Jesuit Scholar: Seeking to Defend Islam at All Costs is Betraying the Truth

Source: Jesuit Scholar: Seeking to Defend Islam at All Costs Is Betraying the Truth |

Edward Pentin

The Church should not defend Islam “at all costs” and seek to “exonerate it from the horrors committed every day in its name” or else “one ends up betraying the truth,” a leading Jesuit scholar of Islam has asserted.

Greek Melkite Jesuit Father Henri Boulad believes that when it comes to dealing with Islam, the Catholic Church has succumbed to a “liberal left ideology which is destroying the West” based on the pretext of “openness, tolerance and Christian charity.”

In a June 10 interview with the Register, Father Boulad reveals that he shared these sentiments with Pope Francis in a letter he wrote to him last August, telling him that many think the Pope’s own views on Islam are “aligned with this ideology, and that, from complacency, you go from concessions to concessions, and compromises in compromises, at the expense of the truth.”

“Christians,” he wrote, “are expecting something from you other than vague and harmless declarations that may obscure reality.”

Some said the Pope took a diplomatic yet slightly firmer line on Islam when he gave an address to Al Azhar university in Cairo at the end of April.

Father Boulad, 85, an Egyptian and a relative of the Jesuit scholar of Islam, Father Samir Khalil Samir, also discusses in this interview why he believes Islamists are merely carrying out what their religion teaches, whether Islam is capable of reform, and how, despite its problems, the religion can help the Church in acting as a bulwark against secularist ideology.

Father Boulad, what evidence is there to show that Islam is inherently violent?

Here are clear statements of the Koran itself :

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191

“Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood.” Koran 9:123

“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5

“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85

“The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”… Koran 9:30

“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33

“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19

“The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65

“Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28

“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12

“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60

Added to these are a few samples of Muhammad’s teachings and life. Here are some quotations taken from Muslim sources:

  • “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” – (Muslim 1:33)
  • “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.”  (Ibn Ishaq 992). Muhammad’s life was a succession of warfare, plundering and killings… and every Muslim is invited to imitate this supreme “model”.

  • Muhammad owned and traded slaves – (Sahih Muslim 3901), and ordered his followers to stone women for adultery. – (Muslim 4206)

  • He himself beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys, (Abu Dawud 4390) ordered the murder of women (Ibn Ishaq 819, 995) and killed those who insulted him. – (Bukhari 56:369, 4:241)

  • According to him, Jihad in the way of Allah elevates one’s position in Paradise by a hundred fold. – (Muslim 4645)

  • In his last ten years, he ordered 65 military campaigns and raids. – (Ibn Ishaq) and killed captives taken in battle. – (Ibn Ishaq 451)

  • He encouraged his men to rape enslaved women, (Abu Dawood 2150, Quran 4:24), he put apostates to death, plundered and lived off the wealth of others, captured and enslaved non-Muslim people.

  • After Mohammed’s death, his followers attacked and conquered the populations of 28 countries and declared holy war on the people of five major world religions.

Examples from Islamic history:

  • In the first 240 years, 11 of the first 32 caliphs were murdered by fellow Muslims.
  • Muslim clerics have always engaged in or condoned terrorism all along history and up till now.

  • We witness daily religious violence against Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians. The converts to Christianity are beheaded.

  • The victims of slave traffic done by the Arabs during almost ten centuries amount to tens of millions of people.

  • Each year, thousands of Christian homes and churches are torched or bombed by Muslim mobs, and hundreds of Christians, priests, pastors, nuns and other church workers are murdered at the hands of Islamic extremists.  The so-called justification varies, from charges of apostasy or evangelism, to purported “blasphemy” or ” insulting” Islam.  Innocent people have even been hacked to death by devout Muslims over cartoons. Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims.


    Are the extremists simply being faithful to an authentic Islam in your view?

    Clearly YES. Extremists are just applying what their religion teaches them to do.

    Should the Pope and the Vatican shed what some view as political correctness and address Islam for what scholars and others believe it really is?

    Of course. To illustrate my view, I quote here some excerpts of my personal letter to Pope Francis addressed to him last August:

    “It seems to me that — on the pretext of openness, tolerance and Christian charity — the Catholic Church has fallen into the trap of the liberal left ideology which is destroying the West. Anything that does not espouse this ideology is immediately stigmatized in the name of “political correctness”. Many think that a certain number of your positions are aligned with this ideology and that, from complacency, you go from concessions to concessions and compromises in compromises at the expense of the truth.”

    “The West is in an ethical and moral debacle, both religious and spiritual. And it is not by relativizing the painful reality that these societies will be helped to emerge from their disarray. By defending at all costs Islam and seeking to exonerate it from the horrors committed every day in its name, one ends up betraying the truth.”

    “Jesus said to us, ‘the Truth will set you free.’ It is because he refused any compromise on this point that he knew the fate which was his. Following him, countless Christians preferred martyrdom to compromise, as is the case in Egypt and elsewhere to this day.”

    “In the extreme fragility of Christians — both in the West and in the East — they are expecting something from you other than vague and harmless declarations that may obscure reality. Your predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, had the courage to take a clear and unambiguous position. His attitude has raised a lot of shields and earned him many enemies. But is not a frank confrontation healthier than a dialogue based on compromise? When the Jewish hierarchs asked the apostles to stop announcing the Gospel, they replied: “As for us, we cannot not proclaim what we have seen and heard …” (Acts 4:20).

    “It is high time to emerge from a shameful and embarrassed silence in the face of this Islamism that attacks the West and the rest of the world. A systematically conciliatory attitude is interpreted by the majority of Muslims as a sign of fear and weakness. If Jesus said to us: Blessed are the peacemakers, he did not say to us: Blessed are the pacifists. Peace is peace at any cost, at any price. Such an attitude is a pure and simple betrayal of truth.”

    Read it all.

    8 thoughts on “Jesuit Scholar: Seeking to Defend Islam at All Costs is Betraying the Truth

    1. I love the reference to “Blessed are the peacemakers” NOT Pacifists! Pope Francis is KOWTOW g to Islam, which EMPOWERS the Ideology. And this Ideology MUST be eradicated….as we know, when Jesus returns, it will be!

      • It is the fact that Islam has the same ideology of the Globalists. Globalists are USING Islam to instil Sharia into our national Law, and Sharia commands SUBJUGATION of all people. Once the Globalist Agenda is fulfilled using Islam as the catalyst, the Elites of Globalist ideology will stop Islam, and destroy anyone who goes against their modus operandi. So, even Islam will eventually be destroyed by BIG BROTHER. JMO

    2. what many think is that when the moslems proclaim islam is an ‘Abrahamic’ religion – they take the moslem’s word for it even though the koran says to lie to the non-moslems.

      moslems don’t read Genesis. They don’t read that he is the father of many nations. they don’t have any idea about that.

      They read the koran. the koran has Abraham.

      koran 60:4 There has already been for you an excellent example in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people, “Indeed, we are disassociated from you and from whatever you worship other than Allah . We have denied you, and there has appeared between us and you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone” except for the saying of Abraham to his father, “I will surely ask forgiveness for you, but I have not [power to do] for you anything against Allah . Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned, and to You is the destination.

      Notice the words ‘excellent example’ that is also how mohamed is described. But it is qualified by ‘… we are disassociated from you… you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone…’

      BUT YOU MAY NOT IMITATE Abraham when asking for forgiveness for you… “I will surely ask forgiveness for you, but I have not [power to do] for you anything against Allah”

      So when the moslem world gets a greeting from us that say ‘we should be like Abraham’ – to moslems that means that we (moslems) should hate you.

      I wish more of our clergy would demand that the blasphemy in the Vatican II catechism be removed. And stop the wishy washy crap that even hints that allah is God – it is NOT. It is more easily compared to Satan than to God.

      • The false ‘allah-god’ is AT BEST a demonic entity from HELL, and at the worst “he” DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL….. I’m guessing the TRUTH lies somewhere in the middle!!!

    3. If I were to play the “devil’s advocate” I would say that our ‘leaders’ (both GOP and Dem) feel that it’s imperative to avoid a confrontation with islam at all costs! They know full well that “muzzlumz” are by and large prone to violence and bloodshed, carte blanche! They know this and so they figure that the only answer to avoid bloodshed, is to try to coddle the wolves in sheep’s clothing! There’s only one thing wrong with that kind of thinking–IT ‘DON’T’ WORK!!! Oh, and #2, MUZZLUMZ are taught from their first waking moments–TO SUBDUE and KILL “INFIDELS”! That’s just a fact of life! There’s no amount of coaxing or cajoling or patronizing or kowtowing that can change that!!! MUZZLUMZ LOVE BLOODSHED!!! It’s in their DNA!!!! That’s why it takes a leader (WITH A BIG MOUTH) to stand up to these devils! May God give President Trump the continued courage to stand up to ALL MUZZLUMZ b/c that’s the only language that they understand! The meek and mild language of the Lefty-liberals is akin to shouting, “Sic ’em”, to a rabid bunch of wild dogs! Let there be no doulbt, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE DEALING WITH–RABID MAD DOGS!!!!!

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