Scenes from U.S. anti-sharia marches and sharia-supporting protesters (videos)

It really is this simple. If you’re not against the imposition of sharia in the U.S., you are for sharia. The fraudcast media portrayal has been, as expected, pro-sharia, pro-Islam.  Thanks to all who sent links.


Source: Protesters in Southfield rally against Islamic law

Some 200 on Telegraph Road just south of 12 Mile turned out as part of demonstrations U.S.

Fearmongering from the Dallas News: Shariah law protesters, some toting rifles, gather in front of North Texas Islamic center | News | Dallas News

RICHARDSON — Hundreds gathered around the Islamic Association of North Texas in Richardson on Saturday to protest Islamic law, which they fear is a growing threat to American values and the U.S. Constitution.

The rally was peaceful, although several protesters were armed with rifles — even as children filed into the mosque.

PS: This Hamas hotspot is near where the Islamic Association building vast ‘Islamic Village – A Muslim Neighborhood’ (video).

Angry scenes as hundreds of anti-Muslim protesters at ‘March Against Sharia’ rallies in 28 cities across the country are met with stiff opposition from…Muslims, leftists, antifa, fascists, Democrats

Videos below.

Austin, Texas

San Bernardino


Communists And Muslims Team Up To Attack Americans Protesting Sharia Law

New York City

Phoenix, Arizona

MSM Spins Anti-Sharia LAW March As Greatest Evil Ever!

7 Arrested At St. Paul Anti-Islamic Law Rally, Counter Rally

Another video, click the date to view.

Manchester, England

It’s more clear than ever that the battle lines for the next civil war have been drawn.

If you have photos or video you want included leave a link below or DM it.

5 thoughts on “Scenes from U.S. anti-sharia marches and sharia-supporting protesters (videos)

  1. STOP promoting civil war. That’s the dumbest thing we could do and it’s exactly what the globalists want – us fighting each other instead of fighting against the tyranny of those who created and continues to fund this chaos in the first place! This is what they do other countries around the world and we’d be really stupid to let them cause this here, don’t ya think??? Enter gun confiscation, martial law and NONE OF US WIN! Our right to keep and bear arms is to protect ourselves from the tyranny of government and to protect ourselves and our families from the threat of harm by others. It’s for specific reasons, not for blindly shooting each other while the elite sit back and watch us on TV acting like a third world country. NO CIVIL WAR – PERIOD!

      • Civil war is where we fight against each other, which is just what the globalists want, to take our focus off them and institute martial law. Instead, we should unite and fight an armed or unarmed resistance against the tyranny of government, which is the globalist Deep State itself. Your promotion of a civil war is naive, uneducated and you really will be forced to surrender!

    • The libtard antifa started destroying stuff and attack conservative Trump supporters! We will not stand by and do nothing. If they stand with the enemy, then we are not fighting ourselves.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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