New Jersey: Muslims Wage Legal Jihad on Bayonne over Denied Mosque

Waging legal or litigation jihad is expected from a mosque whose leader was an organizer for a jihad camp in the U.S. and after non-deadly jihad attempts to terrorize Bayonne residents failed. Will the Trump admin comply?

Source: Muslim Group Sues New Jersey City Over Denied Mosque – NBC News

A Muslim congregation alleges that a New Jersey zoning board yielded to community animus and discriminated against them when it turned down a bid to open a mosque in the city of Bayonne in a new federal lawsuit.

Bayonne Muslims argues in court papers filed Thursday that despite four out of seven zoning board members voting to approve its application, the body ultimately barred the group in April from converting a former factory and warehouse it had purchased into a mosque.

Three public hearings between January 2016 and March 2017 attracted large crowds of Bayonne residents, many of them opposed to the mosque, the lawsuit said.

The rhetoric at times turned heated, though some spoke in defense of the group. Some opponents, according to court papers, yelled at Muslims to “go back to where you’re from,” while one urged the board to evaluate Muslims’ beliefs because some passages in the Quran direct them to kill.

Bayonne Muslims claims its application was treated more harshly than those filed by Christian churches in meeting zoning requirements for houses of worships in residential areas, court papers said.

It also accuses the zoning board of insisting that Bayonne Muslims provide far more parking for its proposed mosque than what is required under law, according to the lawsuit.

“As is happening in towns across America, phony zoning issues were used to block our mosque because of bigotry against Muslims,” Bayonne Muslims president Abdul Hameed Butt said in a statement Thursday. “The Zoning Board subjected our application to completely different standards than those it applied to Christian churches.”

John F. Coffey II, law director for the City of Bayonne, which is named in the suit, told NBC News he received the court papers Thursday afternoon but declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

An attorney for Bayonne’s zoning board did not immediately respond to a phone message Thursday seeking comment.

The allegations raised in court papers by Bayonne Muslims come just days after a New Jersey township voted to settle two federal lawsuits alleging it discriminated against the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge when it rejected its application to build a mosque.

The law firm for the Islamic society, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, is also representing Bayonne Muslims.

The board was tasked with reviewing three variance requests that Bayonne Muslims filed in order to build its mosque.

One of them involved granting an exception to certain land-use regulations for houses of worship in residential areas, court papers said. While the board voted 4-3 for that variance, it failed to get the five votes needed for approval, the lawsuit said.

For that variance, the group alleges the board based its decision on such considerations as traffic and parking and whether a mosque was appropriate in that neighborhood — “factors having no relevance to the setback (distance from building to property line) and buffer requirements” in the ordinance, court papers said.

Those same setback and buffer variances requested by Bayonne Muslims have in the past been granted to Christian churches, the suit alleges.

While two other variances, including one for parking, received 4-3 votes in favor of approval, “the zoning board’s resolution nonetheless deemed those variances denied,” the lawsuit states.

In its suit, Bayonne Muslims is asking that its denied application be ruled unconstitutional, and that preliminary and final approval be granted for the mosque’s site plans. (189)

The suit also seeks unspecified compensatory damages and the appointment of a federal monitor to ensure the City of Bayonne and its zoning board complies with federal law. (189)

The phony zoning issues happening across the U.S. are actually Muslims violating zoning laws all across the U.S. and has been documented in our ” Zoning Jihad” category. One author on mosques writes that there is a pattern of deception practiced around the country.

Furthermore, ignored by NBC News above, the Bayonne Muslims mosque administrator was a NJ contact for a Pre 9/11 Muslim Youth Jihad Camp in 2001

2 thoughts on “New Jersey: Muslims Wage Legal Jihad on Bayonne over Denied Mosque

  1. Moderate muslims AND YOUR LEADERS
    in your mosque
    “Why don’t you have protests and rallies to tell the world you are against the terrorism?

    Why don’t you come out to show the world your INDIGNATION to terrorism???


    You give the world that impression!
    mahammad tells you to terror!!! RIGHT????

  2. Rhetorical question…. How is this Muslim Youth Jihad “Camp” any different from the HITLER YOUTH CAMPS of the 1940’s??? No need to answer–b/c there is NO DIFFERENCE!!!!

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