NYC: “Allahu akbar” shouting Muslim threatens to blow up Times Square Church, kill Christians

The jihadi is only being held on $1,000 bail!

Source: Man nabbed for busting into NYC church, vowing to kill Christians – NY Daily News

A homeless man shouting “Allahu akbar” busted a Midtown church’s door with a wrench and threatened to return and shoot all Christians, police sources said Wednesday.

The drama began when Noel Droni asked a 37-year-old homeless man outside the interdenominational Times Square Church, on W. 51st St., if he was a Christian on Monday, cops said. When the man told Droni he was Christian, Droni allegedly pulled a red wrench from his backpack and smashed the church’s glass door.

He yelled “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” and then vowed violence, police said.

“I am going to blow up the church and come back and kill any Christians,” he said, according to court papers.

When police arrived and arrested Droni, he refused to answer questions, authorities said. He was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and is being held on $1,000 bail.

Droni’s lawyer, Russell Novack, said he is “confident in a satisfactory outcome.”

“Other than that, I can’t discuss the facts of the case,” he added.

The church did not respond to a request for comment.


15 thoughts on “NYC: “Allahu akbar” shouting Muslim threatens to blow up Times Square Church, kill Christians

  1. You see.. this is so very wrong! Once they threaten, they will eventually go through with it! What is wrong with this country! Wake the hell up!!!!

  2. We are not fighting people! We are fighting a false religion!! Until people get that through there thick heads, nothing will change!!!

  3. If there’s one thing that Times Square Church folks know how to do, it’s TO PRAY! “Be strong and of a good courage, and God shall strengthen [your] heart–Be strong and of a good courage, Pastor Conlon!!!!!

  4. Something about the translation of ‘allahu akbar’ needs clarification…. The Arabic is not correctly translated as “God is greater”–it should be translated as “allah is greater”! That’s a very important issue b/c NOWHERE in any Hebrew texts is the Creator of the universe, i.e., Jehovah [Yahweh] God, ever referred to as “allah”! Likewise and to the contrary, the muslim “scholars” would vehemently oppose any reference to their ‘god’s’ name as Jehovah or Yahweh! When muslims scream “allahu akbar” they are asserting that their demonstrably FALSE allah-god is, in fact, greater than JEHOVAH GOD and His Only Begotten Son!!!!! THAT’S BLASPHEMY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!!!

    • THANK YOU! This cannot be pointed out too often. Unknowing people often think that Allah is Arabic for our Heavenly Father. Christians and Muslims DO NOT worship the same god. Allah is not God.

      • YES, Bettina, AND THANK YOU! I truly believe that it’s crucial to remind people that allah is NOT God! I’ve heard all kinds of defenses claiming that even Middle Eastern Christians refer to their God in Arabic as “allah”, and that the word “allah” is simply the Arabic word for God. Be that as it may, I think it goes w/o saying that NO CHRISTIAN anywhere would ever defend the use of screaming God’s holy Name, i.e., Immanuel, or Jehovah or Jesus Christ, while at the same time committing heinous acts of bloodshed and murder! I truly don’t care how Middle Easterners do or don’t use the name of allah! I just know that every time a muslim screams “allahu akbar” IT IS A CURSE and not a blessing! To be sure, there is no Creator God who goes by the name of “allah”! At best, the name of allah might very possibly be the name of a demonic entity and at the worst, the concept of ‘allah’ is NO ENTITY AT ALL!!!!! OUR GOD IS GREATER!!! His Name is JESUS CHRIST!!! He is LORD of lords and KING of kings–FOREVER AND EVER!!! AMEN!!!!!

  5. Obama and the Clintons should except full blame and prosecuted for forcing this Muslim migration on to the American people.The Muslims will continue to push for Sharia Law in America. The Muslims don’t know nor will they acknowledge the constitution of the United States and they come here to rape the land and the American people.Thank god for President, he is our hope.

  6. An apparent Muslim on Tucker Carlson show would not acknowledge she was an American, instead she said she identifies with the blacks. Her demeanor and venomous behavior will drag the blacks to the cutter. The Muslims are using the blacks as pawns. Keith Ellison will destroy the DNC with his hate and discus for the American people.

  7. I pray for Times Square Church that the
    Lord will protect His flock and the facility. Christians should pray for those
    Muslims who are deceived and believing a religious lie… that God will
    Open their eyes and hearts to the Truth
    that is found in Jesus Christ as a
    LIVING Savior!!

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