New York City promoting Islamic rights on subway posters

Promoting sharia on the taxpayer’s dime. Source: New York City subway posters affirm right of Muslim women to wear hijab- Jihad Watch

New York City’s virtue is now amply signaled, and it is interesting that the City authorities decided to mount this campaign in the subways, where a Muslima named Yasmin Seweid falsely claimed that she had been brutalized by Trump supporters for wearing hijabs. Actual incidents of harassment of hijab-wearing women are harder to come by.



Univ of Missouri Arabic asst violently drags teen girl out of school, slaps for not wearing hijab

Philly: Muslim strangled pregnant girlfriend to death for not wearing hijab

21 thoughts on “New York City promoting Islamic rights on subway posters

  1. Trump should be able to do something about this madness.The ppl of N.Y. should stand up and put a stop to this anti American movement. America will get enough of this and will put an end to this.

    • Um, embracing diversity and accepting people for who they are without perceiving them as a threat is a very American thing to do.

      • #Hope. Go preach your g-damnd COEXIST crap somewhere else, oh thou ‘most holier than thou’ genius! You’re a typical BRAIN-DEAD dhimmi liberal! Wouldn’t know the difference betw the words CORPS and CORPSE–just like the muzzlum idiot that you helped to steal our White House for the last 8 long years of encouraging our ENEMIES to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY US!!!!!

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  3. This is not ‘virtue signaling’–but rather the Cultural Marxists who run NYC and their enablers–are signaling their wickedness.

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  5. Democrats fully supports Islam & the muzzie terrorists. If democrats could have their way America would already be an Islamic State under Sharia Law.

  6. Look at me. I’m Liberated to live under Sharia Law and get Stoned to Death if I don’t follow my 7th Century Lifestyle. I can have my genitals Mutilated so I won’t enjoy sex like a man can. I can be Honor killed if I have a relationship my family doesn’t approve of or I behave too Westernized. I can be one of 4 wives to a glorious Muslim man who can also have conquered sex slaves. I can be bought for marriage. I can be a child bride. I can be forced to marry someone who rapes me. It only takes the testimony of 4 men to prove I was raped. If I allow myself to go out of the house by myself I can be punished. My testimony is only worth half that as a man and I can only inherit half of any male siblings. I have the highest chance of developing Schizophrenia from lack of sunlight and always covering my body. You must become like me or I am commanded to support a way of life that calls for you to submit to my way of life under Islam or be killed. I am a Muslim woman. I’m the best example of womanhood in the world, according to my 7th Century lifestyle.

  7. I’ve considered unsubscribing from this site for a while and now this post is the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is the city I live in and I love it. What makes this city, and this country, great is its diversity. The vast majority of Muslims in this country just want to live as average Americans, just like you and I. I’m sure there are a few bad apples but it’s like that in every group, religious, ethnic, or otherwise. Anyone could be a threat at any given time, including this current administration.

    Fearmongering is terrorism.

    • My friend said he saw thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11. Afterwards, they melted back into the ‘peaceful’ throngs. They are still there, their faces showing nothing but passiveness. The time isn’t ripe, just yet.

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