Taxpayers Fund $10M in Grants to Prevent Jihad Recruitment – Mosque Gets $531K

Source: Feds Award $10 Million In Grants To Prevent Terrorist Recruitment |

The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it has awarded 26 grants totaling $10 million to communities across the U.S. in an effort to fight radicalization and recruitment of American citizens by terrorist groups.

The awards are part of the department’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Grant Program, which gives money to city and state governments, as well as private organizations, to develop programs that combat terrorism and extremist ideology.

Many of the grant recipients are local police departments, but the award winners also include community groups that can intervene with susceptible young people before they become radicalized through the internet propaganda of international terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida.

“We are witnessing a global surge in terrorist activity, and in many ways our own backyard has become the battleground,” said Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly in a Friday news release. “That is why DHS is focused on stepping up efforts to counter terrorist recruitment and radicalization, including through close collaboration with state and local partners.”

Congress appropriated the $10 million for the CVE program in 2015, the first time the government had set aside funding specifically for local police, community centers and nonprofit groups to use in fighting the spread of extremist ideology. Following a call for applications in July 2016, DHS received nearly 200 applications from organizations in 40 states.

The grant recipients were selected for their ability to build “prevention programs” that address root causes of violent extremism and reverse further radicalization in already susceptible communities, according to DHS.

Two significant grants were awarded to organizations in Minneapolis, which is home to a large concentration of Somali immigrants. Several Somali men from Minneapolis have either attempted to support Islamic terror groups or have traveled overseas to join ISIS.

Recognizing the unique danger, DHS awarded $347,600 to the Hennepin Country Sheriff’s Office, which covers Minneapolis, and $423,340 to the Heartland Democracy Center, a civic engagement nonprofit that works in the Twin Cities area.

Kelly says DHS will keep close tabs on the results of the programs to determine which can serve as a model for future grants.

“Shortly after starting at DHS, I requested a thorough policy review of the CVE Grant Program to ensure taxpayer dollars go to programs with the highest likelihood of success, that support the men and women on the front lines of this fight, and that can be self-sustaining into the future,” he said. “We will closely monitor these efforts to identify and amplify promising approaches to prevent terrorism.”

For a full list of the CVE grant recipients, go here.

Trump’s proposed budget eliminated all funding for the failed CVE program. Instead, taxpayers continue to fund groups that have no clue how to stop Muslims from joining the jihad.

Some may have no real interest in doing so. For example, Masjid Muhammad, Inc. who received $531,195 – nearly double their reported budget according to Guidestar.

The Madeleine Albright directed America Media Abroad received $647,546.

These funds could be better used for what taxpayers voted for: deporting Muslim terrorists, banning Muslims from terrorist nations and building a wall. Stop them at the border and there will be significantly fewer potential jihadists in the U.S.



8 thoughts on “Taxpayers Fund $10M in Grants to Prevent Jihad Recruitment – Mosque Gets $531K

  1. But, but, but…Isn’t this what the jizya tax is all about under Islamic sharia law, …”pay the Islamists the exorbitant jizya protection tax and they won’t destroy the non-believers in your country?”
    My solution is much better…shut down all their headquarters in America. Shut down CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, all Mosques, the Muslim Students Association…get rid of Islam altogether. Anyone who practices Islam…throw them in jail or ship them, one-way, to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

    • If Islam WAS just a religion, it would be protected. But we KNOW is is a Governmental System AND a religion, so it is very possible to revoke the so called religious status of Islam, and make them pay taxes.

      This 10 million in grant money is exactly the Jizya!

  2. Yes, its a JIZYA tax and so is the so called obama health care plan. Most of the collected fees will end up in the islamic sovereign banks with some kickbacks paid to govt. traitors, huge salaries paid to insurance co. executives and a minor percentage to health care. The only solution to islam would be total extermination of the islamic concepts.

  3. Touché for Spanky and Our Gang! I’ll bet’cha they were thinking of this colossal gov’t free-bee charade give-away hand-out when they staged that marvelous episode a way back in the ’40’s!!!

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