity!!!!

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