Tennessee: Somali Muslims point gun at imam’s head outside Memphis mosque (video)

Bill Clinton’s failed Somali gift keeps on giving.

Source: Man says someone pointed gun at his head while he was giving lecture at mosque | WREG.com

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating an incident involving a gun being pulled at a mosque.

The victim told police he gives lectures across the country about Islam and violence in Somalia, and he was giving a lecture Sunday at a mosque in the 3500 block of Mynders Avenue.

He said he was speaking about promoting peace in Somalia, but some Somalians listening “disagreed with his views,” according to the police report.

He said one of the men passed a handgun to another man, who then pointed it at the back of the victim’s head.

It was all caught on Facebook Live because he was livestreaming the lecture, police said.

Police have not arrested anyone at this time, and they are investigating.


Note the Islamic crescent and star t-shirt worn by the Muslim with the gun. Media headlines are portraying this as if it was a random “attack” against an imam preaching at a mosque – hardly the case as the first video above notes it was Somali Muslims from different “tribes” who disagreed with each other.

Even Fox News pushed a very fake news headline:

Man attacked at gunpoint outside local mosque caught on camera.



7 thoughts on “Tennessee: Somali Muslims point gun at imam’s head outside Memphis mosque (video)

    • I wouldn’t live in an area like that if they paid me. YOURE RIGHT and it makes me sick. Civil war will be the results if this problem grows, and you KNOW it will.

      • Civil war is what the globalists want. If you get a chance, please read the following 2 articles that spell out exactly what their plans and the players with those plans:
        News With Views | Revised Bolshevikism Within America, Part 3 – by Joe Kress
        News With Views | A Rude Awakening Indeed – by Betty Freuf

  1. Does not look real. Tribal and Sectarian violence has been a common practice since Mohammad’s death 1400 years ago. If this was real, the Muslim Imam would have been taking the celestial dirt nap and the hands of his fellow Muslims. Nihad Hooper of CAIR would have called it a Muslim hate crime until the video surfaced then the story would have disappeared.

    Real or Not if that was a Kuffar he/she would have been a statistic. Arrest that sharmoota with the gun and all who stood by and watched as accessories and jail or deport them if they are here on Visas or illegally.

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