Muslim Fakes Christianity to Infiltrate, Spy on Apostates at Swedish Church (video)

Source: Sweden: Muslima fakes Christianity to Infiltrate, SPY on apostates at Somali Church, POSTS ON FACEBOOK – Geller Report

By Pamela Geller

One of my terrified readers sent me this video:

Sweden: A woman in Gothenburg, Qamar Cleasson, who migrated from Somalia, spies on families in who converted to Christianity and shares the information with Islamic extremists abroad. She joined a Christian congregation to spy on these families. These Somalis now feel threatened and forced to go underground. At the same time the Swedish police say they “lack resources” and can not help them!

8 thoughts on “Muslim Fakes Christianity to Infiltrate, Spy on Apostates at Swedish Church (video)

  1. So can you tell me,what’s happening here is. Is the west Trying to convert all Muslims to Christianity? And if so, is this what’s behind all the war and ma’s migration.

    • So glad you asked that question, Paul :)

      Firstly, many Muslims are converting to Christianity in the Middle East, probably by Missionaries, and are are being slaughtered by Muslim extremists by the tens of thousands in Muslim countries and are having to fight them in the Middle East. Just so we all understand that.

      Secondly, the Global Elites, the Rothchilds, Soros, Rockefellers, EU, Presidents/PM’s of Western countries, (NOT Pres.Trump) et el, want 90% of the world population gone, (see, and are pushing the Islamic agenda on Western countries. We have MANY people immigrating as “refugees” who are actually NOT refugees. They are Jihadi’s. (def. One engaged in jihad, especially one engaged in armed opposition to Western influence and to secular governments and institutions in Muslim countries or areas with Muslim populations when such opposition is perceived as fanatical or employing means that are immoderate or unlawful. 2. One considered to employ immoderate or unreasonable means in pursuit of an aim; a fanatic). So the refugee thing is really a lie to us so we will accept them into our countries with open arms and little resistance. Many Christian churches and NGO’s are being paid to house them and the result of that is trying to convert them. But, it’s the new Christians who are the REAL refugees in need of a new home or resettlement in their lands, and we hear little of them as it doesn’t fit the globalist agenda. Obama, a Muslim himself, and a globalist too, helped them pour into the USA during his 8 year term. There is said to be 500 Muslim extremists, mostly men, in USA alone.

      Why do they want 90% gone? The Elites want to rule the world as a small Elite group, with “worker slaves” who do the grunt work and who will be forced to pay most of their income to their masters, the Elites, in various ways of taxes, high food prices, PAYING FOR EVERY DROP OF WATER, out of any “waterway” – tap, barrel of rainwater YOU collected (hence, 1st step=licenses you have to purchase to collect rain water), puddle…,(research your local water laws and see how they may have changed already) etc, etc, etc. They have already instituted this. Just look at your utility bills! Then, because many Westerners are of European heritage and are more entrepreneur-ish, they have proven not to be good slaves, so the Elite want ALL whites, and non-whites who have transitioned into a western society, eradicated!!! Gone-dead-snuffed out! Hence their use of the Muslim’s Jihad World Wide Caliphate on the West for a quick demise of WHITE PEOPLE mostly! They have been doing this for at least 40 – 50 years in Britain, quite successfully!!

      These Muslim, NOT Christian, refugees refuse to live our way of life in our Christian society, which is rooted in Christian values and which are diametrically opposed to their Muslim values. (Even if you’re not a Christian and know nothing about it, Western society’s values come from the Judaeo/Christian religions, no question!). They are performing female circumcision, wife beating, and other atrocities while under Western law, which is totally ILLEGAL, and several doctors have already been sentenced to prison for doing this and that is proving they will not assimilate.

      The reason the Globalists are doing this mass immigration? The Global Elite want to destabilize ALL nations and have the Muslims infiltrate and do their “thing”, which is to convert ALL to Islam or DIE! It’s called Jihad, for a world wide Muslim caliphate (territory)! So in other words, world wide war to conquer the Western world and bring ALL other religions to Islam, or DIE. They are doing this in two ways…either 1)peacefully by immigrating, having lots of babies, and eventually voting out the Westerners, and voting in a Muslim government, like is happening in Britain, Canada, Australia, USA, or, 2) forcefully, by Jihad, which is waging war on ALL Westerners and is happening as we speak.

      (def. Caliphate is a territory under the leadership of an Islamic steward known as a caliph).

      (def. Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim. It can have many shades of meaning in an Islamic context, such as struggle against one’s evil inclinations, or efforts toward the moral betterment of society, though it is most frequently associated with WAR).

      (see this for a perfect example of Jihad: )

      Now, the Muslims don’t know of the Global Elite’s agenda or that they are being used by the Elites to achieve their agenda. They see this as an opportunity from Allah, who is opening up the borders to wage THEIR Caliphate, on us, which has been happening for hundreds or thousands of years on the borders of Syria, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, etc. If you remember learning about the Crusades and their real agenda, well, this is the Muslim revenge on the Christian Crusader’s from 700 years ago. You will have to research that as this is getting wayyy tooo
      long, lol.

      (def. Crusades 1. often; Any of the military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.2. A holy war undertaken with papal sanction. 3. A concerted effort or vigorous movement for a cause or against an abuse: a crusade for literacy; a crusade against drunk driving)

      There are MANY wonderful, good hearted, Muslims and when they hear about how good Christianity is they realize the Westerners are not what they have been told they were, they convert. BUT, ex-Muslims have to be VERY careful because they WILL be HUNTED down and murdered by their fellow Muslims.

      When Muslims convert to Christianity, they have gone against Allah and must also be murdered as it states in their Quran, “strike the infidels neck” (behead). Hence the woman made this video to expose this new Christian woman and her children – so her religious fellows know who she is and where to find her.

      That’s it in a nutshell, from my 20 years of studying all this mess…I hope this helps!

      • #Karen. That was a great summary of where we’re at globally! For years, we were all taught that the Anti-christ would rise from Communism or would be one of the Popes. Now I’d say it’s pretty self-evident that he (anti-christ) will be a muslim leader who will promise religious freedom to all religions, only to recant his false promises later. Thanks for posting–lots of info to think about!

        • Thank you, Wellborn, I’m glad it made sense. There is so much to say, it’s hard to put it in a nutshell. And yes, re: anti-Christ. If I remember correctly, somewhere in my readings that “anti-Christ will wear a blue turban”. Not in the scriptures, some other book. That, for years, has stuck in my mind and I always tried to guess who it was. Once I learned of Obama’s religion etc, I realized his loyalty was not to America, but to his religion.

  2. Nothing to see here, folks. Just another typical muzzlum (muzzrat) lyin’ b’tch!!!! They’ll do anything for their damnd muzzrat FALSE allah-god! Total DIRTBAG MUZZLIMA B’TCH!!!! P.S. It helps a lot to put the audio on MUTE–that’s what I did….

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  4. Check Fox news about Supreme Court handing Pres.Trump 95 % of his ban on stopping refugees from the 6 Muslim countries , the rest of what Pres.Trump wanted to do about the refugees will be taken up in Oct or a little later. So he has beaten the the loony left that went nuts when he tried to put a stop to the refugees earlier in the year. I hope he bans all of them it might save our country from turning into what is left of the EU.

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