Minneapolis Installs Sharia Hotline to Report Non-Muslims Who Speak Against Islam

That’s what this hotline is really about. It is enforcing sharia laws that forbid criticizing Islam. It is the exact process described in the post, How Muslims Take Control of America. It’s also what Marco Rubio and Democrats are working on at the federal level.

Source: U.S. city installs Shariah hotline for ‘hate speech’ snitches 

By Leo Hohmanyn

The city of Minneapolis has set up a hotline for residents to report suspected hate crimes, including “speech and actions,” according to statements on the city’s website.

The city, which will operate the “service” through its 3-1-1 helpline, is targeting any “harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice,” according to a press release. Those wishing to report a hate crime from outside the city may dial 612-673-3000.

According to the local newspaper, the Star-Tribune, “the announcement comes amid signs of a recent surge of such incidents affecting Muslims and Jews across the country, many of which go unreported.”

The city’s Department of Civil Rights clearly states on its website that it only enforces hate crimes against certain “protected classes.”

A city official further indicated the impetus for the hate-crimes hotline was the election of President Trump and that the targets would be his supporters.

“Since the general election, many of us have experienced, witnessed firsthand or heard of actions of: racism, xenophobia, sexism and bigotry directed at people here and in cities across the United States,” Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel wrote in a statement posted on the city’s website. “In no uncertain terms, hate-motivated speech and actions have no place in Minneapolis nor will they be tolerated.”

Korbel said the city’s tough stance on “hate” is reflected in the views of its mayor, Betsy Hodges. Korbel states on the city website:

This department echoes Minneapolis mayor, Betsy Hodges’ resolve and commitment when she stated: “I will not compromise the public safety of the people of Minneapolis to satisfy Trump’s desire to put politics before public safety. Minneapolis is being built and strengthened by people from all over the world and I am grateful for their commitment to our city. I stand with them today and will continue to take that stand as the President-elect prepares to take office.”

The press release announcing the new hotline gives a broad definition of “discrimination,” citing any “action or a decision that treats a person or a group negatively for reasons such as their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or gender identity.”

The release also places local police on notice, stating:

If you, your family or someone you know experiences discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, LGBT status or other protected classes, or has been the victim of police misconduct, please call 612-673-3012 or visit http://www.minneapolismn.gov/civilrights.

Shahram Hadian, whose family fled Iran in the run-up to the Islamic revolution in 1978, said he was aghast at the Minneapolis hotline.

“This is ultimately what they got passed up in Canada. But this is the backdoor approach to eventually setting up hate speech laws … hate crimes morph into hate speech,” said Hadian, a former law enforcement officer turned pastor who heads Truth In Love Ministries.

“It’s crazy to think my family left Iran because of the impending Islamic State to come to this nation because of its freedom – and what other freedom is more precious than your freedom of speech? – and now to see this backdoor attempt to try to impose hate speech laws.”

Hadian said there would be no logical need for a special hate hotline because the federal government already has hate-crime laws on the books.

“This is trying to normalize the concept of trying to turn people in, and if that doesn’t send shivers down your spine when you think of 1930s Germany, nothing will,” Hadian said.

The Minneapolis City Council last fall passed a resolution condemning violence and hate speech against Muslims.

Hadian said he has no doubt that the Minneapolis officials will seek to target Christians with the new snitch line.

“Obviously it’s moving toward Shariah compliance. This is what Europe has done,” he said. “You have people arrested there, various examples of it, and charged with crimes for something they said about Islam. So this is a back-door attempt to get hate speech laws on the books and to create the environment of normalcy where you’re going to see Christians turned in to the government because we are either speaking about Christianity or because we’re speaking factually about Islam.

“It’s a violation of our fundamental rights under the First Amendment. That’s chilling, and it’s so disturbing and underhanded what they’re doing, to say, ‘Let’s start turning people in whom we don’t agree with.’”

Hadian said the hotline will have a chilling effect on pastors and lecturers in Minnesota.

“So what, the next time I give a presentation, if someone gets offended, are they going to report me?” he said. “That’s where we’re headed with this.”

Outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Duluth, every county in Minnesota voted for Trump in the November general election.

The people of Minnesota are growing tired of the coercive rule of intolerant Democrats like Hodges and Gov. Mark Dayton, said Debra Anderson, who chairs the state’s ACT! For America chapter.

“Communities throughout Minnesota are suffering greatly from the never-ending demands of Muslims and their civilization jihad, and there is growing alarm about the increasing threats of and acts of violence perpetrated by Muslims against non-Muslims (jihad terrorism),” Anderson wrote in an email.

“This resolution and the hate-speech hotline serves to not only invalidate the legitimate concerns of indigenous Minnesotans, but also to silence them,” she said. “I find myself thinking, ‘While our government leaders’ fundamentally transform our communities (destroy America),’ they command, ‘Don’t you dare utter a peep … or else!’

“Unfortunately, this is only one of many examples of how our ‘captured’ government is striving to fundamentally transform the Land of 10,000 Lakes into Marxist/Islamist utopia that does not tolerate dissidents or infidels.”

Bob Enos, another Minnesotan, who recently ran for city council in Willmar, said he believes the hotline is patently unconstitutional if it bans or seeks to chill any type of speech.

“Free speech has never been a crime under the U.S. Constitution, hateful or otherwise,” he said.

A search of the Star-Tribune’s stories printed since Jan. 1, 2017, lists only one alleged hate crime against Muslims.

“This new hotline is nothing but a red herring, designed to ingratiate Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to the growing Somali voting bloc. Hence, her photos donning the Muslim hijab,” Enos said.

Mayor Betsy Hodges meets with Muslims

Enos said it was significant that Islamic preachers are exempt from the hate crimes prosecuted by Minneapolis, because they are regarded as a “protected class.”

“After all, the Quran contains at least 109 verses which promote graphic violence against all non-believers; most especially Jews,” he said. “So, is not any cleric who promotes the teachings of the Quran also promoting hate speech?

“This enforcement of standards of speech that Minneapolis’ Democratic leadership finds acceptable is Minneapolis’ version of an intellectual Taliban.”

Flooding the hotline might render it useless. Or reporting incidents like these:

Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota (video)

Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy

Minnesota: Somali Muslims Attack Two Joggers


23 thoughts on “Minneapolis Installs Sharia Hotline to Report Non-Muslims Who Speak Against Islam

  1. I guess they should call the Somali American Police Association in Minneapolis. They have their own Police Association. It’s disgraceful what is happening in Minnesota. Any suggestions of where to move?

      • There are at least 5 OPEC countries that will not take these poor, “so misunderstood” people into their country either including Japan, Mexico, and most it not all of Central and South American countries. Yet, we know the liberal media is so full of concern for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God they won’t inform people of such.

  2. Me and all of my transvesite friends are going to wear are bikinis & burkas! And walk around mosques areas! And say to those sexy Muslim men wearing their dress. That they are sexy & lets go party!!! I am a full grown women! You don’t have to rape a little girl. Come & get me!

  3. Fuck Islam Theology of hatred, murder, control, child abuse, elder abuse, animal abuse. The false prophet Muhammad and all of his sick disgusting followers can suck a big fat pigs dick.

  4. These Muslim fanatics believe that “allah” will reward them with 72 Virgins & they could Not be more Wrong!!! Mohammad was a Dyslexic & misread the Quran! It says, ” with 27 Virgins will I reward You, BUTT YOU won’t know if they are Male or female, until You get here SUCKERS”!!!

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  6. too bad non-moslems don’t call and tell them the filth of islam right to them. They could just quote verses from the crapran, hadith, even tell them we know what they ‘pray’ (more like what they curse).

    • That’s what I’ll do…read the violent verses to them and say it’s hate speech and they’re teaching it in the mosques.

  7. ya all wanna have some fun? Dial #67 before dialing their number and tell them things like… I have to report a hate crime. the moslems are saying their daily salat and they denigrate and bash me. waaaa waaaa.

    Or just start out quoting the crapran to them – the verses that abrogate the peaceful verses. 9:5 is a good one. etc etc etc

  8. All one would have to do to get turned in for hate speech is wear a red shirt or hat that has “Make America Great Again” You wouldn’t have to do anything, just wear the shit or hat. It’s a backdoor way that all non-muzzies will be targeted in America for hate speech that never happened.

  9. Every decent citizen should participate in a campaign to snow the system under a deluge of calls. Call for ANY reason. Call to report YOURSELF for opposing the spread of Islam and especially Sharia. Enough calls will shut the system down. You do that until they officially terminate this asinine program.

  10. I remember being told that assaulting free speech is the first goal of Muslims as they begin actually making physical threats against media and individuals.

    I actually talked to a Pakistani woman who confirmed this when I asked her why they never speak out…she said that “They” threaten her and her family if they say anything bad about Islam.

    And when I asked why they came to the U.S. She said that they came here because we are in their country. In other words, they did not come here for freedom, but rather to wait until they are called upon to act

    • #Bruce. And your comment explains perfectly why there are NO “moderate” practicing muslims! They ALL have a mandate to do jihad! How can people not see it??? It’s one of the 5 PILLARS of islam! It’s all about colonization and overthrowing our Western democratic way of life! The violent ones do jihad with terror and bloodshed and the so-called peaceful ones infiltrate our legal system, our schools and our government! NEVER EVER trust a practicing muzzlum. They are treacherous and they ALL practice jihad in one way of another. That’s why almost always, when a terrorist is caught after committing some horrendous massacre, his neighbors without fail say, ‘Oh my, but he was such a nice quiet individual–I would have trusted him to babysit my little kids.’ They are masters of deceit! They learn it from the day they were born, It’s in their DNA!!!!!

  11. “…hate-motivated speech and actions have no place in Minneapolis nor will they be tolerated.”

    The two cannot be conflated, as speech and action are two different animals, with speech protected by our Constitution no matter what emotion it is motivated by. This “hotline” is illegal as heII and will not stand in a court of law.

  12. Flood it with complaints of discrimination by muslims against Jews and Christians. Or of intolerance by gays against christians or anyone in support of traditional marriage. Turn this against them by exposing the real hate crimes and intolerance! Report the mosques! Then sue the city for free-speech infringement. Just don’t do nothing! Be proactive!

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