Video: Muslims Takeover Anaheim Angel’s Stadium to End Ramadan

Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan – the month of jihad and conquest.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the walls of Angels stadium kept Muslims safer.

The annual observance, which usually takes place in the stadium’s parking lot, will instead be held inside on the grass, as a safety precaution, organizers told the Orange County Register.

So, why not a wall on the border?

MSNBC couldn’t decide whether there were 15,000 in attendance or upwards of 20,000. So they published both numbers in different places. Fake news much?

Future generations will ask why Americans allowed this to happen.

Anaheim: “Little Arabia” Now an Official Tourist Attraction

10 thoughts on “Video: Muslims Takeover Anaheim Angel’s Stadium to End Ramadan

  1. So Muslims kill 1,595 people during Ramadan in the name of their religion and still push the ”
    Islam is the Religion of Peace ” mantra. Living in a alternate reality much ? Really sad part is that too many stupid people in Western countries allow them to get away with it.

  2. shared to my PUBLIC FB with my added comments:

    Didn’t the Angels need a new stadium? We missed the opportunity to drop another MOB on this at that time and:

    A) clear the ground for the new stadium
    B) eliminate many local terrorists
    C) you add your own here….

  3. This was done strictly for the press coverage they got. Even in Egypt people either go to the mosque or pray at home. Religious services are aired on TV. As far as Eid goes it was reported that 63,000 went to the Giza Zoo in Cairo. Many went shopping for new clothes. The break fast called Sohour at sundown is celebrated with long tables to feed the poor or anyone who wants a free meal. Also, the eating before the first morning prayer has people eating at home or even going to hotels for special meals with entertainment.

  4. There have been many Christian events at Angel Stadium, so why is this a problem? I don’t remember anyone saying, “Christians have taken over Angel Stadium”.

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    the last couple of times before i went to sleep, i have had some creepy visions where it was like i saw and heard the devil in hell. his voice was all over the place and he screamed and maked noices exactly as they do it in popular DEATH METAL SONGS.. “kill them” “murder them” “MURDER THEM” BOOM! BANG! BOOM BOOM!! “KILL THEM!!” and as i said, the whole physical place around me seemed to have turned to instruments of this “music”.

    when i was thinking about the holy bible, comparing the New and Old Testament, he seemed to enjoy it when i started to doubt on Jesus and on the name Jehova, Yahweh! i think it were then, or prehaps right after, that he became even more twisted, and the appearance of his face, or the revelation of it, though still cloudy, were all over my sight. perhaps i got prideful or something..

    obviously he preferred when i started to think about condemnation. he really played on it and said something like that i belong to him. i dont remember exactly now.

    and he was like showing of and showed me a girl he seemed to hugh or something but it looked like he swallowed her.., also he showed me a little baby in his arms, the vision was rather cloudish but it didnt look pretty at all!

    i also saw, as if it were in the darkness, a witch with her twisted smile.

    • #Martin. You’re right about allah and Satan being one and the same!!!! Don’t know much about the rest of your comment, but I strongly advise that you PRAY to the Lord Jesus Christ!! You sound pretty messed up, Martin!!!

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