Muslim Mayor Gives Muslims First Chance to Lay Flowers for Victims…of Muslim Terror Attack

Staged, but better planned than the CNN video. The future is not bright for the West if this is any indication.

Source: PICTURES: FGM-Linked Muslim Sect Given First Chance to Lay Flowers at London Attack Vigil

Thousands of Londoners gathered Monday in a park near London’s Tower Bridge to express grief over the deaths of those killed by radical Islamic terrorists on Saturday evening.

The vigil, led by London mayor Sadiq Khan, saw a procession of Muslims given the opportunity to first, and separately, lay flowers at the scene.

While the group of men first laid flowers, other Britons and attendees were held behind barriers.

The group is believed to have been from the Bohra sect of Islam, perhaps best known for their adherence to the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.

Mr. Khan was joined by several other major political figures including Home Secretary Amber Rudd of the Conservative Party and Labour Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. Thousands of others also attended the event which started at 6pm in Potters Fields Park along the river Thames.

Elect a Muslim mayor and this is what to expect. It is traitorous. More on the Islamic-terror defending Muslim mayor in London Muslim Mayor’s Ties To Muslim Terrorists.

8 thoughts on “Muslim Mayor Gives Muslims First Chance to Lay Flowers for Victims…of Muslim Terror Attack

  1. Reality Check. The UK allowed hordes of Muslims to invade their country. The UK has allowed Sharia Courts and Muslim No Go Zones to exist. The UK has a Muslim Mayor in London who was sworn in with his hand on a Quran. The UK is now forced to live with those choices. The followers of Islam always put themselves ahead of everyone else if allowed and think it is their duty to destroy your way of life as shown by their teachings and actions. Civilization Jihad and Sharia in Action. You get attacked by Muslims and then blamed for them attacking you.

    • and today the Brits doubled down on insanity.. Teresa May is losing seats in Parliament…mostly b/c SCOTLAND is ticked over Brexit…time to cut them loose and take back your country UK!! or just surrender to the hordes and lefties who need their votes……………

    • In San Francisco I would see criticism of Israel daily. Lots of ads on city busses, not to mention the anti Jewish graffiti around town.

    • there are no ZIONIST laws any place, not even in ISrael nazi fan boy– and what do JEWS have to do with nasty killer MUZRATS in the picture? or the attacks?? And our govts prosecute NO ONE for speech against JEWS or YOU and every Muz in USA would be under arrest by now….. but do go on proving how stupid you aer – it’s kind of fun to watch idiots make fools of themselves…- your idol Hitler also loved the Muzzies too..and they went DOWN together in flames and blood…. happy RAMADAN jewbashing ignorati…

  2. “Potters Fields Park….” Wow, that’s some name, to say the least…. Just FYI, “Potters’ Field” just so happens to be the Biblical name of the place where Judas Iscariot was buried–it’s also referred to as “the Field of Blood”!!!! BTW, I can’t help but wonder, just exactly WHO was the MUZZRAT MAYOR, along with all of his MUZZRAT-SCUM BUDS, paying their respects to???? Guaranteed…. it was NOT the innocent Londoners who were slaughtered in COLD BLOOD by the mayor’s BEST JIHADI BUDS!!!!!

  3. P.S. I just can’t help but wonder, wonder, wonder, Hmmmm, I don’t suppose that MUZZLUM mayor and all of his muzzrat budds might, just might, have gone there to PAY RESPECTS TO THEIR FALLEN MUZZRAT COMRADES–ya know, the JIHADI TERRORISTS who mowed down all those innocent people in COLD BLOOD!!!!! Naaah, perish the thought…..

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